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Investigating business Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Investigating business - Assignment ExampleIt set an objective to introduce the theme honey oils proven chainable brands internationally, such as Legoland Discovery Centers, Madame Tussauds and SEA LIFE. By constant observe its visitor satisfaction, Alton Tower sets targets of delivering memorable experiences to its fans, consolidating and embracing these opportunities (pigeon hawk Entertainment, n.d).Alton Towers is one of Merlin Entertainments brands and UKs number one Theme Park, with the thirty- eight-spot million visitors. This leading short break resort offers an extensive range of rides, attractions, hotels, restaurants created and servedfor the whole family to have mutation together. Set in five hundred acres of the Staffordshire Moorlands, it has a significant importance on thewell- macrocosm of the surrounding area (Alton Towers n.d.). The phoner strives to create a high growth international family entertainment institution, which testament be able to provide its co nsumers with the wideportfolio of its services. As its objectives, Alton. It set an objective to introduce the theme putting greens proven chainable brands internationally, such as Legoland Discovery Centers, Madame Tussauds and SEA LIFE. The company positions its theme parks as short break destinations, because it will optimize the market reach and use of assets. By constant monitoring its visitor satisfaction, Alton Tower sets targets of delivering memorable experiences to its fans, consolidating and embracing these opportunities (Merlin Entertainment, n.d).The organizational structure of Alton Towers as a part of Merlin Entertainment Company consists of the Board of Managers located in Luxembourg. It provides recommendations to all operating companies, including Alton Towers and also make major(ip) decisions. However, the strategic decisions on the activities of all the divisions of the Merlin Entertainment are made by the Management Committee.The company is confident enough in ability

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Learning Disability Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Learning Disability - Essay ExampleThe assimilator does not frequently understand what he or she is reading. Confusing mathematical symbols plus numbers. Awkward pencil grasp and pitiable handwriting skills. Trouble observing multiple directions, organizing thoughts along with what they want to speak. Communication disorders Problems associated with speech, manner of speaking as well as auditory processing. They range from uncomplicated sound repetitions care stuttering to sporadic misarticulation of terms, to strong inability to utilize speech plus language for communications, or aphasia (Haynes, Moran, & Pindzola, 2011). The basis of communication disorders comprises hearing loss, neurologic disorders, or brain injury. separates include mental retardation, history of drug abuse, emotional and psychiatric disorders, physical impairments standardised palate, and developmental disorders Characteristics includes Difficulty in observing directions, attending to conversations, and articulating words. Difficulty in understanding the perception of what has been state and expressing oneself. Do not observe social rules of conversation. Difficulty in using verbs. Difficulty comprehending jokes or ridicule (National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, 2012). Teaching strategies for learning disabilities It is important to begin by defining specific expectations with the learner first. Provide instantaneous reinforcement of accurate responses. keep back various modalities, like oral presentation, overheads, diagrams, and activity-based learning. Apply direct teaching methodology, such as phonics, or pronouncing words simultaneously. Use choice evaluation methods, like an oral test, closed book test having dissimilar requirements for answers, and taped tests. Negotiate indite assignments (Martin, 2008). Teaching strategies for communication disorders First understand what form of communication disorder the student has. Show contemplation in terms of patience and acceptance Support speech practice through one-on-one conversations approximately their interests. Never mimic those with a speech disorder. Create practicing verbal skills sessions involving pairs of students as they read aloud, and working on problems orally, or otherwise play games which encourage speech development (National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, 2012). Placement options for learning disabilities Learners with learning disabilities should be educated under least restrictive environment, with the pliant setup to meet the learner individual needs. This includes General education class having aids and modifications. State particular schools. General education class having specialist services, or residential program. Placement options for communication disorders Focus on classroom interactions, language and communications applied, so as to help students learn to communicate in these environments. Apply unambiguous language , as well as communication planning within a non-deliberate language application. For instance, unconscious mind selection of language is significant features of school and class environments (Haynes, Moran, & Pindzola, 2011).

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Global business context Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Global business context - Essay ExampleThe buy power is significant consideration for Glass send for. As Glass Phone is costly thus, per capita income of prospective client is expected to be in between 5,000 USD to 15,000 USD or above.The cell foretell industry has strong capability for growth. It is recognized as one of the fastest growing industries globally. In the year 2004, almost 58.5% of mobilize subscribers utilise cell phone which is almost 1,752 billion globally. Only Asia comprised of 709 million of global cell phone users. In the year 2004, China which was recognized as low and middle income nation had 335 million mobile phone subscribers and the rate is growing rapidly. In present day, society is living with innovative technology and everybody desires to keep pacing with latest technology. This is the reason for the new Glass Phone to take away great future potentials in the Asian market.Using cell phone need not require high level of education. Customers irrespe ctive of literacy have already recognized the necessity of having a cell phone. But literacy level can influence the sensing and utilization of cell phone.Mobile phone industry has low necessity of infrastructure compared to landline telephone industry, but it has high necessity for skilled labour. Only skilled labours can deliver quality products and go which led to higher customer satisfaction. Mobile phone manufacturing company requires high level of reliability and botched employees are less dependable which can impact on the performance of the organizations.As Glass Phone is high tech instrument, the cheap labour is ineffective as it can lead to defective products. highly qualified employees are appropriate which might call for greater expenses, can provide positive results by minimizing number of faulty products.The Glass Phone is an expensive product and thus it would require increased market

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How did the economic development of the Gilded age affect American Essay

How did the economic development of the Gilded age affect American Freedom - taste ExampleIt entailed a notion that such approach to spontaneous progress determines allocation of power and sociable security. In this regard, reformists of the period were led to conceive that potential peril exists with the significant concern that as a response to it, people of the lower class may act in tumultuous aggression in exercising their democratic right over to suppress individual economic growth thinking that emancipation of acquisition of rights to property (Foner), particularly with those who could afford, would only emphasize inequality among fond divisions and thus create on appropriating amount of common interests.Progression of economic development enabled Americans to adapt to the concept and application of Social Darwinism in their everyday living since the competition to acquire relative or higher advantage in upgrading social and economic status in American society had apparentl y become essential. With the rapidly growing value of capital formation, GDP, and wages (Gilded), this condition concretized the effect of social freedom and transformation across vast overcritical regions of societies in U.S. in which most citizens began expressing individual or collective views by putting up travail unions that served to oppose severely improper conditions, shift schedules, loads, and unjust wages at work. Democracy was put in wide and intense practice of articulating protest with the desire to take part in the evolving process of industrial growth. In this endeavor, they sought to be assured as well of experiencing freedom from any form of loss or oppression of employers who were predictably consumed by the principle of capitalism or profit-orientation for use in trade that required irrational gravity of labor at the expense of either skilled or lubberly workers (Gilded).Since Social Darwinism in human society advocates natural selection without interferenc e from the government, the ensuing crisis with inequality out-of-pocket to the fast rate

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Case Study#1 Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

1 - Case Study ExampleIn the state of Florida, it can be found out that most of the wildlife has been safeguarded by one or the early(a) law. Such laws of Florida flip been enacted by the governments at the various level including local, regional, state or federal (Schaefer, Tucker & McGurie, Laws that Protect Floridas Wildlife).The different law regarding that of two weeks counselling prior to marriage, for the interracial couples, has been enacted for the best interest of the couple. As, the involved individuals in much(prenominal) marriages are often from a very different cultural and economic background, so it can be identified that such counselling would help the future husband and wife to know each other better.Though it seems that the both the law statutes have been enacted for the greater good of the society, one to reduce the pollution depicted object and save the ecological balance by protecting the extinct species of blood and the other contributing towards stockpile marriage harmony but one might non like the statutes. The person travelling from outdoors the state of Minnesota might feel that he has to incur extra cost in piazza of pollution resistant device in his vehicle. The interracial couple can also have reservations as they are adult and the state can not impose them the counselling sessions. In such cases, the affected parties might evoke to the higher court of law i.e. the court of appeal. If the legislation permits, they can also appeal to the apex court i.e. the Supreme Court.As discussed earlier, the law of the land should not impose certain statutes upon the board adults. If any of the individual decided to choose upon his life partner, who happens to be from a different race, the legalities of the nation should not compel him to have mandatory counselling session for two weeks. As matured individual adults, they have the right to get married to the person they want to. Also, it is very hurting

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In istructions Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

In istructions - Assignment ExampleThe fallacy outlined in the video makes the audience to ask themselves if it is about greed or if it about the look at and the supply. Food employment is not only due to greed portrayed by the spend a pennyrs. There argon various industries where champion can make many revenues and experience a less risk compared to agriculture. What the population need is the demand for cheap forage where they are expensive or cheap during the production. After watching the movie, there is lowly likelihood for the audience to change their eating habits. This is because majority of audience believe that there is nothing upon in eating meat. Rather they ought to buy organic meat and stop backing the fast food companies. They have always continued making organic burgers rather than one sold at McDonalds (The authoritative Meatrix I.n.d).I do agree with the response based on the authenticity of the website in creating awareness on the factory farms. The video f ailed in providing facts that supports the allegations outlined in the video. This poses questions on the validity of the information and outcomes depicted in the video. It is true that the information presented in the video, will bring forth questions between the researchers and those believing that the videos theme is true. I fail to agree on the response on the countrified living and rural farm. This is because there is not standard guideline governing the plan and setting of farm. It is true that most of the produce in groceries is not what is found on farms. This poses as one of the reasons of why I support the response. on the button as stated in the response, I believe there are fallacies and agree with notion of how animals are treated before coming up with the products. Additionally, there was a misconception when the video stated those big and thumping farms are replacing the little one because of greed. It is common knowledge

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Comprehensive Education under re-evaluation Essay

Comprehensive Education under re-evaluation - Essay ExampleAs a result, as is occurring across the western civilizations, the UK is experiencing significant declivity when measuring the academic progress of its students.Specifics of the problem were discussed by Terry Hadyn in his essay on the death of comprehensive schools in England and Wales. He cites that although the comprehensive education system was launch in 1965 with lofty ideals, the policy has failed to grow the desired fruit. Previous to the 1965 initiative, the countrys secondary school system was divided. Students who were much than suited for an academic career path were sent to Grammar schools, and those for whom an academic career did not seem competent were sent to what was called a secondary modern school, or the equivalent of a trade school for apprenticeship, and alteration into the lower class working accessible strata. (Haydn, 2004)However, since the passage of this educational policy, educators have co me to realize much(prenominal) more about the educational needs of the children with which they have been entrusted. The modern educational system recognizes that children learn at antithetic rates, just as they mature physically and emotionally at differing rates. Therefore putting children of different levels of educational abilities together, and expecting them to mutually benefit, as if by osmosis, is a policy that is coming to be understood as a bit short sighted. The children are not building affable networks across the educational and social differences. Rather the opposite is occurring, and has been occurring increasingly over the past 15 years. The divide between the educational haves and have - nots is growing. The social order that is present outside the classroom is only becoming reinforced in the classroom. As a result, the more academically able children are being slowed down in their progress, and the less academically disposed(p) are no more encouraged to make bet ter progress. If anything, they are becoming resentful, along with their parents, at being bussed 25 miles or more in order to facilitate a quota system for the schools.At the same time comprehensive school policy was being put into place, influences blew across the educational ponds which include linking the educational institution to social trends. The school organization, as seemingly the single most influential fragment in the childs life, shifted its focus too. The social fabric of the family and close community was breaking down in the hold war era. As a result schools picked up the responsibility to address cultural and social discipline issues, in addition to their primary goal of creating educated and intelligent students. The result, as mentioned, was a steady decline in the educational quality as measured in academic progress of the student. The student was learn how to feel better, but not taught how to read better.In the UK, by mixing the more academically habituat ed with those who may prosper better in a trade school environment, educational policy makers expect to bridge socio-economic patterns. If the wealthier, more academically inclined students were allowed to co-exist in a school setting with lower income, more academically challenged students, the belief was that the barriers would be breached, and lower performing students would

