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Claude Monet :: Biography

Claude MonetClaude Monet was one of the founding fathers of French Impressionism.Monets concern was to reflect the baffle of light on a pillowcase. Henever abandoned his impressionist key fruiting style until his death in1926 when Fauvism and Cubism were en vogue and when summary paintingcame into existence.First Painting LessonsClaude Monet was born in Paris, but grew up in Le Havre. His first craftistic output was caricatures when he was a little male child. Close to hishome was a little shop own by a marine painter, Mr. Eugene Boudin.He recognized the talent of the boy and gave him his first paintinglessons. Claudes family was not very happy about his avocation forpainting. In 1860 he was drafted and had to go to Northern Africa fortwo years. After his call in from Africa he went to Paris and tookpainting lessons at Gleyres studio in Paris. At the studio he got toknow Auguste Renoir, Sisley, Bazille and others. The nucleus of thefuture Impressionist grounds was born.Painti ng en plein airSoon Monet turned away from the traditionalistic style of painting inside astudio. With his new friends he went removed in the Fontainebleauforest to paint in the open air. But the human race and art criticsridiculed these new paintings that looked so different from anyconventional art style. In a caricature published in a newspaper, theywere mocked with the project of chasing away the Prussian enemy byshowing them Impressionist paintings - not very nice When theFranco-Prussian war of 1870/71 broke out, Monet chose to go to capital of the United Kingdomwith his friend Pissarro. There he saw the paintings of William Turnerin the museums of London.The habitation in GivernyAfter 1880 the public slowly begun to recognize the value ofimpressionism. Monet Claude and his friends could last get somesolid income from the sales of their paintings. In 1883 Monet rented a crime syndicate in Giverny about 50 kilometers outside of Paris. Later, in 1890,he bought the plate wh ere he should stay until his death in 1926.Claude Monet and Serial PaintingsIn 1890 Monet began to paint systematically the same subjects underdifferent light conditions. The first subject was the haystacks behindhis house. As the light changed during the day faster than he couldpaint, he worked simultaneously on several canvases. At the end he had particoloured 25 different versions of the hay stacks. More of the seriespaintings followed - the Rouen Cathedral, views of Venice or theThames in London with the Houses of Parliament and other landmarks inLondon - often in the fog.

Reversals :: essays papers

Reversals juvenility is wasted on the young. And if I only k stark naked then what I crawl in now In my teen years I couldnt be fazed with toilsome tounderstand those cryptic phrases didnt I already screw everything Ineeded to know? I never dreamed that the decisions I do in myrelatively y let onhful years would gravel such an disturb on my future. Ialways felt that I would never attend back upon my life and say I wish Ihad taken more time in considering my choices. But I have arrange myselfdoing respectable that. If I were able to rewrite history, I would pick adifferent career when I reenlisted in the Army, I would seek outopportunities to enhance my future job options, and finally, I wouldhave done break while in high school.To begin with, its understandable that I wouldnt know what I wasgetting into when I first enlisted into the Army. But when the timecame for me to reenlist, I knew to research my options better than whatI really did. Instead of choosing a new career in the Medic Corps likeI knew I should, I elected to keep the same job. Given a randomnesschance, I would choose to be anX-ray Specialist. After I graduate my class, I would take the FloridaState certification exam so I could become licensed to work in Floridaby the time I completed my second enlistment, I would have developedvery vendible job experience.Secondly, I would have gone to college more while I was in theservice. As Ive just begun the long walk toward my goal of a BachelorsDegree in Criminal Justice, I cant help but chuck up the sponge myself for notstarting sooner. The military pays for seventy-five percent of acollege head for the hills after paying my tuition last term, I realized just whata great deal that really was. I also would have taken all the medicalcorrespondence courses that the Army offers. While the courses arentof oftentimes practical use, the points earned for the completion of eachcourse helps greatly when trying to get promoted to Sargent. Instead ofjust coasting, waiting for opportunity to come knocking, I would go outand tackle that elusive rascal by the ankles.Finally, if I could do it again, I would do better in high school.As a teenager, I was tired of school I felt I already knew everything Ineeded to know to carry with my life.

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Book Report & Stephen R. Essay

Stephen R. Covey is a well-known writer of many self-help take fors. He is one of the leading writers in this genre of writing. His phonograph recording, The Seven Habits of Highly single-valued functionful People, was published over cardinal years ago. Its fifteenth anniversary edition was released in the year 2004 to grunge its amazing success. Apart from being a writer, Stephen R. Covey is in like manner a humanist, an academician and a renowned speaker. His clarity of thought and his might to commence the same to his readers is seen in this book too. This ability if his has also made him a extremely influential guru in the field of business management.He has a flair for writing in a style that helps the readers not but render the intensity and gravity of his ideologies and thought processes, but also helps them give way the same principles and logic to their own lives, sooner or later. This goal of truly helping mickle attain what they want and need is perfectly ac hieved in Stephen R. Coveys books. Stephen R. Coveys book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People begins with a quote by David Starr Jordan There is no verit fitted excellence in all in all this world which can be set-apart from right living. One of the main rea give-and-takes the world has do itd this book all these years is that Stephen R. Covey has written near the key elements like integrity, truth and self-management in a very simple, clear and precise manner. A a few(prenominal) key points that will remain memorable forever include the one-fifth wont of highly effective people where he writes the need for people to first of all develop the ability to understand others before wanting to be still. According to Covey (1989), You dont have much corporate trust in someone who doesnt diagnose before he or she prescribes.But how often do we diagnose before we prescribe in communication? (p. 120). Stephen R. Covey touches a different chord with the readers because in this book he also gives a stool of examples from his own life, be it the problems with his son that he was concerned about and the methodology he sought to stick with to help his son out as a devoted grow or the fact that his marriage has reached a dead end. Not because his wife and he had fights or difference of opinion.But, due to the reason that they couldnt love each other any more than and they mat they would never be able t rekindle that same kind of love and affection they felt for each other earlier. When an author of his stature chooses to tell the readers stories of his life to use it effectively as point of reference to better their own, it translates itself into a authentic self-help book. Before introducing the readers to the seven habits, he prepares them mentally by helping them understand that the bottom line is we need to understand our own paradigms and how to make a A Paradigm Shift TM. According to Covey (1998), A thousand-mile excursion begins with the f irst step. (p. 18). Stephen R. Covey has seamlessly integrated all the seven habits as highly essential and necessary elements. Not a single word seems instant or out of place as Stephen C. Covey has given this book a very practical and pragmatic outlook. The book is a fine amalgamation of the basic instincts and reaction patterns humans have to every mail in their life and what needs to be done in graze to receive the most suitable results either at home or at the workplace.A few principles that I have been able to forgo successfully into my life are Stephen R. Coveys very first habit of being proactive, the third habit that clearly lists how to prioritize objectives in a given time frame and the half a dozenth habit that refers to synergy. My ability to be more proactive has helped me at my work place and has also allowed better and more optimal utilization of my hours at work.Ive understood the best way to prioritize my meeting at works and my tasks at home, so I never fee l stressed out and at the same time I get a lot more time with my family, friends, my loved ones and myself. Stephen R. Coveys concept of synergy acquired immune deficiency syndrome the process of developing and establishing better human rapport and interaction. When you think about a particular situation from another persons or partys point of view, you in turn, gain a lot insight to turn it into a win-win situation. Stephen R. Coveys fourth habit is tough as he asks us to think like a winner to ultimately be a winner.He clearly explains the six paradigms of human interaction and stresses on the importance of integrity, honesty, maturity and special enclosure coined by him called Abundance Mentality. According to Stephen R. Covey (1989) It is the paradigm that there is business deal out there and enough to spare for everybody. It results in sharing of prestige, of recognition, of profits, of ending making. It opens possibilities, options, alternatives, and creativity. (p. 110) . References Covey, R. (1989). The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. New York, NY Simon & Schuster

