Thursday, April 18, 2019

Informational Interviewing Project Questions Essay

Informational Interviewing Project Questions - Essay Example8. An event organizer eternally has a backup plan in case the original plan does not work out. Do you always have a backup plan? Can you please kindly give an manakin whereby such a backup plan saved you from eminent embarrassment?9. How do you deal with dissatisfy clients who feel that you did not organize the event to their liking, for example, a bride who feels that her wedding organization is appalling? How would you respond and in what ways would you address the issues?10. One of the essential factors in event organizing is taking into consideration the needs and wants of the client. In your experience as an events organizer, what are some of the extravagant requests that a client asked for and how did you see them?11. The event organizing industry is growing tremendously. What are the qualities that set your organization apart from the rest? In addition, what otherwise services do you offer, which make your client s prefer your firm to the rest?12. Marketing is necessary for any follow wishing to cut a niche in any field (Donovan & Henley, 2010). What mode of marketing do you use and what strategies and policies are you or have you implemented to ensure that your firm is well known?13. The posture of the event is one of the paramount things an event organizer should determine. How do you come to pick a position for an event? What criteria do you use and do you outsource the services of a land/site surveyor?14. As a sales manager, what criteria do you use to calculate the total cost of organizing the event from conception to finale? Who bears any additional cost that you may incur during the process?15. As a creative coordinator and a sales manager, how do you survive with the ever changing trends happening within the industry? What strategies do you give to conduct market research and competitive analysis so that

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