Medico Legal Aspects and the Radiographers Scope of Practice Essay - 1

Medico efficacious Aspects and the Radiographers Scope of Practice - Essay ExampleThe councils conduct and competence committee provide a verdict on acts that contravene HCPCs set standards (HCPC, 2015).Incorporating the law into the field of checkup practices erupts an insight into the male monarch of the law. The force of the legislation is perhaps the reason for estimable and professionalism in medical practices. The very laws originate ethical concerns and the expectations that the public places on civil servants. This bet examines a court case involving physicians and a patient, where the failure of a doctor to stick to the professional requirements caused harm to the patient. The work depicts the judicial proceedings about health matters and elaborates on the right procedures for handling issues at workplaces. The legislation, in this case, relates to the examination of the various health policies, which this work also explains. ground on court proceedings, the radiograp her failed to perform an X-ray on the patient. The radiographer worked for the Hertfordshire Hospital University Trust, where he was to give instructions to practicing students. The medical practitioner was supposed to be a role model to the pupils in the Radiography Course. The competence that radiographers introduce the result from the periods of training they undergo. Power can carry out the actions of an occupation to the expected levels during the time for which you work (The University of Exeter, 2015). Training makes the people concerned to be both fits for the purpose and the fit for practice.The scope of professional practice requires that radiographers work using the safest and the most efficient techniques for the patients (Scope of Professional Practice, 2015). The patient in this case scenario was weak, something that the radiographer, Mr. Porter knew. He was instructed to fetch the patient from another ward and realized his inability to walk by himself. He opted to gi ve the patient a wheelchair, which isthe best action for those who cannot walk (Long, Frank & Enhrlich, 2012).

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Rotation of Auditors Improving Quality of Audits Essay

Rotation of Auditors Improving Quality of Audits - screen ExampleBeing faced by many of the threats the m geniustary statements atomic number 18 deemed to provide true and unobjectionable view and audit of the monetary statements depicts that whether the information provided in the financial statements atomic number 18 up to the standards upon which the financial statements are to be presented and issued. The theatrical role of the audit is pivotal for the integrity and reliability of the information provided and disclosed in the financial statements. With the continuous increase upon the integrity of the financial statements there are efforts made and put in to suffice in order to provide high quality audit. Many of the legislations and regulations are formed to excel the quality of the audit so that the quality audit can enhance the integrity of the financial statements. There are many factors, which contributed towards the quality of the audit and their relation with the quality of financial statements, one of which is the rotation of the auditors. The independence of the auditors is one of the major factor which reflects the quality of audit. The impact of the rotation of auditors upon the quality of audit ensuring auditor independence and how the factors alter the auditors independence are tackled with rotation of audit is discussed. Importance of Audit Quality The quality of the audit is crucial for every user as the financial statements fulfilling the information requirement, which is different in every case. The importance of the transparentness of information is critical as the users are dependent upon the provided information and that information is needed to be whole free of bias and should present the true and fair view of the troupe (Zabihollah, et al., 2003). The quality of the audit of the financial statements is decisive for every user as it is the quality of audit that depicts the dependency and reliability of the information provid ed in the financial statement. Regulations and Principals The importance of the audit is of utmost important as it elaborates the transparency and quality of the information that the company provides in its financial and non-financial statements (Anna & James, 2009). The information that is scrutinized in the audit process depicts the quality of the audit. The quality of audit is careful upon various techniques where the relation of the auditor is one of the major factors that result in the rotation of the auditors. The ethical synthesis of the audit and the principals provided by the international auditing and assurance standard board are issued in order to run for through the quality of audit. There are various legislations imposed in various countries where the rotation of the auditors is solidifying as compulsory for the company. The importance of the audit is realized and various regulations were made and implemented. The Public Company explanation Oversight Board has impl emented laws that are mandatory to be followed where the rotation of the auditors are set to be followed by the companies. Corporate establishment failure caused many of the scandals that gave rise to many of the regulations (Francine, 2011). In the corporate governance the best practice principals denotes the quality of audit to be enhanced when the rotation of the auditor is made afterwards every three years. The corporate governance best practice is dedicated towards the operations of the company, which depicts the

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Security analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 1

Security analysis - Essay Examplefund managers from the United landed estate spend a penny made efforts to invest in China since its economic growth rate is significantly higher(prenominal) compared to other countries in the world. It is imperative to note that investiture fund managers are driven by the potential rate of return from a given region, and this is the motivating factor for choosing an investment destination.One of the advantages of investing in China is the magnitude presented in the potential of its market. Foreign ventures and businesses set up investments in order to practice a local market. The market size and growth rate opportunities are some of the key factors in the determination of an investment destination. Essentially, investors target unexploited markets that are of a significant size with potential for growth. Therefore, countries that have overlarge markets and growth potential are viable investment destinations. The Chinese commonwealth of over io din billion people offers a large market for any industrial products (Malkiel et al., 2010). In fact, the immense population has a great consumption potential that can be harnessed for business gain. In the novel past, the purchasing power of the Chinese population has also increased significantly, scaling up the uptake of goods and services. Therefore, the large population of the Chinese region attracts fund managers to invest in the region due to the potentially huge market that population offers. Imperatively, China is a prime location for any investor to pump financial resources into as the prospect of getting a market for the goods and services produced is high.The infrastructural development of a region has an influence on the economic growth of the place. The availability of roads, waterways and other forms of transport is a critical consideration in the military rank of an investment destination. The Chinese administration has made significant investments in the transport infrastructure. In fact, popular investment destinations in China such as Beijing,

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The Big Data Challenges Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The bad Data Challenges - Case Study Exampleral platform referred to as data w be house that helps blend data from different sources such as clients and dealers to name just but a few (Strader, 2011). The CIO take at Volvo asserted that, through the establishment of a central platform, the comp whatever can be able to prevent potential losses and inherent risk that might occur in the future (Strader, 2011).The potful captures data from vehicles sold to their clients through sensors and central processing units installed during car manufacturing (Strader, 2011). The data captured is then used to even up necessary improvements on the model vehicles being manufactured (Verganti, 2009).This improvement has not only helped to meet customer satisfactions but also has helped to prevent mechanical problems that might occur in the future (Strader, 2011).Real epoch information systems are computer responsive systems that help to detect and give out responses after update the computer ma ster files with the detected information (Chaki, Nabendu & Cortesi, 2011). For instance, Volvo Corporation installed their vehicles with numerous sensors and central processing units in nightspot to detect information about the performance of the vehicles when the vehicle is in the hands of a customer (Strader, 2011). Whereby, any impending mechanical problems or threat detected is sent back to Volvo Corporation and necessary improvements are made thereafter (Chaki, Nabendu & Cortesi, 2011).In above connection, the implementation of real time information system has enabled the potentiometer to make continuous quality improvements on the quality of vehicles manufactured (Strader, 2011). This in turn has increased customer satisfactions by responding accordingly to customers needs through utilization of real time information (Chaki, Nabendu & Cortesi, 2011).The company utilizes king-size data strategy to identify any potential flows that may occur in the future and provide a remedy to the problem before it happens (Strader, 2011). This

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Persian mythology Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Persian mythology - Research Paper patternHe was the favorite hero of King Kaykaus, a magnificent warrior and prominent character of Persian mythology stories. perhaps the most famous amongst such stories was the story of Rostam and Sohrab (Firdawsi & Clinton, 1996). Apart from being one of the most well-loved and moving tales which autobiography has passed on, it was also thematically mentioned in the best-seller The Kite Runner written by Khalid Hosenni (Ferdowsi, 2011). Summary This tale revolves nigh the main themes of family ties, betrayal, pride, and loss. It starts when Rostam, restless for an outing, takes his horse Raksh out for a game of hunting. Once his game ended, he indomitable to take a rest his eyes near a pasture. However, while he was asleep, seven knights of Turan, a nearby land, came across the horse and kidnapped it. It fought and resisted but was outnumbered and led away. Rostam, upon waking up and discovering his trusty steed gone, was dismayed and embarke d upon a search to find his horse. Following Rakshs tracks on the ground, Rostam reached the land of Turan, where he met the King of Samengan and told him of his search. The king promised to encourage with the search and offered Rostam a place to stay meanwhile. During his stay at the kings palace, Rostam met the kings young daughter Tahmina during his stay, and married her. However, shortly after the marriage, his horse was found and he left wing for his ingest land. Before going, he gave his wife a clasp of his, to pass on his own child erstwhile he or she was born. Nine months later, Tahmina gave birth to Rostams son, whom she named Sohrab (Ferdowsi, 2011). This child proved to be like his cause from a very young age, and soon grew up to be the finest warrior in the land. He soon calculate that his origins were not purely of the land he lived in, and approached his mother to ask her about his father. She told him about Rostam and showed Sohrab the clasp that Rostam had left for him. After this, it became a large ambition for Sohrab to meet his father. Later on, Sohrab and Rostam met in affair. Neither of them knew who the other was, since they had not met before. However, Sohrab had a suspicion that this man, so equally matched in battle skills as Sohrab, could be his father (Ferdowsi, 2011). Thus, he enquired before starting the fight, whether his opponent for Rostam. Rostam, not wishing to daunt the young warrior, lied and said that he was not Rostam. This greatly disappointed Sohrab, who proceeded with the fight with all his might. Sohrab came close to defeating Rostam, but Rostam deceived him into thinking that it was a battle etiquette for the person almost winning to give his opponent another ascertain to win. This way, Rostam received another chance to battle, and this time came close to defeating Sohrab. When Sohrab agnize that his death was near, he became saddened and revealed to his opponent that he was Sohrab, son of Rostam, and was now dying(p) without having fulfilled his biggest wish of seeing his fathers face. Upon hearing this, Rostam was deeply heartbroken, as he realized that he had just taken his own sons life. The rest of the tale consisted of failed attempts to save Sohrabs life, and his mother finding out about his demise and eventually dying of grief after a year (Ferdowsi, 2011). Explanations of this Myth This myth may have several different symbolic meanings, expressed by means of the personalities of the characters, their decisions in life or the lives they chose to live. One possible explanation is that

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Reading reflection Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Reading reflection - Essay Example16). Current advancements in the disciplines of science and engine room are recorded to make the world aware of them. A number of old scriptures linking tales of gay cultivation and tales of human life in those intervals have been of wonderful assistance to humanity. The following paper will come along my care in literary whole shebang with reference to interpreted details. Why the literary work captured my interest Even though the idea of a conscious literary world led major writers, their works are absolutely most beneficial for clarifying what it truly is. With a comprehension of a human conscious, literary works are able to be applied in life through their facets. So far, studies on such literary works are held inside the referenced book. Majority of old literary works concerning the unconscious are held within language and history. The understanding of dreams apart from a brief rendering is difficult to stumble upon (Massi, 2001, p. 33). Basically, these writers used to believe that the unconscious is the department of the human mind that is past consciousness. Nevertheless, this section has a well-built influence on our actions. Dreams are a highly crucial technique in researching the unconscious mind. ... The need to explain and record human encounters and inventions outlines the fascination I have for understanding such works. Recently, in that respect has been a fresh insisting in the literature scrutiny of the text edition arising from a variety of synchronic theological ideas. It ought to arrive as no astonishment that Form Disapproval, with its emphasis on literary writing style and compositional scrutiny, ought to have guided towards even larger emphasis amongst students on the literary features of a text (Iannone, 2005, p. 6). Except from this fresh wave of research, people are less into finding out the beginning and disperse of narratives, psalms or predictions. The literary outlines the last form of the text. As a result, the change towards the conventional literary works and research most likely reflects a standoff in the discussions over source condemnations. angiotensin-converting enzyme of the analytical approaches outlined in the text Freud defines displacement with the use of an example of the Sappho-dream of a patient, rising and plunging. In other words, being up and down is established as the central point. Nevertheless, the dream is concerned with the risks of familiar relations with people of low level. Condensation is viewed since the dream is meager, worthless and concise, when compared to with the variety and copiousness of the dream-judgments (Massi, 2001, p. 50). The literary summary of the text has been the leading interest of every principal strategy to the study of the Bible. Starting with the ancient literary analytical strategy, the analysis ends with the form critical strategy. Nevertheless, the contributions made by these strategies have been great, a nd also stained with uppity doubtful subjectivity in opposition to the unity and honesty of the text. Regularly, the literature interests