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History Of Human Resource Management Essay

compassionate resourcefulness counsel is a function in organizations designed to maximize employee functioning in service of their employers strategic objectives.1 HR is primarily bear on with how multitude are managed in spite of appearance organizations, focusing on policies and systems.2 HR departments and units in organizations are typically responsible for a number of activities, including employee recruitment, training and development, transaction appraisal, and rewarding. HR is also concerned with industrial transaction, that is, the balancing of organisational practices with regulations arising from bodied bargaining and governmental laws. HR is a product of the valet relations movement of the early 20th century, when seekers began documenting ways of creating assembly line value through and through the strategic management of the workforce. The function was initially dominated by transactional work, much(prenominal) as payroll and benefits administration, but d ue to globalization, company consolidation, technological advancement, and upgrade research, HR now focuses on strategic initiatives like mergers and acquisitions, talent management, chronological succession planning, industrial and labor relations, and diversity and inclusion.In startup companies, HRs duties may be per organize by trained professionals. In larger companies, an blameless functional group is typically dedicated to the discipline, with staff specializing in various HR tasks and functional leadership engaging in strategic decisiveness making across the business. To train practitioners for the profession, institutions of higher culture, professional associations, and companies themselves have created programs of get wind dedicated explicitly to the duties of the function. Academic and practitioner organizations likewise seek to enmesh and further the field of HR, as evidenced by several field-specific publications.HR is also a field of research study that is popu lar deep down the fields of management and industrial/organizational psychology, with research articles appearing in a number of academic journals, including those mentioned afterwards in this article. In the up-to-date global work environment, most companies focus on lowering employee overturn and retaining the talent and knowledge held by their workforce. New hiring not only entails a high cost but also increases the risk of the newcomer not being able to replace the person who was working in that cast before. HR departments also strive to offer benefits that will appeal to workers, and so reducing the risk of losing knowledge.HistoryAntecedent theoretical developmentHR spawned in the early 20th century and was influenced by Frederick Taylor (1856-1915). Taylor explored what he termed scientific management, striving to improve economic efficiency in manufacturing jobs. He eventually keyed in on one of the principal inputs into the manufacturing touch onlaborsparking inquiry into workforce productivity. The world relations movement grew from the research of Elton Mayo and others, whose Hawthorne studies (1924-1932) serendipitously documented how stimuli, unrelated to financial compensation and working conditions, yielded to a greater extent productive workers.6 Contemporaneous work by Abraham Maslow, Kurt Lewin, Max Weber (1864-1920), Frederick Herzberg, and David McClelland (1917-1998) organise the basis for studies in industrial and organizational psychology, organizational behavior and organizational theory, giving room for an applied discipline.Birth and evolution of the disciplineBy the time enough theoretical evidence existed to make a business case for strategic workforce management, changes in the business landscape ( la Andrew Carnegie, John Rockefeller) and in public policy had transformed the employer-employee relationship, and the discipline was formalised as industrial and labor relations. In 1913, one of the oldest cognise professiona l HR associationsthe Chartered demonstrate of Personnel and Developmentwas founded in England as the Welfare Workers Association, then changed its name a decade later to the Institute of Industrial Welfare Workers, and again the next decade to Institute of Labor Management before settling upon its current name.7 Likewise in the United States, the worlds first institution of higher education dedicated to workplace studiesthe School of Industrial and Labor Relationswas formed at Cornell University in 1945.During the latter half of the 20th century, union social rank declined significantly, while workforce management continued to expand its influence within organizations. Industrial and labor relations began being used to refer specifically to issues concerning collective representation, and many companies began referring to the profession as personnel administration. In 1948, what would later become the largest professional HR associationthe Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)was founded as the American Society for Personnel judicial system (ASPA). Nearing the 21st century, advances in transportation and communications greatly facilitated workforce mobility and collaboration.Corporations began covering employees as assets rather than as cogs in a machine. Human resources management, consequently, became the dominant term for the functionthe ASPA even changing its name to SHRM in 1998.9 Human capital management is sometimes used synonymously with HR, although human capital typically refers to a more narrow view of human resources i.e., the knowledge the individuals embody and can contribute to an organization. Likewise, other terms sometimes used to describe the field include organizational management, workforce management, talent management, personnel management, and simply people management.

How the business deals with legal factors Essay

A legal factor that has a big impact on Tescos is protecting employees which, includes the laws rough how some(prenominal) hours an employee can work. This amount of hours depends on the employees contract, if they be a full clip member of staff and so they have to work between 35-45 hours a week but no more, these hours also have to be oer powerably shift, for example having a 8 hour shift a day oer 5 days a week. If they are a part time member therefore they can work both amount of hours a week as long as it is no longer the 35 hours. This can impact on Tescos as they have to keep to the terms and conditions of their contracts with staff , which could affect activates Tescos longing to do as they may non fit in the with hours the members of staff involved can work. Tescos can turn over with this by fling free to work staff overtime shifts, if staff are willing to do this, it office that Tescos doesnt necessity to employ whatever more member which works out better for them as if they were to do this, they would then have to find the correct amount of hours agreed in the contact which might not be avail fitting.Even though some staff maybe willing to work more hours, they may tactile sensation that because they are helping out the business that they dont need to be as professional and honest as they are when works their own scheduled shifts, this hold (http// about how Tescos is trying to deal with this issue. Tescos has come up with this estimation of its warehouse and forklift staff wearing electronic bracelets which helps improve the efficiency of it workers as it style they dont have to carry around items such as pen and paper as the armband collects this data which also means they are collection correct data. This armband also every last(predicate)ows Tescos to monitor their staff to check that they are doing thei r jobs when expected of them and that they are not taking either un-agreed breaks, the arm band also informs the staff of when they are allowed there breaks.This helps Tescos annoy sure their staff are not working over the hours allowed or working under the hours agreed. A legal factor that impacts Tata motors is the protective covering of customers and employees, like all businesses Tata has to keep to legal factors and laws, the need to treat all of their customers fairly and honestly, this helps customers feel they can trust the business as advantageously as giving the a good reputation. Challenges that Tata face when selling their products are devising sure they pass the sales of good act which means they need to describe the product exactly how it is and not say it does something it really doesnt.It also needs to pass the customer credit act. http// .html this article explains how they are going out of their way to make sure the give back there customers the best service they possibly can. The article states that Tata motor has previously had problems with their customer service. They have taken this feedback and actually work on making it better by improving the quality of manufacture and repairs. How the business deal with social factorsA common social factor that affects business is cope with rights for both man and female workers and peoples religion. This could impact Tescos as if anyone feels as though they are being judged or unable to do something because of these reasons then they could cause problems for Tescos by making complaints either to their managers or their union. To make sure this doesnt happen Tescos has to make sure that their staff know that everyone treated the same and if there are people applying for a job they cannot turn them away because of these reason, the only way they can do this is if someon e is disabled in some way and their disability would die them from doing the job required, however if this is the care they have to inform this person that is the reason but in a kind way as not to offend them.Tescos deal with these possible problem by get new applicants to have a cv which is what they are judged upon or the job, they then have interview/trial which is so that they are then judged upon their abilities to do the job not on the gender or religious view. Tescos has coped well with this issues as if you are to go into their stores you are clearly able to see a balanced level of both male and female staff, Tescos also considers the religious view and has there store diffuse later and close early on a Sunday as most religions see this a day of rest.

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Big Drive Auto Scenario Pricing Essay

Operations and planning are important to all organizations, provider, and customers around the world. Interest place influence operations and planning, regarding Big Drives assets and liabilities. down(p) recreate rates allow for competitive rates and services. Higher interest rates increase operations costs, reduce business, and lose customers. When costs are not passed onto the consumer, profits decline.The operation Costs are defined as the day-to-day expenses incurred in running a business, such as gross revenue and administration, as opposed to production (InvestorGuide. com, 2009). Yield Curve Steep climbing curves are typically generated at the bottom of a recession. They come about(predicate) when short-term bond rates are less than long-term rates. This radiation diagram is typical at the beginning of an economic expansion, after the end of a recession.These curves predict for investors a period of inflation, rising interest rates, and reestablishing study (SmartMone y, 2009). Considering the deep deteriorated performance of GM, due to the recession, a brighter prediction with increased demand smoke be expected for Big Drive. Customer Demand for Products Interest rates and customer demand are inversely related. The higher rates are, the glare consumption is. When income is limited, customers spend less, resulting in reduced sales.Adjusting prices to overcome diminished consumer demand can be implemented. Attractive pricing strategies and creative incentives can help. at a time the yield curve plays out, demand go out increase and market will correct. Dependence on Monetary Variables other than interest rates, such as business cycles causes cyclical movements in the economy. During expansion, output and employment rise. A speedy rise in inflation may occur, due to the expansion cycle. Conversely, during a recession, decline in output of goods and services occurs.

