Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Strategic Management and Strategic Competitiveness Assignment - 3

strategical Management and Strategic Competitiveness - Assignment ExampleThis paper illustrates that strategic management entails the formulation as well as an implementation of key objectives that are adopted by managers on behalf of the shareholders. During this process, effective assessment of external and intrinsic environments must be done. On the other hand, strategic competitiveness refers to the results that are achieved after a riotous effectively formulates and implements appropriate strategies that are not easily copied by the competitors either because they are unique or there are costly to imitate. One of the major strategies that make Coca-Cola be a competitive friendship locally and in the international markets is the increased sales as the result of its expansion in legion(predicate) countries. Since the company was established in 1886, it has grown from a small firm based in battle of Atlanta to the most valuable brand in the world. Coca-Cola Company brands are distributed in over 200 countries. creation the world largest brand, Coca-Cola has continued to enjoy impressive expansion globally. However, the company has very strong roots in Atlanta where it originated. The production of brands that depict comfort and leisure, aspects that are related to the American culture, the company produces brands that meet the necessitate of American people. In order to ensure that its products are effectively distributed in the international market, Coca-Cola Company has assiduous the services of several(a) bottlers in various countries. The table below indicates some of the notable bottlers in the various Coca-Cola market segments. Apart from an effective entry of the global market, Coca-Cola Company has appropriately used technology in all its operations. For example, the company constantly rebrands its products. In 2009, the company introduced greener bottles. These are bottles that use less petroleum olibanum having less carbon impact. Likewise , the introduction of freestyle dispensers, that allow consumers to create their own beverage by combining more than than 100 brands, is a clear indication of the extent to which the company values technology.

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