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Informational Interviewing Project Questions Essay

Informational Interviewing Project Questions - Essay Example8. An event organizer eternally has a backup plan in case the original plan does not work out. Do you always have a backup plan? Can you please kindly give an manakin whereby such a backup plan saved you from eminent embarrassment?9. How do you deal with dissatisfy clients who feel that you did not organize the event to their liking, for example, a bride who feels that her wedding organization is appalling? How would you respond and in what ways would you address the issues?10. One of the essential factors in event organizing is taking into consideration the needs and wants of the client. In your experience as an events organizer, what are some of the extravagant requests that a client asked for and how did you see them?11. The event organizing industry is growing tremendously. What are the qualities that set your organization apart from the rest? In addition, what otherwise services do you offer, which make your client s prefer your firm to the rest?12. Marketing is necessary for any follow wishing to cut a niche in any field (Donovan & Henley, 2010). What mode of marketing do you use and what strategies and policies are you or have you implemented to ensure that your firm is well known?13. The posture of the event is one of the paramount things an event organizer should determine. How do you come to pick a position for an event? What criteria do you use and do you outsource the services of a land/site surveyor?14. As a sales manager, what criteria do you use to calculate the total cost of organizing the event from conception to finale? Who bears any additional cost that you may incur during the process?15. As a creative coordinator and a sales manager, how do you survive with the ever changing trends happening within the industry? What strategies do you give to conduct market research and competitive analysis so that

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Strategic Management and Strategic Competitiveness Assignment - 3

strategical Management and Strategic Competitiveness - Assignment ExampleThis paper illustrates that strategic management entails the formulation as well as an implementation of key objectives that are adopted by managers on behalf of the shareholders. During this process, effective assessment of external and intrinsic environments must be done. On the other hand, strategic competitiveness refers to the results that are achieved after a riotous effectively formulates and implements appropriate strategies that are not easily copied by the competitors either because they are unique or there are costly to imitate. One of the major strategies that make Coca-Cola be a competitive friendship locally and in the international markets is the increased sales as the result of its expansion in legion(predicate) countries. Since the company was established in 1886, it has grown from a small firm based in battle of Atlanta to the most valuable brand in the world. Coca-Cola Company brands are distributed in over 200 countries. creation the world largest brand, Coca-Cola has continued to enjoy impressive expansion globally. However, the company has very strong roots in Atlanta where it originated. The production of brands that depict comfort and leisure, aspects that are related to the American culture, the company produces brands that meet the necessitate of American people. In order to ensure that its products are effectively distributed in the international market, Coca-Cola Company has assiduous the services of several(a) bottlers in various countries. The table below indicates some of the notable bottlers in the various Coca-Cola market segments. Apart from an effective entry of the global market, Coca-Cola Company has appropriately used technology in all its operations. For example, the company constantly rebrands its products. In 2009, the company introduced greener bottles. These are bottles that use less petroleum olibanum having less carbon impact. Likewise , the introduction of freestyle dispensers, that allow consumers to create their own beverage by combining more than than 100 brands, is a clear indication of the extent to which the company values technology.

Multi-Level Change Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Multi-Level Change - Coursework ExampleMeanwhile, there were cardinal of these positions were sort out departmental positions. What this means was that those two positions needed to be occupied by senior employees with long days of experience in the organizations business. The decision that was taken by the leadership was that two animated employees would be made to occupy the two top positions as a form of promotion for them. This created two rising vacancies at the lower rank and three lower rank vacancies in all. Three new employees were subsequently recruited in the organization.The change created a couple of impact within the organization. At the psyche level, the pertly promoted employees had their human beings capital equipped. The promotion also served as an intrinsic motivation for them (Johnson, 2012 Gray-Toft and Anderson, 2008). All in all, their human resource base was enhanced to put up extra ordinary performance for the organization. If for nothing at all, they needed to justify their competence for the new roles that were assigned to them. At the stem level also, it can be said that there was a positive impact on organizational functioning. As new group leaders who were very familiar with the existing employees, inter-personal relations became enhanced and easier (Saunders, Lewis, and Thornhill, 2003). These two major impacts at the individual and group level ensure that the whole organization experienced sharp growth as the organizational culture was upheld to (Hussey and Hussey, 2007). Thereby, there was a welcoming response to the

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Assignment Essay Example for Free

Assignment EssayConsidering customer satisfaction as it applies to a university setting, what are just about other areas in addition to those identified for the project that may contri only whene to students satisfaction/dissatisfaction with their education figure? The customer satisfaction survey seems to focus on academic resources only. Its focusing on the classes, the advisors, the curriculum, and isnt asking the students how they felt towards the drill as a whole.After discussing all of the academic services and programs, they may also want to see if the students are satisfied with the environment and facilities beyond the library or reckoner lab. The survey should also include an area for the students to make suggestions on what would make them happier while attending this school. This would legislate the School of trading some suggestions on what changes could be made to make the school repair. Does the current questionnaire bequeath information on students ever yplaceall satisfaction with their undergraduate degree program?Explain. What revisions are necessary to this questionnaire to induce an overall satisfaction rating? The questionnaire focuses on both undergraduate and graduate programs, but it seems to put more than emphasis on graduate students. The questionnaire did depart a lot of information regarding how they felt about their classes and advisors, but it seems to be based on students who rent already been attending the school for some time and have had experience with undergraduate advisors and curriculum.The questionnaire should be administered yearly in order to get a better liking of the overall satisfaction rating. They should also offer more open ended questions so that the students can provide feedback instead of just multiple questions. Can the School of Business use the results of this study to target the or so important areas for improvement? Explain. Identify changes to the questionnaire that would allow the scho ol to target areas based on importance. The School of Business can definitely use the results of this study to target the most important areas for improvement.As the results show there are several(prenominal) areas that the school could use improvement in. By determining what is most important lead allow them to administer specific surveys or questionnaires regarding a certain issue such as the need of advisors or not being able to register for classes. Changes they could make to the current questionnaire would be to add a space to provide your own suggestions on how to make things better. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using open-ended questions to identify the schools strengths and weaknesses?Taking the responses in Exhibit 2, what system would you use for coding these responses? There are several advantages to using open-ended questions. Open-ended questions allow the students to share their feelings and the school will have a better idea of what they feel about certain subjects. The disadvantages of having open-ended questions are a lower response regulate and its harder to compare their answers. It can also take much more time to go over questionnaires that offer open-ended questions instead of just close-ended ones.

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Evaluation of Gender Inequality Essay Example for Free

Evaluation of sexual practice Inequality EssayCharlotte Bront wrote in Jane Eyre, I am no fizzle and no shekels ensn ars me I am a free hu earth being with an indepen dinero will. No visible net ensnares womankind. However, long have women been viewed and treated as unequal to their male counterparts. This inequality is active everywhere. As displayed in Of Mice and Men, sex inequality is alive even in fiction. Gender equality has been an ongoing struggle in fiction and pragmatism, our country and foreign countries, and in the past and the present. Gender inequality personal effects the people of the entire world. For font, there are major issues involving sexual activity in Egypt. In Egypt, there are the sparks of movements trying to introduce women into government without challenging the reigning Brotherhood. Another place that struggles with gender inequality is the U.S. where women government agency in government is very low. Only 17 out of 100 senate seats are held b y women. Even in the U.S., one of the most highly regarded nations in the world, women are not entirely equal.Gender inequality has effected people all through time. In example, it wasnt until the 1920s that women could vote in the U.S. Women have long been considered less than their male counterparts. Only recently have women put a dent in the extreme patriarchy that has existed all through history. Today, women still are of unequal representation, pay, and rights across the globe. For example, in the U.S. today, there is an average pay gap of 77% (as of 2009). This means women earn 77 cents to a mans dollar as pay for the same positions. This is one example of how inequality lingers in in advance(p) day first world countries.Gender inequality is also existent in both reality and fiction. We have already given many examples of real cases and statistics including representation and wage gaps. However, there is also gender inequality in the fictional world. For example, in Of Mice a nd Men, Curlys wife is a prime example of gender struggles. She is constantly being marginalized. Sheis viewed as a thing that would get Lennie in trouble instead of an actual person. Even her name is never spoken. She is referred to as Curlys wife which reaffirms Curlys ownership over her and her status as a possession or an object instead of a human being.When her dead body is found, the first and only comment made of her death was along the lines of, low boy. Curlys wifes death was seen as nothing but something unfortunate for Lennie. This contributes to the sess of evidence that can conclude that Curlys wife was considered a mere object. Through time, in foreign countries, and even in between pages, gender inequality has been a constant struggle. Charlotte Bronte wrote that she, a woman, is no bird. A woman, after having a net thrown on her and her fellows time and time again, must set to declare that they are not a bird, but a human being. Human beings arent to be ensnared. It is said that the first step of fixing a problem is the recognition that it exists. So, women must understand that the net encompassing them is not a blanket, but a prison. Together, womankind must stand and declare, We are not birds. Hopefully, these examples of gender inequality is bringing more attention to the net. Hopefully, the realization will dawn that gender inequality is golden among us and will not die out on its own. It has existed everywhere, always. A mighty effort is to be made to begin the reversal of this inequality and injustice.

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Story begun Essay Example for Free

Story begun EssayHe was a basic middle class male who was raised to respect women and never hit them. His name was ass, an author of 2 best selling books and had started his own publish house in short he got it all to be a best husband and father. He is my friend. His story begun when his wife wanted to have a sperm donor in order to rise pregnant, even though their restores agreed that both of them are physically fine and theres no reason for his wife not to discover pregnant and it was just 4 months since they are trying further it seems that his wife was on rush for everything. On a Saturday evening of 1994, his wife Maria slapped him so life-threatening when disagree with her idea of having a sperm donor, he had confronted her not to do that again but kinda she just verbally abused him by saying harsh things such as Coward dog These things offend him physically and emotionally. It hasnt end there his wifes friend left a communication channel that his wife would ju st use him to have a baby and later on dumped him for divorce. Worst comes to finish off when his wife was also hurt his mother physically which had resulted to a bone fracture in knees and hands. heart morethe story of an hour literary analysis essayAll of these incidents were reported to 911 but ironically who would believe in our society that a man could be called a battered husband? The law even threatened him that he will be arrested for trespassing (imagine in his own house, which he bought by his own money), if he will go back inside the house. Instead of arguing with the police and deferment for the medical assistance for his mom, he just drove away and went to the nearest hospital and let the doctor examined his mother.As of today, John got his divorce and never saw his wife again, but the sad part of this is he got no justice at all. Imagine if the situation was reversed the husband slapped his healthy wife for not having a child after 4 months of trying, shrugged off a written letter found by his wife where the husband agreed with his buddy about dumping his wife after tricking her to get pregnant, quantity his wifes mother badly enough to required x-rays. Do you really believe the police and the courts would have hardened that case in the same way?Nowadays we have so many crisis centers for abused and molested women and children. This centers helped them to get out and win the battle that they are facing but how about our counterparts? I mean those workforce in our communities, especially my friend, yes they can be also victims of violence, and they also need the same kind of economic aid and protection. Our society and government should take these laws in general and not by gender as what was John had experienced, people should not be biased about this matter just because the victim is a man.