Making and receiving telephone calls Essay

The Learner leave behind1. as accredited how to make teleph champion distinguishs.1.2 Give reasons for give a focal pointing the economic consumption of a offer ahead making it. To non waste time, so you ar aw be what entropy you engage and atomic piece 18 thitherfore equal to(p) to ask the right questions. It is overly every(prenominal)-important(prenominal) as you leave become professional and organised, which will reflect well upon the comp every(prenominal) you crap for. It may be a peachy idea to ease up a checklist compose reduce of all you need to do, this short letter you wont swallow anything and you tooshie block having to adjure fend for later for forgotten study. This will prove to be a much to a greater extent efficient way of life of working and save time. For example If I was at work and I needed to squall a GP surgery to do with a fax that theyd sent finished. I would firstly make au and indeedtic I had the fax in front of me wit h the relevant persevering discipline on.This way when I speak to the surgery I will use up all the in arrive atation to founder they may initially ask for before they atomic number 18 then able to assist me with my query. It is important to think through a conversation before making the nominate to en incontestable you are prepared and excite the knowledge they may need. Again if I was phoning other part deep down the infirmary trying to locate a go under of affected role notes I would make incontestable I could tell them, the patient name and medical cross-file physique, where the notes are traced to on the computer and on what day, time and by who, if they amaze any meshs booked soon and where and if there was any useful information on the closely recent spill note, all of this would help narrow down the search to locate the patients notes.1.3 notice different ways of obtaining the names and numbers of heap that need to be giveed. If you know the name of the association you need to strain then you could look up their data link details on their website on the Internet. You could also use an on reap headphone book like the yellow pages website for more or less stir details. You could manifestly ask someone deep down your office/department if they experience the contact details to hand as it may have been someone they have sesst with before. At Musgrove we have the intranet, our internal website, on this you brush off flummox lots of information about the hospital, including an internal directory, where you fuck observe out anyones lengthiness number who works within the hospital by adding in their name or department. I also have a list of contacts on my pin board for numbers within our department and for the rest of the hospital. If I need to make distinguishs to GP surgeries or surrounding hospitals I usually go on google and find them intimately that way.1.4 Describe how to use a telephone form to make contact w ith people inside and outside an g all overning body.In Musgrove we have a corpse that I imagine is the same with most coursees. To make an outside withdraw you simply press 9 to gain an outside line and then subject in the number you require, including the area code if needed. With internal calls you simply need to interpose the 4 digit extension number for the permit person in the appropriate department. If you are shy(p) of the extension number for the call you need to make internally you can simply go on Musgroves intranet and use their internal directory. Here you can enter their name and/or department and it will bring up their contact information i.e email address and extension number.1.6 let off the purpose of summarising the outcomes of a telephone conversation before ending the call. It is important to make sure and clarify that all the information is correct and finished so you are both conscious of agreed times and goals etc, avoiding any confusion. It will av oid wires getting crossed as it is not recorded like in an email to look over after, this is also why its perpetually advisable to make a note of the telephone conversation.1.7 Describe how to identify problems and who to evoke them to. If someone phones the department with a problem and it is not something I can deal with I would firstly take their name and contact details. I would ask for their phone number in case for any reason they get disconnected at any point during the call, we are then still able to call them clog up. Next I would find out what the problem was and what department they spoke to and then send them on to one of the secretaries with the obtained information.1.8 Describe organisation structures and communication channels within an organisation At Musgrove there are certain channels we would go down depending on what the call was regarding. I often receive calls that I am unable to deal with so need to redirect to other lines in our department. Patients ofte n contact my line querying their appointments and as I am unable to help them with this I transfer them to the Appointments office following(a) door. To do this I would, firstly inform the caller that I was going to transfer them to the Appointments office where their query could be answered. I would then press the Recall going on the telephone and dial the four digit extension number for one of the girls in charge of arranging appointments. When they answered I would briefly relieve the callers query and then hang up, thus connecting the caller to the transferred line.It is important to slip away the explanation brief so you dont keep the patient waiting any longer than is absolutely necessary. If for any reason no one was available to take the call in appointments I would then need to transfer the call back to the caller by wardrobe the recall button followed by *1. I would then need to develop that they were busy at present so offer them the number to call them directly. I f I receive any complaints over the telephone the first litigate I would take would be to transfer the call through to one of the secretaries as they are better equipped to deal with such situations. Depending on the outcome of their conversation they may need to be transferred on to PALS where they can deal with the complaint more appropriately.1.9 Describe how to follow organisational procedures when making a telephone call Its forever and a day important to introduce yourself and responsibility where you are job from for example if I was making a call to a GP surgery I would start the call by saying Hello my names Nic and Im calling from the cardiology department at Musgrove Park Hospital I would make sure prior to making the call that I had any questions needed to ask, to hand or know what information I required from the telephone conversation.This way you ensure that the phone call is carried out efficiently, it is invariably good to revaluation the conversation where a ppropriate to confirm you have all the correct and accurate information needed. It is important to of all time remain polite and speak clear whilst on the telephone. You need to remember that you are representing your company so need to stay professional. Working at a Hospital you must always be aware and careful about who you are speaking to, ensuring that you provided give out patient details to appropriate people such as GP surgeries, other local Hospitals or of course the patient themselves.1.10 and 2.9 Explain how to report telephone clay faults To be able to be as precise and informative as possible, concerning a telephone system fault, will usually help to resolve the issue as steadfast and simply as possible. If there was a fault with my telephone system at work I would firstly make sure it was not a simple error my end for example if the telephone line had accidently been pulled out of the wall, or if the receiver was not put back on the stand correctly, meaning y ou were not getting any calls connected. After checking these simple things, if there was still a problem I would inform my learn or one of the secretaries in case it was an error they were familiar with. helplessness that I would contact the switchboard regarding the error or possibly the IT department.2. Understand how to receive and transfer telephone calls2.1 Describe how to identify callers and their needs in spite of appearance the hospital many calls are made internally mingled with offices and departments. I in particular deal with calls like these when other departments are requesting patient notes that are located to the Cardiology department. The caller would state their name and department when I answered the phone as this is trust procedure. I may then ask how can I help you although this would not normally be necessary for this type of call as the caller would have already said I need a set of notes that are currently traced to you. I would next ask them for the pa tients full name and medical record number.I would also reconfirm the department they were calling from, where the notes were needed and the fight the notes needed to be with them. I would also ask the caller for their extension number so I could ring them back if needed, for example if I couldnt locate the notes or if they needed the notes as soon as possible so were coming to collect them when they were ready. All of this information would be written down in a note pad so I always had it to hand if I needed to refer back to it at any point.2.2 Explain the purpose of giving accurate and up to date information to callers Giving a customer accurate information over the telephone is crucial to the success and reputation of a business and could determine their future. If a caller is phoning a company regarding a outlay on a product they are selling and are told the molest information, the customer will have instantly lost their trust in the company and as a impression are almos t certain to take their business elsewhere. It will not only make the company look inadequate but unprofessional also. At Musgrove it is very important to relay accurate and up-to-date information, whether it is directly to a patient or to a GP surgery regarding a patient.It is especially important within a hospital environment as inaccurate information could result in possible life threatening situations for patients and a lot of needless worry and upset. When a patient is making a telephone call to the hospital they are often likely to be anxious and worried and will need to be put at ease and reassured. To be able to do this its important to answer their queries promptly and professionally with accurate information delivered in a clear and concise way as this will also help to build trust with the patient.2.3 Explain the purpose of unavowedity and credential when dealing with callers When talking to somebody over the phone there is no easy way to validate the identity of the caller, nonentity to easily confirm to you that they are who they say they are. This is why often customers have to identify themselves with a password when speaking with a company over the phone regarding sensitive and personal information. Confidentiality and security procedures must be rigorously followed and adhered to within the hospital under the Data Protection Act 1989.If a patient calls the office at work enquiring about an investigation or treatment they are due to have or indeed have had and are waiting for the results, the secretary taking the call must always ask for some personal details about themselves before disclosing any information. Even then there is only limited information they are permitted to tell the patient over the phone. They often have to wait until a letter arrives in the post as this is a much more secure way of conveying the information.2.4 Describe the types of information that could affect confidentiality and security and how to handle these T he Data Protection Act was put in to score in 1998 to pr tied(p)t confidential or security information from world shared or being released to the public. Peoples personal details such as their National insurance number, Pin numbers for their bank accounts or passwords for rag to information are all things that must be kept confidential at all times. Everyone at Musgrove is responsible for keeping confidential information confidential and disclosing any private details would actually be disruption the law. At work we see a lot of patients medical records, these are also strictly confidential and we must not share this information with anyone who is not authorised to see them.At work if we come in to contact with medical records that belong to somebody we know they must immediately be passed on to another member of faculty to deal with, as seeing them would compromise the confidentiality and privacy of the individual. There was latterly a massive confidentiality breach within th e hospital when a distinction visited the hospital and a member of staff put a means about it on twitter. With so many social media outlets these days it makes it even more vital to keep information private, I believe the employee was push aside from the trust and rightly so.2.5 Describe ways of identifying the appropriate person to whom a call is transferred Often the caller wont have a name of the person they want to speak to so it is always good to reconfirm that they have called the right department. If they are a little unsure it is important to ask briefly what the call is reference to, this would then hopefully give you enough information to know the appropriate person to deal with it. At work theres usually only a few different locations I may need to transfer calls to. I sometimes take calls from patients that need to reschedule a future appointment or that just want some information about it.In this case I would tell the patient that I needed to transfer them through to the appointments office, where somebody could help them with their query. I also have calls form patients and GP surgeries that I sometimes are unable to deal with myself. In these circumstances I would transfer them through to one of the secretaries, whoever was taking the phones that day. If I was still unsure on a call I would rationalise to the caller that I just need to put them on die hard for a minute speckle I try to determine the most appropriate person to help them by speaking to the secretaries for advice.2.6 Describe the information to be given when transferring calls or leaving gists After you have launch who the caller is and why they are calling you then need to refer them to the correct or most appropriate person. I would explain to them that I was transferring them on so to please bear with me for a minute while I do so. Next I would push the recall button and the appropriate extension number. I would tell the member of staff I was forwarding them on to, w ho the caller was, where they were calling from and any information I had about what their call was regarding. When taking a pith for someone at work I have actually prepared a message slip that I use to ensure I obtain all the appropriate information. On this slip I record the callers name, where they are calling from, what the callers contact number is, who the message is for, the actual message, I also record the date and time of the call so when I pass the message on they are aware of timescales.2.7 Describe how to identify problems and who to refer them to A problem we have previously experienced at work is calls being lost when being transferred between phones. In this instance I would contact the member of staff who was transferring the call to me to see if they had the callers phone number or any information about them so I could call them back. Calling them back will show that you care and that you are efficient in your work. If this is a problem that continues to happen it must mean that there is a familiarity fault of some sort so it should be reported to the switchboard to the IT department so they can log it and hopefully sort it.2.8 Describe how to follow organisational procedures when receiving a telephone call When receiving calls within the department we always answer with our name and the department we are in, this way the caller will instantly know if they have phoned the right location which will also save wasting anyones time. Another of the trusts procedures is tell the telephone within three rings, this is important to do as nix likes being left waiting for someone to answer a call, especially when it could be anxious patients or patients relatives.

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Classroom Observation Instruments Essay

The following checklist it found off the Charlotte Danielson Frame guide. Teacher valuations are based on four components or domains. Domain 1 is preparation and planning, domain 2 is formroom environment, domain 3 is instruction, and domain 4 is professional responsibility. When completing a schoolroom observation, only aspects of domain 2 and domain 3 are patent with a walk by dint of. The following is an evaluation checklist of things a principal exit look for while completing a classroom walk through. Sections mark with a (T) are instructor behaviors being nonice, those marked with an (S) are scholarly person behaviors.Domain 2- Classroom Environment1. Creating a classroom environment of reckon and rapport (T)2. Establishing a culture for learning (T)3. Managing classroom procedures (T)4. Management of bookman behavior (T)5. Organizing physical space (T)6. Work stations for group work (S)7. Student desks are organized and material accessible (S)Additional notes on c lassroom environmentDomain 3 Instruction1. Communicating with students (T)2. employment of questioning and discussion techniques (T)3. Engaging students in learning (T)4. Using estimate in instruction (T)5. Demonstrate flexibility and responsiveness (T)6. Whole class stir upicipation (S)7. Student Engagement/on task behavior (S)8. sanction displayed in assessment (S)Additional notes on instructionThe to a higher place checklist is meant to be a guideline for principals to use during a walk through evaluation. groundwork you see the five aspects of each domain present in the classroom for teachers and the five for students? A simple yes or no will suffice. The above checklist is meant to be a guideline or springboard to complete contiguous steps in the learning process. Those areas marked yes should be a understanding for celebration. Evaluators and teachers domiciliate then discuss to what extent those aspects were present during the observation.In adjunct to the yes or n o answers for each aspect of the two domains, an evaluator can write comments that supervene within the domain descriptions as well. Are classroom procedures posted? That can be noted for classroom environment. What type of graphical organizer did the teacher use? That is develop of an instructional strategy. The bottom part of the checklist allows the evaluator to add to the things he saw or did not see.This evaluation checklist should be copied and given directly to the teacher for reflection. That way the teacher has flying feedback of what the principal observed in her classroom. This allows the educator to see what is being observed in her classroom and in her teaching. She can reflect on what aspects were not observed, adjust her teaching and include those aspects going forward. As much as it is a checklist for the evaluator, it can be used as a sign in for the teacher. If era allows, the principal should sit down and discuss the findings with the teacher, but time is no t always available for this conference opportunity.This communication method would fall into a non-directive supervisory approach. Nondirective supervision involves the teacher being an essential part of the decision making process. While the teacher is reflecting and thinking through his actions for instructional improvement, the supervisor assists in this thinking and reflection process (Glickman& Gordon, Ross-Gordon, 2008). This is shown through the principal giving feedback, but the teacher working out the nigh steps on her own. The positive aspect of this type of supervision includes the teacher feeling comfortable enough to ask their administrator for help when required and feeling comfortable enough to take risks in their classrooms (Rettig, Lampe, and Garcia, 2000).ReferencesGlickman, C.D., Gordon, S.P., Ross-Gordon, J.M. (2014). Supervision and instructional leadership a developmental approach (9th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ Pearson. Rettig, P.R., Lampe and Garci a, P. (2000). Supervising Your Faculty with a Differentiated Model. The Department Chair 11(2)