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Stress management techniques Essay Example for Free

Stress management techniques EssayThe three pains management techniques I chose are yoga, swimming and music. These are my favorite activities to do. They are all very relaxing in distinguishable ways, mentally and physically. I am currently disturbed out with school and by doing yoga it relieves my stress by relaxing my muscles and allowing my mind to calm down. In yoga Ive learned the three different ways people breathe depending on their stress high, low, and middle breathing. The complete breath is the breath you call for to use in yoga to get full relaxation. This is definitely superstar of my favorite relaxation techniques. Anformer(a) technique that helps me relieve stress is swimming. Swimming involves a lot of endurance which distracts your mind into thinking about things other than school. By maintaining this physical activity it helps to manage the stress caused by life in general.I spy that when I swam all my stress suddenly went away and I felt relieved. Th e last technique I used was music, which is my all-time favorite. Everyone has their own type of music that they like to listen to. Whenever Im disturb or stressed I always listens to music and it makes me think about other things. Music definitely is a HUGE stress reliever. The more positive music I listen to the less stressed out I am. In conclusion, after testing out those three stress management techniques, the one I prefer and thought helped the most was swimming. Although, I love music, swimming youre actually doing something and abject your body. Where with music youre just sitting there listening to lyrics and sad songs. With swimming your adrenaline is always flowing.

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The Speckled Band Essay Example for Free

The dashed deal EssayPhysic everyy, he is described as having a huge stature and a pillowcase marked with e very(prenominal) kind of evil passion. He is a typical villain and a bully, who, as in all classic murder mysteries, comes to the nasty end, which he undoubtedly deserves. T here(predicate) are numerous other ways in which The Speckled Band is a perfect illustration of this genre. The character of private eye Holmes is very clever and logical, an imaginative genius. handle a classic detective, he is observant and thorough and has unconvincing powers of deduction. When the murdered womans sister, Helen stone, arrives to meet Holmes, he concludes simply from looking at a few splatters of mud on her left sleeve that she has come by dog cart, as well as train. Miss Stoner is taken aback by this observation yet cant help being impressed by the mans calm self-confidence. Throughout the story we never see Holmes suffer from fright, alludeing he is adventurous and courage ous in his investigations. This is very typical as it adds suspense for the reader who never knows what frightful situations the great detective may find himself in.He is cultured and lives the life story of a gentleman and bachelor this is expressed in his elegant and precise speech. As far as we know, Sherlock Holmes shares no emotional ties and lives alone, satisfied with a life of wealth and solving crimes. We see from the way in which he doesnt ask Miss Stoner for a fee, other than expenses, that money is not the reason he has chosen this lifestyle. He shows great passion and committal to his work, another classic trait of the murder mystery detective. As to reward, my profession is its own reward. He is in like manner physically strong, as illustrated when he bends the poker stick back to its original position and remarks, I am not so bulky, but if he had remained I might have shown him that my grip was not unt honest-to-god more feeble than his own. This kind of strengt h may not be so observable in modern-day detectives. Holmes is courteous and well mannered, even when being rude to his enemies. His speech is always very articulate, as in the scene where Dr Roylott visits his flat to give an aggressive warning, and Sherlock Holmes simply replies, Your conversation is more or less entertaining When you go out close the door, for there is a decided draught. Conan Doyles detective has receive a prototype for classic murder mystery stories, someone whom readers can respect and admire. As already mentioned, much of the atmosphere of a murder mystery derives from how the writer sets the scene and describes the physical nature of the setting. The Speckled Band is certainly a good example of this. On the night of Julias murder the wind was howling remote and the rain was beating and splashing against the windows.This intensifies the mood already created by Miss Stoners early description of the old manor house with unaccompanied one inhabited wing. T his early impression of the Stoners ancestral house at Stoke Maron is reinforced when Holmes and Watson arrive at the mansion. The suspense builds up as it is gradually conveyed. Our first impression, from a distance, is of a heavily timbered park stretched up in a gentle slope, thickening into a grove at the highest point. From amid the branches there jutted out the gray gables and high roof-tree of a very old mansion. It is only on approaching the building of gray litchen-blotched stone and two curving wings, like the claws of a crab, that we become aware of its sinister nature. This helps to create tension. The picture of ruin described by Conan-Doyle supports the notion of Julias murder. The menacing images suggest there are more horrors to come. As the two enter the scene of the crime/bedroom that night, Holmes whispers softly into Watsons ear that the least sound would be fatal to their plans and they must sit awake in the darken bedroom, or their lives may depend on it.We are then taken through the long hours in the absolute darkness, listening to every sound that echoes in the night, until the pitch black is suddenly sliced by a momentary gleam of light. At the same time there is a smell of burning at the stake and the silence is broken by a gentle hissing sound. Like the famous detective and his companion, all our senses are alert as we brace ourselves for some ghastly revelation. We are further held on tenterhooks by Holmess face, deadly pale and filled with horror and loathing, as he lashes out at some invisible foe.This is followed by a blood-curdling cry that carried all the way to the village, raised sleepers from their beds and struck cold in their hearts. Like all classic murder mysteries, the story has reached a thrilling climax, to be followed by the detectives explanation of events, here learned from the account that Holmes gives to Watson. The detective runs through the case, pointing to where he at first went wrong before demonstrating his infrequent powers of deduction.For example, he initially came to an entirely erroneous conclusion, showing how dangerous it always is to reason from insufficient data. This is followed by a detailed description of what actually happened. As classic detective, Holmes leaves the reader impressed by his skills and move by the truth that is eventually revealed. LUCIA REED Show preview only The above preview is unformatted school text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Arthur Conan Doyle section.

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Schaeffer IT Outsourcing Essay Example for Free

Schaeffer IT Outsourcing EssaySchaeffer Corporation must have improved information engineering science services in order for them to achieve their ambitious growth goals. Schaeffers IT is not one of their union competencies and they are able to save or so money by outsourcing and expending into additional countries and acquiring these unused companies depart require extraordinary IT support efforts. Schaeffer Corporation has five ch everyenges associated with their close to outsource.In order of priority, the first base challenge is that what if there is a problem with the contract? If new situations arise that werent in the contract, Schaeffer is ineffective to renegotiate contract thereby losing lots of money in the put to work. This leave behind require additional cost without additional benefits. Contract negotiations are an integral part of the purchase process because it is hard to renegotiate a contract with selected vendors (398).The project manager involved in the contract writing and negotiation steps should re-read the caller-outs take and the packages capabilities before making a major decision. Successfully implementing a packaged application requires commitment from business managers and users so having a project manager satisfy the design to manage technical aspects of implementing a package (400). contest number two is that if Schaeffer outsources, the data center ordain be in Vilona and not all employees will want to work in Vilona so this causes employees to allow Schaeffer not because they want to but because they have to.Project management evict also use Schaeffers loyal and long time staff for certain parts of the project implementation and see what else they can do for their due to the change in outsourcing. Ten people have decided to leave for other jobs during the outsourcing decision process. IT people have been displaced by ABC employees. Outsourcing is already having an impact on the culture of the caller-up a nd individuals with the best qualifications should be placed for work within the ABC Corporation as part of the outsourcing decision (418).The third challenge is that ABC Corporation has a higher cost than they stated in their RFP. Schaeffer needs to have a project budget for the total project to outsource. Cost estimations can be real complicated by many types of unknowns not in the contract including lack of precedents, unpredictable technical problems and fault business requirements (418). Schaeffer will need a budget that hassome layaway in case of issues with cost arise. Challenge number four is that the Colbert Division does not want to outsource because it is very expensive and risky.The outsourcing decision will have risks just like every other decision but Schaeffer should look into more firms and query so that this important decision does not interfere with their planning and that no one better fits their fighting(a) and growing Reitzel Division. Colbert Division does not want to outsource because it is too expensive and risky for their division. Schaeffer needs to allow the Colbert Division know the advantages to outsourcing all the divisions.Some advantages are the reduced need for internal IS resources because all of the resources will be based out of Vilona and that it takes less time to implement (402). The fifth problem is to outsource all of its IT operations for Reitzel but keep systems development in-house. The best plan has to be put in process in order to achieve the revenue targets. It does not seem right to only outsource some of ITs operations while leaving some systems in-house.The appropriate long term solution is to outsource in order to accomplish their goals and have the best IT support. ABC Corporation seems to be very not bad(p) in providing that support that Schaeffer has mentioned in their RFP. Even though ABC Corporation seems like the perfect choice, Schaeffer should check over ABC Corporation more with references from other corporations/firms who have used ABC Corporation before subscribe onto a contract (396).Schaeffer can ask all their vendors to provide a reference list as part of the RFP to make the best decision to implement for the outsource project. Schaeffers should not have to agitate about making changing to this outsourcing decision five years from now so Schaeffer has plenty of time to research their vendors and see which one can provide the wants and needs of the corporation.

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Too easy to get a gun in the U.S Essay Example for Free

Too easy to get a blast in the U.S stressLike vehicle owners in the U.S.A or so good deal in the U.S moot that gun owners should be subjected to at least some safety regulations there should be a parallel set of regulations for guns, (Harvy Lipman, 1997 pg 1). People take up differing value attachment to guns from the positive to the negative unmatcheds. However about three quarters of the Ameri loafer mass believe that imposing a total ban on gun ownership is not the way. It is estimated that roughly half of American populace think that if they own a gun then they are often safer within their homes. The biggest issue for America, be traces not how to ensure a total ban but then how to be sick some minimum regulations for every American citizen to own a gun and thereby control their bod.. bulk of some Americans believe that the contemporary laws are so different from one state to another the pith is that the citizens want reasonable gun laws that are not so strict a nd as some(prenominal)(prenominal) can reasonably be reinforced. One of the possible reasons that pass been proposed includesAttending a gun course nearly people within the united states of America believe that if anyone who wants to own a gun was to be subjected to a mandatory gun clinic on how to operate and handle the weapon without endangering themselves or the rest of the society, then the number of people wanting to own a gun would find it cumbersome to attend such clinics. In fact the national Brady law that requires citizens who wish to buy and own guns to wait for at least volt days before that gun is sold to them is supported by nearly 90 percent of Americans (Harvin L, 1997). This they believe would ensure that these individuals who intend to buy the guns have their backgrounds assessed by law enforcers so that when they are issued with the guns they are attached a clean bill of health. This according to them would limit the number of guns ending up in the unlawfu l hands. In imprint criminals would not find it easy to access guns and as such many problems such as robbery, deaths would be minimized. It also has the effect of limiting the number of people possessing firearms.Barring Felons and drug users the scheme under this perspective is that, if access to guns for criminals is denied then the number of crimes that would have been arrangeted by these fellows would certainly come down (Kurt F. 1981,pg6, Col. 4).Having uniform gun law across the states the current gun control law varies from one state to another and some of them are just merely about registration of the original leverage and to the extent of licensing. However with the persistent gun issues, there needs to be an enactment to ensure that the interstate gun flow is controlled. For instance, a state such as New York that has enacted various laws that is repressing to gun control faces the problem inflow of numerous guns from other states, with less restriction. The numbers o f guns that are illegally owned by most Americans even complicates the situation further.These weapons are increasingly being stolen and as such restrictive laws are not enacted and with a major cooperation from gun owners and the rest of the public then not much progress will be done. Guns unlike other consumer products are quite durable. However, the federal law precisely requires the initial retail sale to be documented. Subsequently, the after sales are not usually monitored, as there is no documentation required by law. This scrams it easier for people to sell their guns and criminals and other dangerous people easily obtaining guns. The initial gun owners unwittingly sell guns or giving them away to second parties.The federal government should also put a limit on the number of guns an individual is allowed to own. In effect this would bring down the number of guns that are owned by the public, as it would require those who have much than the maximum number required by the law to surrender the excess. Right now it is possible for a citizen to own as many as ten firearms.Empirical evidence suggests that most oft the countries that have successful gun regulations have very strict laws that punish offenders. It is argued that criminals usually find it hard to commit a crime if it poses a greater risk to them. Criminals would be hesitant to use guns if it would make the manakin of crime they are intent on committing more severe. Thus if strict laws are passed to punish offenders most criminals would not engaged in the activities using guns.Gun owners should have their firearms registered with the federal government. This would make them more responsible to the use of the weapons. Within their homes and the society as whole the adults who posses the guns would make it their business to keep track of their firearms so that no one else uses the weapons. This in effect would also isolate criminals as their moves and actions with the guns would be monitored. . Even the routine citizens would find it hard to purchase the weapons, since there is the possibility that the gun might end up in the wrong hands making them liable to prosecution.Even though it might be seen to be going away against the law and to some extent it might also prove to be costly in implementation, the guard should be allowed to finger print every person and record the obtained data in a file. This would make it easier to monitor most criminals.Works CitedHarvy Lipman Rights and regulations Americans want firearms and federal restrictions, poll finds. Albany Times Union, 1997Kurt F. Kluin, Gun retard Is it a Legal and Effective Means of Controlling Firearms in the United States. 1. N.Y. Times, Mar. 31, 198 1, A, at 6, col. 4.Philip J. Cook and Jens Ludwig, guns in America home(a) survey on private ownership and use of firearms, USA Department of Justice, National Institute of Justice

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3-Day Exercise Activity Analysis Essay Example for Free

3-Day Exercise Activity Analysis EssayIn this paper I will converse my current exercise habits as tumesce as discussing my Physical Activity Tracker results. I will in any case talk about how I can eventually improve my exercise habits and how I can structured a workout routine into my quotidian living and be able to use it throughout the complete year. My current exercise habits as of the present moment are none sadly to say. I am one of those people who do not work out. I come from a long tonal pattern of people in my family who is very everyplace weighting. My dumbfound and aunt as well as my babe suffer from high blood pressure and diabetes. I know that the fact that those things run in my family puts me at an even sweller risk for acquiring both of those ailments. I have dieting on many occasions as well as work out. I am a single mother of 4 children and I also work full time as well as answer classes here online.It is really hard to stick to any kind of plan that includes diet and exercise, however I know that if I do not take action soon then it will ultimately be too late. I also worry about my middle daughters weight as well because she takes after(prenominal) my side of the family and she also has type 2 diabetes because of her weight so I remember that creating a workout routine followed with a diet will have a positive effect on myself as well as my children. Looking at my Physical Activity Tracker my activity level over a 3 day period was very minimal and unspoilt included house work. It was describe as light intensity activity and that does not count toward MIE minutes. The descend number of calories that I had burnt within that 3 day period was only 6,789 which when broken down comes out to a total of 2,263 calories burned per day.My weekly goal for physical activity was 150 minutes of aerobic activity per week and 2 days of muscle strength training every week. However I did not fit out any of those goals at all. I know that I need to take much indicative when it comes to works out unremarkable if I plan to get in shape and lose any weight at all. I believe that the changes that I need to make in my everyday life to be able to actually follow through with a workout routine and have more dexterity to be able to do so is to eat more healthier foods first of all, like parking area leafy vegetables and fruits along with taking my vitamins so that will help with my energy level.I know that I also need to start make merrying water as I do not drink any at all right now and I know that that is very unhealthy. I think that just getting up and taking a walk around my neighborhood on a day to day basis will help. I think that I will start just by walking around a couple of blocks at first and then slowly join on that to 4 blocks and so on and so forth. I think that walking would be a great way to start but I also believe that doing some sit ups and leg lifts after I get my energy level built up after I start my walking regimen would really benefit me as well. When I was a teenager I had a daily routine of doing 50 sit ups a day along with 50 leg lifts.I did that for a whole year straight and I lost so much weight not to attend inches off of my waistline. I think that I will also look into joining a lycee so that when it is cold outside I can go there and walk on the tread-wheel as well as use the other equipment, I have a friend that goes everyday faithfully and I think that working out with a partner would help get me more motivated as well. I intend to get in shape this year because I am not getting any younger and I know that my health is essential if I insufficiency to be here to be able to see my children grow up.

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An aging population Essay Example for Free

An aging population EssayFactors such as an aging population, expert advances, and the coming of managed compassionate have indeed changed the way health care is organism offered and is organism perceived in the United States for one, having an aging population means that the demand for nurses has increased. An otherwise impact is that of certain technological advances which deal it easier to give healthcare at a more affordable rate. In light of managed care and these other factors, much more is also prayd of a nurse aside from the standard of health care that was previously provided. Given the train of competition in this field and the increasing demands for highly specialized and teach nurses, I feel that the only way to continue my career in nursing is by being able to earn a bachelors degree in nursing. More and more job opportunities these days require a minimum of a bachelors degree in nursing.While all of these technological advancements in health care have indeed raised the standard of health care being provided in the United States, on that point are a few intangible factors that can never be replaced. I see my future role as being able to develop these intangibles. One authorized example is the special type of manner by which a nurse must conduct herself in order to be effective in performing her task. The bedside manners are very important and it is something that reasonable cannot be taught in classrooms. Nurses need to be more than just machines that come in and punch in their time cards but rather professional registered nurses who show their passion and dedication to the profession done their approach and practiceThere will always be future developments in technology and there will always be an aging population. The key to succeeding in this profession is in maintaining the level of professional conduct that people expect from the nurse and this is the future role that I see myself in the profession of nursing.

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Ethical Pursuations Essay Example for Free

Ethical Pursuations EssayEach of the three different theoretical preliminaryes proposed for normal comparison ethics has admirers and detractors as well. All the three theories require practical ways of incorporating them into public relation campaign, using the suggested pyramids (Barney Black 1994233-244). Virtue ethics involves fostering a strong internal moral dig out to guide anyone in choosing the justly action. It requires one to first develop honest judgment by excite the moral imagination in order to recognize ethical issues.This potful only be achieved in a campaign through ethics brainstorming sessions or ethical reflection time, and this is where individuals considered ethical implications and constitution back to the team or through discussion with an indep arrestent ethics consultant, who could then highlight capableness ethical issues in the upcoming campaign and stimulate debate on appropriate approaches. This approach allows early(a) virtue tests tha t accord with their values and enables them to set relevant virtue objectives to be revisited and tested at the end of the campaign.Virtue ethics becomes a formative step in public relations process, rather than a reactive process once a problem arise. However, it is flexible, by the fact that in the middle particle pyramid, each of the facts used can be assessed in the campaign using a virtue approach tactics. Virtue ethics clearly has benefits for practitioners who atomic number 18 seeking ethical guidance but many time it is be inadequate alone. For example tests using external virtue referents like a significant another(prenominal), are at odds with the idea of developing virtues by purchasing the internal goals of a commit (Baker Martinson 2001 148-275)Deontology involves following a prescribed set of duties or obligations for example, religious rules such as Thou shall not lie, and one of its common deontological positions in public relations is advocacy, and this is the belief that provides practitioners item behaviors that are ethical against an agreed standard like a professional ethics code at the same time, they can easily promote clients self-interests above all other interests when compared to virtue ethics and consequatialisim in addition deontological approaches are also useful in the campaigns communication phase and this enables them to assess ethics of messages and communication outputs when compared to virtue ethics, as well as consequantialism.Their approaches are useful because they clarify the limits of reasonable behavior by providing absolute prohibitions, and directives for specific acts, however at times, although occasional their inflexibility can be problematic (Baker 1997 pp. 197-210). Lastly but not least, consequantialism uses the approach of judging actions by their customers. One of the well-known techniques of consequentialism is ulitarianism where an assessment is made of who has been affected, and determines in what w ays, and consequently the right action that is supposed to be taken which creates maximum total benefit. Their main method of determining the issuing involves drawing a flow chart or a mind map which is cumbersome.Their only close-set(prenominal) related test is the benefit or harm assessment, in which calculation is made about whether the benefits to stakeholders outstrip the harm (Baker 2002 191-205). The approach is clearly a very crucial component of public relations, but on its own at many times it obscures the means used to obtain a desired outcome, for instance, a pure consequantialist can endorse a lie if it ultimately resulted in more happiness or a more wide-spread benefit than truth-telling (Barney Black 1994244-248). Conclusion The two approaches virtues ethics and consequentialism to public relations perplex benefits but they have serious limitations. One can only manage these limitations by using deontological approaches, because it has a high persuasive power wit h respect to public relation practitioners.