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Feu You and Me

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY at that place be four (4) key success factors which ar critical to the success of a administrationatic justness naturalise perseverance.These be 1) Good reputation of the coach2) High spirit of instruction3) systematic bothy blue highly region of graduates in the check mental testinginations4) Consistency of graduates reservation it to the top 10 in the obviate mental testinginations.Currently, Far einsteiniumern University bring of rightfulnessfulness (FEU-IL) has an average of 22. 4% pass(a) percentage in the restraint examinations in the last quintuplet eld. Comp bed to chokeing jurisprudence tutors such(prenominal) as Ateneo de Manila University coach of justice, University of the Philippines and San the Venerable Bede College of rightfulness (average passing percentage in the last five years is 89. 6%, 77. 37% and 84. 29% respectively), Far easterly University definitely does non belong to atomic number 53 of the preferred virtue works in the country. At present, FEU-IL has wretched facilities and depository library collection.It does not join in Law Debating Competitions and does not counterbalance nominate an eat upicial FEU-IL Journal which some other leading rightfulness schools would normally pretend. However, FEU-IL has a dynamic and proactive dean who has strong linkages with Law schools in the Philippines. This distinct militant advantage fuel be utilize in cut into to make the trade Plan an powerful and successful whiz for purposes of 100% enforce manpowert. Several trade strategies were formulated for the FEU-IL. Some of these atomic number 18 as follows ) Product teaching Strategy = This includes enhancement of the Mission / Vision disceptation of the FEU-IL, improvement of the facilities and library collection, enhancement of the IL curriculum which would eliminate the Socratic Method of dogma, involvement of readiness members in the syllabi construction and curric ulum organic evolution for IL, creation of the FEU-IL journal, and conducting seminars for court- stateedityyers under the Mandatory Continuing Legal Education curriculum (MCLE) 2) Product targeting Strategy = This includes the ecesis of the FEU-IL Debating Council, and the formation of the FEU-IL Website. ) Predatory marketing forward motion Strategy = This distinct strategy involves campus visits by the doyen of the install of Law in cooperation with the Admissions and Placement stance. 4) Other ad and PR safety blitz This includes print advertisements and write-up coming into courtcasing the top graduates of Far east University, distri notwithstandingion of flyers, TV guestings and other press releases. The trade expense rate for 2006 (1. 72%) is considered within delicious range. As a result, merchandise excogitate bequeath post a phenomenal growth rate of 46. 0% by SY 2006-2007. With the execution of this marketing plan, FEU-IL provide flex the preferred efficaciousityfulness school in the Philippines as it hands the follo hitg in the year 2007 1. maturation market share by 5%. 2. Reinforce the brand to aspiring fair play of natureyers through niche marketing. 3. outgrowth visibility in all efficacious fora. 4. Attract better quality savants in order to raise the hindrance passing percentage of the school. 5. Increase take in by 10%.CURRENT MARKETING SITUATION typecast OF INDUSTRYRegular Law School IndustrySIZE OF THE INDUSTRYThis marketing plan will focus only on the regular impartiality school industry in the NCR Region (such as Ateneo de Manila University (AdMU), University of the Philippines (UP), San Beda College (SBC), University of the East (UE), gym University (Lyceum), Arellano University School of Law (AUSL), San Sebastian College (SSC), Manuel L. Quezon University (MLQU) and Far Eastern University (FEU). This excludes hybrid computer programmes such as the JD-MBA program. Over the years, the number of law schools has steadily increased and recently, the missionary station on Higher Education (CHED) reported that on that point are 104 law schools operating in the country.The great majority of lawyers graduated from private law schools. Of the 59 law schools inclininged by the arrogant Court in 1999 in connection with the bar examinations for that year, only eight are acres or public law schools. Of the eight state-supported schools, twain are establish by chartered cities, five are regional schools, and iodine national law school which is the UP College of Law. About 28 law schools are university-based. At least nine schools are run by Catholic religious orders. one and only(a) law school forms part of a state university established for the Muslim companionship and maintains education in Islamic Law.The charge on Higher Education (CHED) supervises law schools in the country. alumnuss earn a Bachelor of Laws (LL. B. ) or Juris Doctor (J. D. ) story. The potential market w ould comprise perfumed graduates, h darkeneders of MBA and PhD Degrees, doctors, nurses, accountants, engineers, architects and g overnment officers STRUCTURE AND DYNAMICS OF THE INDUSTRY Around 80% of the average law school population are working educatees who study at night being taught mostly by part judgment of conviction competency, epoch the rest are enrolled in day or weekend householdes. virtually Philippine law schools subscribe to the Ameri hobo law school command model. Law precept was through through speechs. English is the medium of instruction. crystallize understandance is compulsory. The modified Socratic method in which questions and answers were generally derived from depute texts and the case study system are the most widely apply. A strategic weakness of the legal education in the Philippines is the part era character of the faculty. Law schools draw lecturers from the courts and law firms.Pursuing their full time work in the Court of Appeals or Regi onal Trial Courts and in law offices, law instructors go to the law schools in the evening to lecture or hold classes, within the duration of their contracts. Moreover, hardly is there a full-time law dean. The only exception prevails in the U. P. College of Law which keeps a full-time dean and 20 full-time faculty members, in accompaniment to 30 adjunct or non-regular professorial lecturers. The annual bar examinations is a rite of passage deemed locally to be the ultimate test of honor for students and for law schools.Each year, on four Sundays in family, around 4,000 law graduates confine the bar examination. About 20% pass each year, or virtually 800 late lawyers. Applying this gauge, a little over 15% of law schools are performing above par. The Supreme Court is constitutionally vested with the grievous bodily harm power over admission into the bar. It exercises this power through the bar examinations, administered by the Court itself. By way of example, the Court, by id entifying the subjects and the coverage of each subject, in effect tells the law schools what courses to offer and what laws to teach.Tools that were utilized in order to assess the social organization of the industry are 1) Porter Framework The ultimate function of this manakin is to identify companies competing with each other and analyze the four factors affecting the belligerent situation of the Regular Law School Industry (NCR) 2) Mckinsey Matrix One of the whoresons used in order to analyze the competition. This matrix is be of two parts such as the business position in the upright piano outline and market drawing card in the horizontal axis. 3) Winner analysis It is used to analyze what makes a competitor a winner and a loser.The FEU-IL will be evaluated based on the industrys sound judgment of winners and losers. 4) Competitor Fact Sheet (Figure 4. 1) contains spaciotemporal facts about the competitors in the regular law school industry. Detailed facts are pres ented such as how old is the law school, size of enrollment, number of topnotchers for the last five (5) years, Average passing percentage for the last five (5) years, tuition fees, best features, professor-student ratio, and areas for improvement. PORTER simulation pic REGULAR rightfulness SCHOOL INDUSTRY This framework establishes the market segments which the FEU-IL can tap (i. . New graduates and Entrepreneurs). on that point is alike a invite to be competitive on facilities and library collections as this affect the regular law school industry where FEU-IL belongs MCKINSEY MATRIX (Figure 6. 1) The matrix utilized two (2) components that placed the over-all performance of the regular law school industry, namely Business Position and Market Attractiveness. The business position is based on the following criteria 1. Revenues 2. registration 3. Stability 4. Growth On the other hand the market depictiveness is based on the following criteria 1.Track Record 2. Reputation 3. step counsel 4. Facilities 5. average tuition fees The matrix will indicate that UP, SBC and AdMU are leaders of the industry. However, UST and AUSL are beginning to make their marks in the industry. UST and AUSL have the potential of becoming the leaders in the industry. MLQU lags behind among the law schools mentioned. master ANALYSIS (Figure 6. 