A Study On Bangkok Tourism Essay

A Study On capital of Thailand Tourism EssayAbstractThis throw up A s clear on capital of Thailand touristry- The Future of capital of Thailand touristry puts forward a compass point study on tourism in Thailand especi exclusivelyy Bangkok as a tourist destination. This study is make at the appropriate cadence because the tourism sector plays an important role in tourism fabrication and in the recession period right when bulk are thinking that tourism industry in down.This paper aims to provide a light on how tourism has made the economy to gain ground all over the past three course of studys. Research was conducted to understand some the efforts channelisen by the government activity to win tourism in Bangkok.Finally recommendations are also provided at the end of the research which would function in the further development of the tourism in Bangkok. The analysis and the countersigns based on the hesitationnaire is also given in detail.IntroductionAbout BangkokBang kok is a famous tourist destination in southeastern East Asia. It is one of the most cosmopolitan, contrasting and, above all, compelling of Asian cities. More than ten jillion reside here(predicate)(predicate) and it is a steamy and pulsating metropolis on that point is no dull moment in Bangkok metropolis. Whether youre a spectator, looking for an entertainment or physically active, youll be surprised with the vast choices the city has to offer.Bangkoks newistic, multi-storey shop strolls are a shopaholics paradise you get out find the citys finest fashion stores, global brands, book shops, disparateness stores, rileories stands and all kinds of luxury designer lifestyle respectables. There are both important malls in grumpy which attracts to a greater extent volume than others.According to a leading tourism site, The department store is the like a bright magazine shape up to life. Behold the seven layers of shoppers paradise, where the beginning three floors a re dedicated solely to fashion. max world-class brand names dominate the ground floor, hot outside(a) designer items, leather and jewelry the first floor, and glamorous garb for the young and trendy, the wink. Fashionist as, this is your playground.And here is a nonher mall under this reexamine,From a gimcrack yellow Ferrari to a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes, Siam Paragon is a shopping mall without rival in Southeast Asia when it comes to luxury goods. This shopping and entertainment complex is an up market, five-storey colossus with 500,000 square metres of retail space. The gleaming, modern mall opened in December 2005 at a cost of 15 cardinal baht (US$ 375 million), and is home to more(prenominal) than 250 famed international and local luxury brandsTourism Industry in BangkokOver all Bangkok is a mix of old and new, classic even trendy and in truth traditional yet modern. Visitors from all over the world visit Bangkok to experience the beauty of the Buddhas smile.Thailand s tourism industry makes up about 6.5 percent of the countrys GDP. When seeing the number of tourists, and the number of tourist destinations and hotels, one would actually expect a more substantial portain of GDP. save Thailands tourism industry, while rattling visible, brings in oft less money than other inspection and repair industries, and certainly less than its manufacturing industry.Nevertheless, international visitors spent more than 547 billion baht (something like 16 billion U.S. Dollars) in 2008. The averold age length of stay per tourist in 2007 was 9 days.Impact of the RegionalInterestingly, the tourism sector does not only depend on hostile visitors. The number of domestic tourists actually dwarfs the number of foreign tourists. But domestic tourists ( in general Thais) do spend a lot less per day and their trips are swindleer, on average two days and a half. In 2007 there were reportedly more than 83 million in-country travel trips. This created 380 billion bah t in revenue.Average day-by-day expenditure was well-nigh 1770 baht per person in 2007 (as compared to 4120 baht per person for international tourism).In 2008, 52.37 % of international tourists were East Asian, with Malaysia and Japan providing the most visitors. Close to two million Malaysians visited Thailand. I assume they take short trips over the Thai-Malaysian border, and I think the number of Malaysian visitors, excessively inflates the total number of international visitors.Europeans provided windup to 4 million visitors in 2008, about 27.22 % of the total. The number of visitors from the Americas, South Asia and Africa, is much smaller. However, close to 700,000 Australians visited Thailand, which is actually an gigantic number, when taking the total population of Australia into account.The number of foreign tourists see Thailand over the first eight months of this year (2009) dropped 14.1 per cent from the same period last year to only 8.9 million, according to deputy spokesman of the Democrat Party, Atthawit Suwanphakdee,Mr Athhawat attributed the declining to impacts of the Songkran riots by the anti-government red-shirts in April and the pandemic of the A (H1N1) flu virus.However, he was confident that the situation of the tourism sector will improve in the fourth quarter of the year as the number of foreign arrivals is increasing.The graph to a humble confide pictures the number of tourist arrivals in the first quarter and second quarter of 2009 were 3,64 million and 2,96 million respectively. These figures were lower than during the first 2 quarters of 2007 or 2008. In the trinity quarter of 2009 we see that the number of visitors is mistakable to the number of visitors in twain 2007 and 2009, suggesting that the worst in over. Preliminary data for October 2009 show an increase in visitors as compared to October 2008.Based on these reports the aim of this project is to find the shopping experience of slew visit two malls namely, the department store shopping Mall and Siam Paragon shop Mall. We planned according and executed this inspect successfully and hence we submit our report, analysis and interc servees based on the keep up results.Source ThaiWebsites.comLiterature reviewTrying to get selective information from books I went to the library and local book stores to get books on Thailand and to get about Bangkok, its history, culture, religion and traditions and so on one book which I open was Eyewitness Travel require to Thailand. This travel guide was written by Philip Cornwel and the book is published by the Dorling Kindersley Publishing. It had 504 pages and was priced at $17.50. it offers easy access to Thai history, politics, music, festivals, sports and culture. It also has lists of hotels and restaurants, shopping places, golf, diving, white water rafting and several pictures and maps related to the information provided. It was a truly(prenominal)(prenominal) practical guide overall.The n ear book I took for reference is alone(p) Planet Thailand, written by Joe Cummings, Sandra Bao, China Williams and Steven Martin. I got it from Amazon books and it was priced $18.19. it was more like a survival guide with in astuteness information on Thai spa, resorts, culture and some important phrases and words to remember etc. it has approximately 148 maps which were genuinely easy to follow and I found this particular book very helpful. lonely(prenominal) satellite is a series of books focused on specify locations in Thailand such as, lonely planet Thailands Islands and Beaches, Lonely Planet Chiang Mai Northern Thailand, Lonely Planet Bangkok etc. As I was to go to Bangkok I ordered the Lonely Planet Bangkok, from Amazon for $14.00 it was authored and published by Michelin Publications. This book had a 4 star review in Amazon and true to this fact this book was a tourist marvel.It is recommended to everyone change of location to Bangkok as it is a treasure house of inform ations on all aspects of the city and overall about Thailand. The food, night markets, day bazaars etc which no travel guide will take you in real thunder mug be seen reviewed here in this book. A total and complete guide t the shopping festivals and other celebrations in Bangkok and the right time to visit, places to see and other attractions in around the city is all focused and explained very surface. Many more online resources are also helpful but nothing can be more comfortable than having a travel guide in hand with maps to read.It is not perpetually possible to carry your laptops and work on them for details. I carried all the books with me during the trip and found them to be very useful. I learned some common phrases and I used them. Local people were very satisfy to see a foreign student speaking their language. Thus these books made my trip more unforgettable and lively. My experiences were enhanced through these books.MethodologyWhen we decided to conduct a mess th e first thing we did was plan. We first prepared the hesitancynaire as per our requirement and choose two famous shopping malls as our target for this survey. at one time the questions were ready we decided how umpteen people we should target. We plenty the number as 60. We took print outs of the 60 copies of the questionnaire and set out on our educational tour to Bangkok.We successfully finished the survey in the two malls, department store shopping Mall and Siam Paragon Shopping Mall. It was a great experience interacting with tourist from different nations. They were very co-operative and were happy to help us by answering the questionnaire.Based on the questionnaire we prepared an analysis and discussion below. We found out why people visit Bangkok and why they loved to shop in the malls. We also found some online data about the tourist flow in Bangkok over the period of years. The local residents were not that co operative as foreigners. They were very serious and some re fused to take the survey.The staff of the mall and galore(postnominal) shop owners was very friendly and they asked us about why we were conducting survey and what we were doing. It was great experience to interact with local businessman. We even asked them about how foreigners come to the mall and what exactly attracts them in their stores. They agreed that economic slowdown has affected tourism in Bangkok as fewer tourists rancid up this year.This indeed had effect on their own business they said very sadly. Overall it was a great exposure to us as we knew how to interact and communicate with people. We were able to balance between the good and pernicious aspects that we encountered in the malls. We learned to address all types of people and we learned how to communicate politely.Analysis and discussionAnalysis of the QuestionnaireEmporium Shopping MallIn the above graph you see the first question from the questionnaire asking Are you resident of Bangkok? Almost 80% of people w ho took the survey were residents. And among the 20% who were non residents answered the second question which was is this your first visit to Bangkok? almost 90% tourist were first time visitors.The third question was how they knew about the mall. In this question we did find one major factor that travel sites helped lesser in finding the best shopping malls in the city. People found out more from friends, online forums and genial media networks. Next coming to the main topic about what they liked about the Emporium mall many another(prenominal) answered that they like the service and the ambience more. The cost they matte was bit costly yet they found it price the money they spend. The food wasnt very impressive in the food court in the mall. Overall service was the leading force for the malls success.The overall rating was GREAT as against good (30%), poorly and not bad (1%) the same feed abide was also noted about the shopping experience.Many liked the interiors and the ambi ence. The huge area and space attracted others and they were not very attracted by the food and other things. Almost 95% wanted to come back again for the same experince.Almost 95% entangle they can relate this mall to that they show in other countries. This is alarming as this means this mall is not as unique as it looks like. Similarities do exist between others and this mall. 90% of the people felt that they got what they wanted or found things which were very impressive.another(prenominal) astonishing fact was that people felt that it was a mix of west and east. Not many felt it was old fashioned, eastern or western in particular. Some people felt crocked by the huge crowd but many others loved and had no irritations.The mode of transport to and from the mall was by Taxi mostly and the next important mode of transport was the public transport like bus, metros etc. many people like the tuktuk ride across the city. Many people who stayed nearby walked to the mall. well-nigh of them felt that reaching the mall was very easy.Many visitors felt that this mall was a one decimal point place for all their needs. But many felt they had other options. They visited the place for specify items alone. People in the age group of 20-30 visited the malls very often and the next was people from age group 40-59. Youngsters below 20 were the next in lead and not many silvers above 60 were seen around.Almost without any sexual practice submit men and women were seen coming to the mall. There was no blown-up difference. Married people seem to come her more than singles. It is more sophisticated and hence singles dont prefer coming here. It is also very crowed and not a preferred hangout for singles.Among the visitors almost 90% were Asian and closely following were Americans. Other nationalities counted less. Many were into one-on-one sector jobs or owned their own business establishments. Students also visited these malls more than the government employees. The occupa tion mostly of the visitors was public sector.Siam Paragon Shopping MallIn the above graph you see the first question from the questionnaire asking Are you resident of Bangkok? 10% of people who took the survey were residents. And almost 90% who were not residents answered the second question which was is this your first visit to Bangkok? almost 90% tourist were first time visitors.The third question was how they knew about the mall. In this question we did find one major factor that online information and travel sites helped a lot in finding the best shopping malls in the city. People found out from friends, online forums and social media networks. Next coming to the main topic about what they liked about the Emporium mall many answered that they like the service and the ambience more. The cost they felt was bit costly yet they found it worth the money they spend. The food wasnt very impressive in the food court in the mall. Overall ambience was the leading force for the malls succ ess.The overall rating was Good as against great(60%), and not bad (1%) the feedback was just the opposite about the shopping experience. People found it Great to shop here and many felt it was not bad.Many liked the ambience,interiors and the huge area. The food attracted others. Almost 90% wanted to come back again for the same experinceAlmost 95% felt they can relate this mall to that they show in other countries. This is alarming as this means this mall is not as unique as it looks like. Similarities do exist between others and this mall. 90% of the people felt that they got what they wanted or found things which were very impressive.Another astonishing fact was that people felt that it was a mix of west and east. Not many felt it was old fashioned, eastern or western in particular. Some people felt irritated by the huge crowd but many others loved and had no irritations.The mode of transport to and from the mall was by Taxi mostly and the next important mode of transport was th e public transport like bus, metros etc. many people like the tuktuk ride across the city. Many people who stayed nearby walked to the mall. Most of them felt that reaching the mall was very easy.Many visitors felt that this mall was a one stop place for all their needs. But many felt they had other options. They visited the place for specify items alone. People in the age group of 20-30 visited the malls very often and the next was people from age group 40-59. Youngsters below 20 were the next in lead and not many silvers above 60 were seen around.Almost without any gender bias men and women were seen coming to the mall. But men were seen slightly more than women. There was no big difference though. Married people seem to come less than singles. It is a heaven for singles to hang out.Asians visited this mall most followed by other nationals like Americans, Africans, Latino and others. As for the occupation of the visitors who visited the mall, it was found that students came here t he most. They liked the place very well and it was their favorite hangout with friends. People working in government and public sector jobs came lesser and business people visited lesser.DiscussionsWhen comparing the shopping experience in both the malls we found a vast difference in the data we collected through the questionnaire. The results were totally in contrast in some areas and in some fields both were almost the same. We found that more residents visited the Emporium Mall while more foreigners visited the Siam Paragon Shopping Mall. Most of the visitors were first timers.Both places people liked the ambience and the services. The cost in the malls was high in both malls and the type of people tour the malls also varied a lot. Many young people and single people preferred visiting the Siam Paragon Shopping Mall. It was a best hangout for youngsters and students in particular. Senior people preferred the Emporium mall. We were able to find this out through questions like the ir age and occupation.Next comes the source of information. Many people found information about the city online through forums, social media networking sites and travel sites. This sows how online media is helping tourism a lot. And as for the ethnicity we find Asians visiting the place more than the westerners. Which means this area is still to be tapped by the tourism industry. By promoting Bangkok in the western world there are greater chances of attracting people from European and American countries. Overall the goal to find out the shopping experience in the two malls was achieved and very important details were analyzed.LimitationWe faced certain limitations and problems when we started our survey at the two malls. origin was the reluctance from the individuals to spend few minutes to fill up the questionnaire. Many westerns were too obliged to help and they even spend some time to ask us about our education. They were very friendly and concerned. But local residents were irr itated when we stopped them and most of them refused to stop.After the survey we found out that unique websites essential be created to promote Bangkok tourism. A best tourism promotion strategy must be developed by the tourism depart to invite foreigners to Bangkok. We also saw placed which were not well maintained. Government should take steps to maintain its rich tradition and culture. Moreover the fees for entering historic places and Buddha temples were very high. This also must be reduced.ConclusionMy trip to Bangkok was a great success as I was not only enjoying with my friends I was also learning new things that was enriching my knowledge. The city of Bangkok is throng by tourists from all nations who come here for many varied reasons. Our plan was to find out what made Bangkok a preferred tourist destination in the eyes of the tourists. We planned to conduct a survey in two famous shopping malls in Bangkok. We prepared the questionnaire accordingly and finished the survey successfully. After analyzing the report we have discussed certain issues and limitations. Overall this entire trip was very useful for my studies. It gave me ego confidence and the courage to go to new countries and converse and relate to people who come from many nations.Bangkok is a great city rich in culture, religion, tradition etc and is also a very modern city with a touch of western culture too. So foreigners prefer this city and they come here to see the eastern tradition, to know more about Buddhism, to visit all historic places in and around Bangkok, and also to experience the exotic Thai food which is world famous. The aim of this project was to find the shopping experience of people visiting the two malls, namely the Emporium shopping Mall and Siam Paragon Shopping Mall. Our goal was achieved successfully and we are now confident enough to conduct more studies and surveys in future.References(Lonely Planet, 1992) Lonely Planet PhrasebookThai for Lovers (Nit and Jack Ad jee, 1997)Top 10 Bangkok (Eyewitness Top 10 Travel Guides) by DK PublishingThailand (Country Guide) by China WilliamsThailands Islands Beaches (Regional Guide) by Celeste BrashTop 10 Hong Kong (EYEWITNESS TOP 10 go bad GUIDE) by DK PublishingThailand (Country Guide) by China Williams, Austin Bush, Brandon Presser, and Tim Bewer (Paperback Aug. 1, 2009)Thailand The Golden Kingdom by William Warren et al and Luca Invernizzi Tettoni (Hardcover Sept. 15, 1999)Thailands Islands Beaches (Regional Guide) by Andrew Burke and Austin Bush (Paperback Aug. 1, 2008)http//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bangkokhttp//www.bangkok.com/tourism-first-time-visitors/index.htmlhttp//www.tripbase.com/Bangkok-Tourism-Thailand.htmlhttp//www.city-travel-guide.co.uk/travel-guide/bangkok-travel-guide.htmlhttp//www.1stopbangkok.com/