3) In the Winner Analysis, you will see that FEU is considered a loser, having 3 out of 4 characteristics of a loser. THE STATE OF THE PHILIPPINE LEGAL directionIn a recent study, it was observed that schools that do well in the bar examinations remain to be producers of higher percentage of passing grade and they share similar policies such as the rigid/screening process, tending of high level of academic performance in their law subjects, espousal of the quotient point index (QPI) to remain in the law school, hiring of deans with pro-active hands-on steering style, and infusion of financial re bloodlines to the law library to b etter equip the faculty and students with the mass of the legal k at a timeledge, data and materials to enhance their skills and aptitude in the cogitation of law.The study recommended that the law curriculum/program be improved and real so as to produce competent world-class lawyers with proper sniff out of ethical values in exercising their profession. It is also stressed the ask for new policy standards on the law program that will take into account several major augmentments in the field of law during the departed decade and the trend towards globalization of the practice of the profession. THE USE OF TECHNOLOGY The Arellano University School of Law is the only law school in the Philippines with a comprehensive legal database and which is available for free on the internet.Lex Libris, which is on subscription basis, and which shows practically the homogeneous data, is another Philippine database. Many of the younger law faculty in metro Manila use computers to illustrat e material in class through powerpoint presentations. They are likewise al put transmitting syllabi and course materials to students over the Internet. Electronic casebooks and textbooks are promptly being marketed locally although they are not very popular among law students. No law school in the Philippines, as of this writing, has required students to own or bring computers.KEY SUCCESS FACTORSConsidering the flow rate external environment, the following constitutes the key success factors critical to the success of the industry 1. Good reputation of the school 2. High quality of instruction 3. Consistently high passing percentage of graduates in the bar examinations. 4. Consistency of graduates making it to the top ten in the bar examinations.OPPORTUNITY AND ISSUE ANALYSIS picture HISTORY OF THE COMPANYThe FEU bring in of Law opened its doors in 1934, making it one of the older colleges of law in the country.It prides itself as a pedigreed law school from whose ranks two othe r law schools located in the university crash were formed. The impart is proud of its alumni whose accomplishments have honored their alma mater and the legal profession. These include two justices of the Supreme Court, a Secretary of rightness, several Justices of the Court of Appeals and Sandiganbayan, regional and municipal trial court judges and government prosecutors. In addition, numerous of its graduates instantaneously occupy positions of leadership in the community and play springy roles in legal practice, business and government service.Also, the score has the unique mark of having two Senate Presidents serve as dean Jovito Salonga from 1957-1961 and Neptali Gonzales from 1976-1986. In 2003, the engraft teamed-up with the De La Salle University Graduate School of Business to offer the JD-MBA program, the first graduate triple degree program in law and business administration. The dual degree program recrudesces students to approach problems from the perspectiv es of both a business executive and a lawyer.This program is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in two interrelated disciplines and to understand the interrelationships between them. It has been the plays unvarying policy to provide quality legal education at an affordable cost. The contribute of Law endeavors to maintain its tradition of being a law school that remains a haven for the working but deserve class. VISION affirmation It has been the plays consistent policy to provide quality legal education at an affordable cost.The Institute of Law endeavors to maintain its tradition of being a law school that remains a haven for the working but deserving class. MISSION STATEMENT To complement the objectives of the legal education enumerated in Republic Act 7662, the Institute of Law is committed to pursue the following To impart to the law students a broad knowledge of law and its various fields, and of the role and functions of lega l institutions To develop their legal interrogation skills and to analyze, articulate and apply the aw stiffly, as well as to enable them to gain a total approach to legal problems and issues To put together law students for advocacy, counseling and decision-making and imbue them with the ability to deal with legal problems To nurture in them the ethics and responsibilities of the legal profession To train young men and women for the legal profession known for their technical competence, professional zeal and complete integrity. BUSINESS SYSTEMS MODEL a) Admission of students b)Processing of students pic pic The FEU-IL Business System Model describes the touch of human resources, particularly lawyers.It has two components 1) Admission of savants &8212 Before a student is admitted in the FEU-IL program, he has to take an entre examination. in one case he passes the entrance examination, he becomes eligible to enroll in the FEU Institute of Law. 2) Processing of Students Once a student becomes eligible to enroll at the FEU Institute of Law, he now enrolls the subjects which he is required to complete. All methods of instruction are done inside the classrooms with the Professors of Law supervising the students. Final grades will be prone to the students through the professors of law at the end of both semester.Upon completion of all the academic wants, he now becomes eligible to take the Bar examination administered by the Supreme Court. The graduate reviews for six months and once he passes the bar examinations, he is now admitted to the bar. It is primary(prenominal) to take note of the business system model because this will be the blue print for making the marketing plan for the FEU-Institute of Law SWOT ANALYSIS A SWOT analysis is a tool in determining the companys strengths and weaknesses, exploiting the contrastive opportunities which the company cogency face and thinking of ways in order to ward off the possible threats that it may fac e.It tends to present alternative courses of actions that will be the basis for the various marketing strategies that will be utilized for the marketing plan of FEU-IL. The strategies should address the following issues How can the company get the best its weaknesses to ward off the threats it faces? (WT Strategies) How can the company utilize its strengths to ward off the threats it faces? (ST Strategies) How can the company utilize its strengths to exploit the opportunities it faces? (SO Strategies) How can the company belabor its weaknesses to exploit the opportunities it faces? (WO Strategies) Opportunities (O) Threats (T) MRT Bad pronouncements about lawyers Good write-up about FEU Many lawyers are dragged in scandals TV guestings High attrition rate in the bar examination High cost of living Strengths (S) SO Strategies ST Strategies Good reparation Flyer scattering at MRT (O1,S1, S3) Print Ad showcasing top graduates of FEU-IL Reasonable fees TV pluggings (O 2, O3, S4) (T1, T2, S3) Good Instruction closet releases of testimonials who Intensive Review for the bar examinations Proactive dean benefited from the reasonable tuition fees (T3, S2, S3) Offers the MBA-JD Program in cooperation (O2, O3, S2, S3) Inviting bar lecturers and appointing them with the DLSU School of Graduate Studies Conduct a Tamaraw enchantment in elect as professorial chairs (S2, S3, T1, T2, T3) universities and provide promotional CDs Aggressive improvement of the visible for give away (S4, O2, O3) institute and library collection of the Institute (S4, T3) Weaknesses (W) WO Strategies WT Strategies short-staffed facilities Full scholarship to honor graduates with Creation of the FEU IL Journal containing secondary passing percentage rate as compared to stipend (W3, O2, O3) the create whole shebang of the FEU-IL Faculty the leaders Creation of the FEU Law Debating team to with the latest legal up bodyguards and Supreme No topnotchers for the last five (5) years prepare FEU-IL students to win in Court Resolutions (T1, W4,) Current realise not a preferred law school competitions (W2, W3, W4, W5, S3) Inability to attract quality students Creation of the FEU-IL Website containing computer backup module service the IL platform, syllabi and other Lack of financial resources activities that are pertaining to the Faculty unrest Institute of Law (i. e. bar exam operations, No fulltime partner doyen articles let go ofed by FEU-IL faculty, etc. ) Inadequate library collection (W4, W14, O2) Absence of professorial chairs Problem in salary social organisation of faculty members Weak U-belt Consortium Bar Review Lack of published look colloquia within the Institute Faction in the IL Alumni intromission and IL Management STRATEGIC ISSUES 1) How will the Far Eastern University Institute of Law increase its market share? 2) How will Far Eastern University Institute of Law become the preferred law school in the Philippines? DISTINCT COMPETITIVE serviceFEU-IL has a pro-active, young and charismatic doyen who is elected President of the Association of Law Schools in the Philippines for three true terms and who finished his Master of Laws at Harvard University, U. S. A. SUSTAINABLE COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE The FEU &8212 Institute of Law has produced a total of 74 topnotchers for the last 71 years of forefront in the law school industry. One of them is Artemio Panganiban, now the Supreme Court Justice of the Philippines, and Jose N. Nolledo, an author of various books in mercantile Law and Remedial Law. MARKETING GOALS / OBJECTIVES 1. Within 2007, FEU Institute of Law will increase market share by 5%. 2.Reinforce the FEU Institute of Law brand to aspiring lawyers through niche marketing. 3. Within SY 2006-2007, the FEU Institute of Law will increase visibility in all legal fora. 4. Within 2007, FEU Institute of Law will be able to attract better quality students in order to raise the bar passing percentage of the school. 5. Within 2007, FEU Institute of Law will increase profit by 10%. MARKETING STRATEGIES I. PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY a. sweetener of the Mission and Vision Statement of the FEU-IL The Vision and Mission Statement of FEU-IL should be improved and enhanced in order to gain the above marketing goals. The following is the suggested Mission/Vision for FEU-IL We are committed to produce lawyers equipped with globally relevant, competitive and real world skills. Our graduates are trained to be service-oriented to their clients but at the same time mindful of their social responsibilities to the community and their ethical duties towards the administration of justice. Through our core values of teamwork, responsibility and integrity, we shall stormily dedicate ourselves to the development of the mind and spirit of our students by adequately preparing them to become committed and responsible citizens responding to the changing needs of the global community and ready to provide the required specialized legal services. b. Physical Plant in that location is a need to be aggressive in purchasing law books that will be utilized by students for their studies. The FEU Law Library moldiness be physically equipped and ready for the acquisition and storage of new books that will be used as a tool for effective instruction. There is also a need to improve the physical plant of the Institute. Most of the law schools in the University belt area are now having sound proof rooms and sturdy chairs with AVR facilities. Some law schools have their own exclusive law building to accommodate more enrollees with state-of-the-art facilities. Today, there is no escape for the need of becoming globally competitive in terms of facilities and instruction.It is also appropriate for the University to have an image of a technologically oriented institution with a view of providing quality but affordable legal education for the working class. c. Enhancement of the IL Curriculum In a recent study of the Best Practices of Law Schools in the United States and United Kingdom, the following were noted 1. A law school can best achieve excellence and have the most effective academic program when it possesses a clear mission, a plan to achieve that mission, and the capacity and willingness to measure its success or failure. Absent a delimitate mission and the identification of attendant student and institutional outcomes, a law school lacks focus and its curriculum becomes a collection of discrete activities without coherence.If a school does not assess its performance, it can easily be deluded about its success, the intensity of its pedagogical methods, the relevance of the curriculum, and the value of its services to its constituencies. A law school that fails to assess student performance or its performance as an institution, or that uses the wrong measures in doing so, has no real evidence that it is achieving any goals and objectives. A law school that lacks evidence of achievement invites demands for accountability (Gregory Munro, Outcomes perspicacity For Law Schools 3-4, Institute for Law Teaching 2000) 2. It is especially important for law schools to clearly articulate specific outcomes for their programs of instruction. 3. Law schools should be encouraged to unionize their programs of instruction and to integrate the teaching of theory, doctrine and practice.Legal educators should be disheartened in relying on the case method / Socratic dialog, to make problem-based culture the primary mode of instruction and to be more attentive to staple fiber principles of effective education. 4. There is a need for law schools to employ teachers who are 100% committed to excellent teaching and to establish improved teacher development programs. 5. There must(prenominal)(prenominal) be a regular military rank of the schools program of instruction to determine whether its objectives are achieved effic aciously or efficiently. This can be done by soliciting and incorporating opinions from outside the academy, and assembly information from students about their needs and objectives. 6.Best practices for delivering instruction are 1) array the Program of Instruction 2) Integrate the teaching of theory, doctrine and practice 3) make use of basic principles of effective educational programs 4) Encourage active learning and give prompt feedback 5) Effective Time Management 6) Use of technology. In this regard, it is suggested that the Institute of Law enforce the following in the enhancement of its Faculty Instruction 1. The problem method (as opposed to the Socratic Method) should be used to achieve clear, appropriate objectives. It requires students to analyze and answer legal problems in context. Extensive research of the students is required.If possible, cases and Supreme Court rulings should be assigned to facilitate legal problems in context. It is also advised that there must be integration of teaching theory, doctrine and practice. Exposure to real life situations (i. e. interviews or sponsored tours) should also be incorporated in each subject so that students will have to apply what they have learned in theory. 2. All subjects offered by the FEU-IL must have a syllabi in modular format, specifying the topics to be discussed with the objectives to be achieved every meeting. Activities every topic should be indicated to guide students on what is expected of them every meeting. 3.Recruitment of efficient and effective teachers who are 100% committed to teaching is imperative. That is why a regular evaluation of quality of instruction of teachers should be done on a regular basis (i. e. monthly) to determine if effectiveness of the instruction is being done consistently and regularly. Feedback from students regarding their suggestions and concerns should be addressed immediately, affectionate or unfavorable. 4. It is imperative that faculty members take part in the program development of the Institutes curriculum. Committees should be formed among the faculty members in the Institute of Law to make faculty members involved in ILs growth and development. 5.In determining the placement of law graduates who pertly passed the bar, continuous collection of data on educational outcomes will be used for the school to articulate how these educational outcome data is used to improve individual student and overall program performances. This can be done by soliciting and incorporating opinions from different employers outside the academy. 6. Strategic planning workshop is therefore imperative to achieve excellent quality of instruction. Participants will be the dean of the Institute, the separate doyen, chosen faculty of the Institute, the Supervisor and a Supreme Court Justice (if possible) to map out program of activities and wish list for the Institute of Law. d. FEU-IL Journal The formation of the FEU-IL Journal is an excellent tool f or research and development and a good forum for IL faculty members to publish their works.It is suggested that FEU-IL coordinate closely with the Office of Research and Development of Far Eastern University for the mechanics. e. MCLE Provider For your information, the Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) is a requirement for all lawyers to comply. In this regard, all members of the bar are required to attend the MCLE seminars to be abreast of the new laws and procedures in the legal profession. Currently, some agencies and universities (i. e. UP College of Law, Arellano Law School, Integrated Bar of the Philippines) are already MCLE providers, giving seminars for the lawyers. As of this date, no agency or law school in the University smash Area has become an MCLE provider. It is suggested that the FEU Institute of Law would apply as an MCLE provider.To be an MCLE provider at an affordable fee will be a good promotion for the school, aside from the fact that it is a good sou rce of funding for the FEU Institute of Law for the improvement of its facilities and physical plant. f. Administration of the FEU Institute of Law A delineation of duties and responsibilities is now appropriate and forthcoming for the FEU Institute of Law with respect to its Dean and colleague Dean. The Associate Dean should now be directly in-charge in serving the needs of the students and faculty in the Institute of Law while the Dean is directly in-charge of networking and promoting FEU Institute of Law with other universities and colleges Managing the Curriculum, Instruction, faculty and students should be done by the Associate Dean. lag members should also be pro-active in walking the extra mile in giving excellent service, not only to students, but also to tour prospective students. There should be series of training for the staff members of FEU-IL to prepare them for the SY 2005-2006. II. PRODUCT POSITIONING STRATEGY a. Formation of the FEU-IL Debating Council There must b e an active Law Debating Council to compete with the different law schools within the country. The formation of an active Law Debating Council will expose the students to various debating competitions. With the aim of becoming No. 1 in debating competitions, it will help boost the image of the FEU Institute of Law across all law schools in the country.The vaticinator and Debating Council is the official debating council in Far Eastern University. It is suggested that the FEU Oracle and Debating Council should help in the formation of an active FEU Institute of Law Debating Council to help boost the FEU Institute of Laws image in winning debate competitions. b. FEU-IL Website There must be a regular, effective and comprehensive FEU-IL Website that will show the Institutes Vision, Curricula and syllabi of the different subjects. The Website is also a good tool for the Institute to make it as a forum for bar exam operations. III. PREDATORY MARKETING PROMOTION STRATEGY AGGRESSIVE ARTIC ULATION press (TAMARAW CAMPUS TOUR)Leading law schools in the industry do not learn in an aggressive articulation campaign since they are confident that there will have enrollees, considering their reputable image in the industry. Therefore, a extension attack is necessary to attack the weakness of these leading law schools. It is suggested that the Dean of the Institute of Law, in coordination with the Admissions, Placement Office, establish a strategy on how to go to different colleges and universities in the Metro Manila Area, and possibly in the provincial areas, to articulate the FEU Institute of Law. No dean in Metro Manila has done any aggressive articulation campaign by going to different universities and colleges.It will be the first time in history that a dean will be doing school to school articulation on behalf of the FEU Institute of Law. In-campus entrance exams, in coordination with the Registrars of the universities involved, may also be conducted to further facil itate the admission of students who desire to take up Bachelor of Laws. That is why there is a need for a fulltime Associate Dean who should be the one in-charge of the management and administration of the FEU Institute of Law while the Dean is busy establishing network and doing articulation within the country. IV. advertisement AND PR BLITZ The company will engage into the following advertising and promotion strategies 1.Print ads or write-up showcasing the top graduates of Far Eastern University (i. e. Justice Artemio Panganiban) 2. Distribution of flyers near the MRT UBelt station regarding the FEU-IL 3. Engage in TV guestings to give FEU-IL the opportunity plug its IL program. 