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Daiichi Sankyos Ranbaxy Acquisition Analysis

Daiichi Sankyos Ranbaxy erudition AnalysisWith the whorled up health cargon charges and government expenditure on public healthc be, many develop countries are trying to promote generic wine drugs. The demand for generics is also complemented by wider access to healthcare in ontogeny economies. This coupled with the last of many letters procure drugs or so the corner, many brand name pharmaceutical companies tried to acquire generic drug companies, in this paper we try to examine iodin such(prenominal) acquisition.On 11th June 2008, Daiichi Sankyo the third largest pharmaceutical political party in lacquer do an offer to demoralize control stake in Ranbaxy, the largest drug-maker by gross in India. The purchase price of INR737 represented a reward of 53.5% over Ranbaxys av geological erage daily closing price on the National Stock rallying for the three months ending on June 10, 2008 and 31.4% over closing price on June 10, 2008.In this paper we would analyze why Dai ichi Sankyo must get hold of picked Ranbaxy and Daiichis Strategy behind the acquisition. We also try to do the valuation of Ranbaxy at the acquisition metre and whether Daiichi paid a hefty premium over its intrinsic prize.Post-acquisition Daiichi Sankyos bank line locomote s divulgehwards, later in this paper we try to address this grappleholder response. The acquisition was termed bad and Daiichi had a one-time piece of writing shine of $3.45 billion off its balance sheet. We also analyze what might have gone defame in this cross-border transaction, return keys such as inadequacy of proper out-of-pocket-diligence on Daiichi Side and lack of transparency on Ranbaxy side.INTRODUCTIONThe pharmaceutical constancy develops, produces, and trades drugs licensed for use as medications. Pharmaceutical companies can clutch in generic and/or brand medications and medical devices. They are governed by a variety of geography precise laws and regulations regarding the patentin g, testing and ensuring safety and efficacy and merchandising of drugs.Its origins can be traced back to the nascent chemical industry of the late golf clubteenth century in the Upper Rhine Valley near Basel, Switzerland when dyestuffs were found to have antiseptic properties. Many of the modern pharmaceutical companies started out as Rhine-based family dyestuff and chemical companies e.g. Hoffman-La Roche, Sandoz, and Novartis etc. Over time many of these chemical companies entered into pharmaceuticals business and gradually evolved into global players. The industry expanded rapidly in the sixties, healthcare spending skyrocketed as global economies prospered in this period. In the seventies the industry evolved further with the introduction of tighter regulative controls, especially with the introduction of regulations governing the manu positionure of generics. The brisk regulations abolished permanent patents and allowed patent protection for branded products for unflinching periods only, and a new competitive segment branded generics evolved in the pharmaceutical space.With the patent expiries of many megahit drugs nearby and increasing demand for cheaper drugs, many pharmaceutical companies are trying to offer a generic drug portfolio as wellspring. The fastest way to add this portfolio is the inorganic way lets look at one such case wherein a Nipponese Pharmaceutical giant acquired a large bracket Indian Generic drugs go with.Daiichi Sankyo forrader Acquisition (Year ending March 2008)Daiichi Sankyo was Japans 3rd largest pharmaceutical company, established by the union of Sankyo Co., Ltd. and Daiichi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd in September 2005. Daiichi was mainly a brand, RD oriented pharmaceutical company with revenues of 880 billion pine away(p) ($8.8 billion) in FY 2007-08. The company was cash rich and had close to 574 million in cash and cash equivalents. Its portfolio comprised of pharmaceuticals for hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and ba cterial infections, the Group was also engaged in the development of treatments for thrombotic disorders and concentrate on the discovery of novel oncology and cardiovascular-metabolic therapies.With the shrinking Japanese market the company had a polish off inclination towards overseas sales, the Overseas Sales/ profit Sales had steadily appendixd from 33% to 40% from 2005-2008, notwithstanding markets other than the traditional Japan and trade union America were the ones which were showing real front man. The company clean-livingly aimed to build Asia, in the south and Central America markets. Daiichi already had business operations in 21 countries and aimed to be a Global Pharma Innovator by 2015. In India they were already underway forming a Sales subsidiary. The Company also was trying to concentrate on its core pharmaceutical business by spinning off non-pharmaceutical businesses from the group.One of the mid to long-term goals of Daiichi was to increase its presence in novel therapeutics in oncology arena on these lines they also acquired a German company named U3 Pharma AG.Ranbaxy before the Acquisition (Year Ending December 2007)Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited, Indias largest pharmaceutical company, was an integrated, explore based, pharmaceutical company producing a wide range of feel, affordable generic medicines, used crossways geographies. The Company than served customers in over one hundred twenty-five countries and had an expanding international portfolio of affiliates, joint ventures and alliances, operations in 56 countries.Ranbaxys revenues and bottom lines were continiously on the rise since 2001, the RD expenses were stable around 6%. In FY 2007 the company had revenues of 69,822 million INR ($1.5billion) excluding other income. The earnings of the company were well diversified crosswise the globe, however the rising world contributed heavily to the revnues (Emerging 54%, Developed 40%, others 6%). further the Japan market, wi th low generics penetration contributed just $25 million to the top line. The company had just begun to re-orient its strategy in favour of the emerging markets.Ranbaxy had been on shopping spree in the previous year acquiring BeTabs South Africa, additional stake in Zenotech Laboratries, 14.9% in Jupiter Biosciences India and 13 Dermatalogy products from Bristoll Myers Squibb in the USA. The company was still open for acquisitions and proceeds finished inorganic activities. To take advantage of the upcoming RD outsourcing story Ranbaxy also demerged the New do drugs husking Research under Ranbaxy Life Science Research Limited (RLSRL). Ranbaxy also had unquestionable great partnerships with companies focused on research and manufacturing in speciality and niche areas, deuce of which were collabrative research programs with Glaxo Smith Kline. Ranbaxy also had sign some exclsuive inlicensing aggrements with Global companies, Sirtex Australia being one of them.To optimize its Firs t to File (FTF) opportunities and thusce ensure the revenue flows, the company entered into 3 independent litigation settlments with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) for Valacyclovir and Sumatiptan and with Astellas Pharma for Tamsulosin.The company entered into segments such as Bio-generics, Oncology, Penems, Limuses, Peptides, etc. due to the high say-so they offered. On the operational front too the company was aggressive and had reduced the functional capital by intimately 3% of sales. The company undertook the modernization and capacity amplification in plants in India, Romania, Malaysia, Nigeria and South Africa. The company also discontinued operations in some of their inefficient plants in India.The product, patent and API portfolio of the company was strong. The company made 526 product filings and received 457 approvals globally (Annexure A gives a detailed overview of the product, API and Patents in 2007). The company also continued its effort to develop effective herbal drugs that could comply with international theatrical role standards.The DealOn 11th June 2008, Daiichi Sankyo made an offer to purchase to a greater extent than 50.1% voting right in Ranbaxy which included 34.83% stake of promoters, preferential shares and an open offer. Daiichi offered a share price of INR 737 with a transaction value of around $4.6 billion, valuing Ranbaxy at $8.5 billion. Daiichi ended up acquiring 63.92% shares of Ranbaxy by Nov, 2008 (details are provided in Annexure B). Including transaction cost the luck costed Daiichi $4.98 billion (details are provided in Annexure C) and they recorded gracility of $4.17billion (details are provided in Annexure D).For Daiichi Sankyo, in addition to the traditional high-risk/high-return business vex employed in developed-country markets, Ranbaxys generic business model would patron them build a hybrid business model with a mix of procure and generic drugs. The train also required the current CEO/Promoter Malvinder Singh to stay with the company for 5 days.The deal financing was through a mix of debt and existing cash alternatives of Daiichi Sankyo. With the acquisition Daiichi got access to Ranbaxys basket of 30 drugs for which the company had approvals in the US, including 10 drugs for which Ranbaxy had exclusive sales right to sell for six months later on the expiry of their patents. The deal gave Daiichi an access to best FTF 180 day exclusivity pipelines in the industry. Ranbaxy had already de-risked its FTF pipeline through a serial of settlement with innovator companies this in-turn lowered the litigation expense and removed uncertainty with regard to the launch insure of these generic drugs. It also helped in better planning of inventory, launch quantities and supply concord.DAIICHIS GAIN FROM THE DEALThe era of Generic drugsMost of the pharmaceutical companies in developed world have been concentrating on the patented drugs market, and hence were more RD oriented. But recently the gener ic drugs market has received more attraction because ofDates of patent expiry of blockbuster drugs discovered during 1990s are nearingGovernments and Insurers are encouraging use of generic drugs to control the spiraling up healthcare costsWith saturation occurring in the developed markets, the major markets now are the emerging countries. even so the earnings of the citizens in these nations are not high enough to buy the costly patented drugs, so generic low-price drugs form a majority part of the drug markets in these countries. These Pharmerging nations were forecasted to account for the biggest share of pharmaceutical industry growth over 2008-13 period, it was suppositional to be a $160-190bn market by 2013. However majority of multi-national pharmaceutical companies were underpenetrated in these markets.With this changing market dynamics Daiichi made the decision to acquire a generic drug manufacturer from second largest populated country, India. This will help them establ ish presence in a new area (Generics) in the pharmaceutical value chain.India an emerging hub for Global PharmaIndia in 2008 had gained a respected place in the in the space of Contract Manufacturing, Drug Development and Drug Discovery and Research. This had become possible due to a strong stream of talent flow, compliance with quality and regulatory standards, distinct cost advantages both in manufacturing and drug development. India also had a large crude patient pool with some of the fastest patient recruitment rates and an innovation and original research engine. Indias strength in this space was reflected by its research collaborations with global Pharmaceutical Companies.For Daiichi its RD expenses and COGS stood at around 45% of the Sales, shifting the RD and manufacturing to India made sense to operate in the highly competitive environment and address consecutive pressures from government to reduce drug prices.Access to new marketsDaiichi believed that realizing sustained business growth would impoverishment the expansion of its prescription drug business in advanced country markets along with tapping growth opportunities in developing countries.Ranbaxy had a strong presence in markets such as Africa, where Daiichi had never ventured. By using Ranbaxys network, Daiichi Sankyo could more than double its global reach from 21 countries currently to 56. As growth would slow in the developed markets, Ranbaxy will give Daiichi a strong position to expand their businesses in emerging markets including India, China, Russia and Brazil. Emerging Markets was a strong geographical component of Ranbaxys revenues. India was undoubtedly the biggest market that Daiichi would get access to now, the Indian market was supposed to triple by 2015 from its 2005 size. Ranbaxy with its strong distribution reach and excellent brand recognition was well positioned crossways the Indian metro and extra urban areas.Collaborations and SubsidiariesIn order to optimize value at conglomerate points across the pharmaceutical value curve, Innovator Pharmaceutical and Generic Companies were moving from a competing business model to a collaborative one. On this front too Ranbaxy had strong collaborative projects with companies such as GlaxoSmithKline. slightly of them were in Oncology space, Oncology being an area of focus both for Ranbaxy and Daiichi would greatly bolster its presence in this space.Ranbaxy itself had made many acquisitions in previous 2 years, BeTabs Pharmaceuticals South Africa being the recent one. These acquisitions made Ranbaxys position stronger in the Pharmaceutical space.Japan MarketsDue to government measures to curb healthcare expenditure, in spite of growing preponderance of lifestyle diseases and aging population the Japan market was growing only quantitatively but not value wise. This government control on pricing is rare in many Asian countries and USA, fashioning Japan an unattractive market.However in-line with encouraging t he use of generic drugs, many Japanese hospitals were applying the diagnosis occasion combination (DPC) reimbursement system. The Japanese government was also making efforts to restrain drug-related expenditures through systemic reforms as well as other factors such as drug price revision under the National wellness Insurance (NHI) scheme. So generic drugs was for certain a promising business opportunity in the Japanese markets, in fact in FY 2008 Ranbaxy registered a sales growth of 38% in Japan (Sales of $20 million). However Daiichi later formed a new company in Japan for handling its generic space in Japan, the strategic intent of this step is a bit doubtful to me.OTC and Biogenerics given the focus on OTC drugs by both the companies, opportunities existed to expand OTC product offerings of both Ranbaxy and Daiichi across world markets.Biogenerics was also a common interest area for both the companies, Daiichi had just acquired U3 pharma AG and Ranbaxy had acquired Zenotech in the Biogenerics space. Both of them could use each others expertise in clinical trial design, relationship with regulators and marketing power in the US and the EURANBAXYS VALUATIONWe used simple DCF valuation methodology to prize Ranbaxy stock in June 2008, with following assumptionsSales will grow at 12% for 10 years (McKinsey projections for Indian Pharmaceutical industry) and then slowed down to 8% for 5 years. In order to account for the losses caused due to FDA action against Ranbaxy we have lowered the growth rates for 2008 and 2009 to 10% because Ranbaxy had made alternative arrangements through its US its subsidiary Ohm Labs in the US.NOPAT Margin maintained at 14% for 10 years and then lowered to 10%.The company is making continuous efforts to decrease the working capital so we stick out they would decrease it till 25%.The Net Long Term Assets to Sales ratio would fall down to 45%.DCF Valuation254.6FTF Value106Investment in Associates5.03Total365.63With these assumptio ns we came to a value of INR 254.6 (details in ANNEXURE J, K) however this value does not incorporate the value the strong FTF pipeline that Ranbaxy had. This FTF pipeline is valued at around INR106/share (details in ANNEXURE E). Going further we also need to adjust the value for investment in associates (refer ANNEXURE F) for market value wherever information is available. The effective price as per our calculation for Ranbaxy in June 2008 should be INR 365.63.This shows how much premium Daiichi paid above the intrinsic value of Ranbaxy, with an acquisition price of INR 737, they paid almost a premium of 100% over the intrinsic value. I think this was a huge premium for a friendly takeover, suggesting that Daiichi would take long time to enjoy the real benefits of this acquisition.SHAREHOLDERS REACTIONThe market reaction to this announcement was positive only during the open offer period, post that both the stocks plunged to almost 50% of their pre-transaction values. In Feb 2009 i n response to FDAs action against Ranbaxy share price of Ranbaxy was almost 1/3 of what Daiichi Sankyo had paid. Later the Ranbaxy stock moved up considerably but Daiichi was still trading a low levels.To reflect the fact that the market price for the shares of consolidated subsidiary Ranbaxy was way lower than the acquisition price, Daiichi recorded 351.3 billion one-time write down of goodwill associated with the investment in Ranbaxy. This led to a considerable net loss for Daiichi in fiscal 2008.The write down itself signifies that the shareholders money, the retained earnings were wiped out in this acquisition and hence the southwards apparent movement of stock price was as expected. The market expectations from Daiichi were low due to this write-down.WHAT MIGHT HAVE GONE price?In September 2008 the FDA sent Ranbaxy warning letters regarding current good manufacturing practice violations at two of its plants Paonta Sahib and Dewas and forced restrictions on the import of dru gs manufactured at these plants. This banned the entry of almost 30 Ranbaxy products in the USA. In February 2009, FDA also invoked its Application Integrity Policy (AIP) against the Paonta Sahib facility. The FDA enquiry had started long back in 2006 itself. match to the FDA report, Ranbaxys quality control scientists took shortcuts on the stability tests for at least two major drugs. They conducted these tests on the identical day or within a few days of each other, not over nine months as claimed by the company. The FDA also claimed that Ranbaxy had submitted manipulated data as a part of its application to market new generic drugs in the US, as well as kept hundreds of im right on stored samples in its factories in Paonta Sahib and Dewas.This was partly to blame to the organisational structure of the company as well. Traditionally the analytical research and quality sureness (QA) departments always had firewalls between them the QA department job was to keep a watch on the a ctivities of the research unit. However in the recent past, Ranbaxy brought both departments together, encouraging the problems to stay confined within the walls of the company. Daiichi should have assessed the standard pharmaceutical organizational structure and also tried to estimate the full extent of the legal risk arising out of the US FDA letters. They should have asked for information on plant inspections done in 2006 and details of submissions made by Ranbaxy in defence. However the fact that a Japanese company like Daiichi decided to tackle the issue when presented with the problem rather than spending time evaluating the risk, was really impressive.Ranbaxy was said to have poor human resource practices, which led to high employee turnover. In research and development alone, four departmental heads had resigned in quick season in the period just before acquisition. This phenomenon of resource attrition at Ranbaxy continued even after the acquisition. Mr Malvinder Singh the CEO and promoter of the company left the company in May 2009. In the original agreement he was to stay with Ranbaxy for 5 years after the acquisition. By leaving 4 years before the contractual date not only did he have to pay a hefty fracture package but also raised doubt among conflicting companies, looking for Indian partners. For a foreign company like Daiichi it was natural to rely on promoters and their team to continue running the company for a while.Daiichi paid INR 737 for a company with an intrinsic value of just INR 365. This valuation glitch clearly demonstrates Daiichis lack of understanding of generic business. I believe inadequate due diligence was done considering the size, scale and eye socket of the deal, reflecting Daiichis inability in understanding of India and the generic world. I also feel Daiichi was not able to properly access the possible impact of the ongoing FDA enquiry. Ranbaxy was also to blame for not being transparent close the actual status of th e FDA enquiry. One more prominent thing that Daiichi probably missed on was the interminably increasing debt levels of Ranbaxy.The year of 2007 witnessed great currency volatility in response of unforeseen global monetary crisis. Through 2007 until early 2008, INR steadily appreciated against the US Dollar. From around levels of INR 44, it strengthened to about INR 39 with the market forecasting further appreciation. In order to de-risk export revenues Ranbaxy took derivative positions to protect against exchange volatility. However INR movement sharply reversed to the US Dollar in June 2008 sliding past the INR 50 mark in H2 of that year. Owing to these loss making derivative positions Ranbaxy recorded foreign exchange losses of INR. 10,856.24 million in 2008. Daiichi with its global expertise should have reviewed Ranbaxys overseas investments, including derivative instruments with open positions.There must have for sure been cultural differences and management style differences between the two companies and they did not get enough time to hold these issues. In an interview Atul Sobti, CEO Ranbaxy said The Japanese are very process-oriented. They have a frightful respect for teamwork. On compliances and quality, there can be no compromises. And those are the areas that we need to work on. Culturally, those are also not our (countrys) biggest strengths. We will be sharply focussing on these issues. Daiichi also realized the need of global management structure and hence building a global management structure with clear roles and responsibilities for all locations and functions was one of the strategic agendas for them.I am also sceptical about the synergies achieved in the patented drugs space, because even after the acquisition RD expenses for Daiichi had grown from 18.6% to 21.9% of sales. Should the synergies have been achieved, with the directing of RD and manufacturing to India, COGS and RD expenses for Daiichi should have decreased or at-least remain ed stagnant. lastInitially the Ranbaxy deal seemed a win-win, allowing both companies to use each others networks and technological power. The deal seemed very stipendiary for Daiichi Sankyo due to the access to best FTF pipeline, access to the generics product line, access to new markets and an opportunity to diversify away from Japan into the emerging markets. However looking at the post acquisition financial statements of these companies we realize that this deal was a failure and Daiichi is trying its best to make the acquisition work in its favour.In the adjacent year after the acquisition Ranbaxy reported a loss of INR 9,512.05 million and Daiichi in spite of diversifying its geographic footprint booked a loss of 215,499 million and they also made a onetime goodwill write-down of 351.3 billion for investment in Ranbaxy. These losses were mainly rooted in Ranbaxys poor feat owing to the FDA ban and bad decision in hedging currency risks.The pre-acquisition due diligence shou ld have understood that Emerging markets are lucrative but corporate governance and integrity are surely not to be assumed in these markets. Valuations in these markets are way higher than their real potential and valuation in strongly regulated industries like pharmaceutical is strongly linked to regulations in the major markets. For the export oriented companies developed markets with stricter regulations are the main revenues streams due to higher margins however the regulations in these markets are stricter unlike merging nations. Ranbaxy also had ease in clearing the Indian drug regulations but failed to clear the US FDA regulations and hence its US subsidiary Ohm Labs had to pitch in.Other factors such as top-management retention rates, organizational structure, internal firewalls and proper use of financial instruments to hedge risks should have been analyzed before the deal.