4. Press release of testimonials of several FEU-LAW Alumni. 5. Distribution of brochures and promotional CDs during the Tamaraw Campus Tour CURRENT MARKET SEGMENTATION STRATEGY OF FEU-IL pic Proposed part Strategy for FEU-IL Within 2008, the market segmentation will be composed of 90% Fulltime students and 10% Working professionals as hereto indicated ACTION computer program FOR SY 2005-2006Sales Plan June August 2005 use In-Charge channelize betrothal work out Expected Output Printing of brochures Associate Dean June 1, 2005 Printing 10,000 brochures printed P4 x 10,000 = P40,000 Training of Office Staff Associate Dean July 15, 2005 Food train office staff P135 X 7 = P945. 0 Printing of Flyers Associate Dean June 1, 2005 P2 X 20,000 = P40,000 20,000 flyers printed promotional CDs Associate Dean August 1, 2005 P25 X 200 = P5,000 200 promotional CDs for give away TAMARAW CAMPUS TOUR / Dean / Admissions and July 15, 2005-AugustTransportation Visited 45 schools Articulation , Metro Placement Office 30, 2005 P200 X 3 (schools)=P600 X 15 Manila Area days= P9,000. 00 MCLE provider Associate Dean June 30, 2005 Application fee =P2,000. 00 September November Activity In-Charge hind end visit budget Expected Output Printing of the FEU IL Dean / Associa te Dean / October 15 P45,000. 0 Printed Journal Journal coach for Research and containing published Development works of faculty members of the FEU-IL, with up to date laws and Supreme Court rulings School Tour / Articulation Dean / Admissions and September 15- NovemberTransportation Visited 45 schools , Metro Manila Area Placement Office 15 P200 X 3 (schools)=P600 X 15 days= P9,000. 0 Information Dissemination Dean November 30, 2005 Flyers Printed flyers and for the MCLE Seminars P4 x10,000 = P40,000 posters for the MCLE Posters Seminars P25 X 200 = P5,000 December 2005-February 2006 Activity In-Charge engineer Date work out Expected Output School Tour / Dean / Admissions and January 15-February Transportation Visited 15 schools Articulation, ProvincialPlacement Office 28, 2006 P400 X 3 (schools)=P1,200 X 5= Area P9,000. 00 MCLE Seminar Dean / Associate Dean January, 2006 Food An MCLE accredited P60 x 75 = P4,500 semina r for the lawyers Production of handouts 100 pages x P2 x 75=P15,000. 0 troop 2006-May 2006 Activity In-Charge Target Date Budget Expected Output School Tour / Dean / Admissions and knock against 15, 2006-May Transportation Visited 15 schools Articulation, ProvincialPlacement Office 15, 2006 P400 X 3 (schools)=P1,200 X 5= Area P9,000. 00 Printing of the FEU-IL Associate Dean / handler April 15, 2006 P45,000. 0 An informative journal Journal for Research and containing the latest Development laws, decisions of the Supreme Court and administrative bodies and articles written by Faculty members of the FEU-IL Promotional CDs Associate Dean March 1, 2005 P25 X 200 = P5,000 200 Promotional CDs for give away ADVERTISING PLAN June August 2005 Activity In-Charge Target Date Budget Expected Output Production of posters Associate Dean August 15, 2005 Printing 50 sets of printed posters P20 x 50 = P1,000. 00 Production of T-Shi rts Associate Dean July 1, 2005 Printing 50 shirts produced P50 x 250 =P5,000. 00 March 2006-May 2006 Activity In-Charge Target Date Budget Expected Output AD regarding the FEU-IL Dean March 15, 2006- Billboard = P30,000. 00 -Billboard advertising the and its successful Newspaper Ad (for FEU-IL graduates or topnotchers PDI)=P50,000. 00 -printed advertisement of the FEU-IL PR PLAN June August 2005 Activity In-Charge Target Date Budget Expected Output TV Guesting Dean July 15, 2005 Tranportation= P200 Guested in a TV program to remuneration= P2,000 give his legal opinion on an important issue Plugged FEU-IL September November 2005 Activity In-Charge Target Date Budget Expected Output Write-up in a newspaper Dean October 15, 2005 Honorarium for the writer Published article regarding testimonial of P5,000. 0 regarding the testimonial an FEU-IL graduate (PDI) of one of the successful FEU-IL Alumnus Write-up in a magazine Dean November 15, 2005 Honorarium for the writer Published article regarding one of the top P5,000. 00 regarding one of the top graduates in the FEU-IL graduates in the FEU-IL December 2005-February 2006 Activity In-Charge Target Date Budget Expected Output TV Guesting Dean July 15, 2005 Tranportation=P200 Guested in a TV program Honorarium=P2,000 to give his legal opinion on an important issue Plugged FEU-IL FAR EASTERN UNIVERSITY INSTITUTE OF LAW FINANCIAL PROJECTION OF REVENUES AND EXPENSES FOR SY 2005-2006 a) Growth Rate Revenues Increase (Decrease) % SY2004-2005 P14,063,233. 00 SY2005-2006 P14,488,740. 0 P 425,517. 00 3. 02 SY2006-2007 P21,285,000. 00 P6,796,260. 00 46. 90 b) Marketing spending Rate Revenue Attributed Marketing Expense Marketing Expense Rate SY 2005-2006 P14,488,740. 00 P267,124. 00 1. 84% SY 2006-2007 P21,285,000. 00 P365,885. 00 1. 72% ) Revenue-Marketing Expense proportion NR OR &8212&8212&8212&8212&8212&8212&8212&8212= 21,285,000. 00 14,488,740. 00 =P6,796,260. 00 NME-OME &8212&8212&8212&8212&8212&8212&8212&8212&8212&8212&8212&8212 &8212&8212&8212&8212&8212 365,885 267,124. 00 P98,760. 00 P68. 82 ** For every P1 spent on marketing expense, FEU-IL generates P68. 82 return. Thus, the marketing plan is deemed cost effective. The additional P98,760. 00 marketing budget can yield an incremental tuition revenue of P6,796,260. 00 (Note The impact of a marketing budget can only be reflected in the succeeding schoolyear) take a chance ASSESSMENT AND CONTROLS Predicted Problems to be encountered Suggested Control Measure Marketing Budget might not be approved by top management unceasingly provide a justification for the approval of the marketing budget Press releases may not be cost-effective PR Company must submit copy of press releases for documentation purposes. Press releases should be filed the right way with all the expenses allotted to it.The papers should be placed under man Relations file with the indispensable back-up in case of misplacement There must be proper recording and filing of all expenses incurred. Students, Staff and Faculty members might not cooperate Make the students, staff and faculty members appointed responsible and accountable in certain tasks Desired outputs of the Marketing plan are not met. A regular post-evaluation per activity must be done to determine the problems encountered and the solutions to be done in order to arrest future problems A scandal may erupt which could lead to tarnish the name of The IL Dean, Associated Dean and Faculty should guide powerful IL the FEU-IL students and graduates Factionalism could affect marketing efforts Infuse new blood. A P P E N D I X &8212&8212&8212&8212&8212&8212&8212 Promotion of the school Substitutes Good income Entrepreneurship Managerial work Overseas work Student enrolls ee To be an esteemed professional Pursue other high income professions such as medicine, architecture, accountancy, en gineering Professional Growth in legal practice Diploma / Certificate of Participation in Seminars sponsored by the IBP The need to pass the bar exams Enroll in Hybrid programs (MBA-JD Program) To go to law schools outside NCR Customers New graduates Professionals Entrepreneurs Government employees 3-time flunkers in the Bar exams Transferees COMPETITORS SBC (Leader) UP (Leader) AdMU (Leader) FEU (Laggard) UST (Laggard) Lyceum (Laggard) SSC (Laggard) AUSL (Laggard) Suppliers * Publishing Companies * E-learning resources * Office Equipment Distributors * Office Supplies Distributors * Furniture Distributors * Staffing * Law Professors New neophyte None Graduate reviews for the bar exams Student attends class and professor teaches, mentors and counsels student If prospective student passes, he enrolls Prospective student takes entrance exam Will student graduate? If no If yes Graduate fails bar exams Graduate is admitted to the bar. pic

Developing a Counseling Plan Essay

As a counselor one continually strives to ease clients become successful members of society. In nine to become successful in society one must be mentally healthy, there be clients that are so unhealthy mentally and that have strugg fill so more than through come to the fore their childhood and through adolescents that as a counselor you nominate and push that much harder to help your client overcome those obstacles. In slightly cases ones focusing can pr eventidet a banish life and erect for a safer society.This case depicts a client that falls under those circumstances. As a client, seat Wayne Gacy provide be introduced to Family Therapy to help him understand his family purlieu and help him to cope and or change the mode he touchs about his family life. The counseling aim volition deal with legerdemain Wayne Gacys issues of his buzz off world an alcoholic, his stimulate abusing him and the rest of his family, him liking boys, as sanitary as his anti-social dashs at school. These will be turn to by tone at creating a genogram. When checking at the research it is favor up to(p) to give family therapy in exhibition to facilitate change at heart the family purlieu by looking at problem solution abilities, looking at the irrefutable rather than the proscribe, and accepting family members. Case leadMy client is rear Wayne Gacy, a 15 year old boy living in Chicago, Illinois. He is a white male and has been referred by a judge to permit a psych evaluation, after his psych evaluation he began coming to see me. This is Gacys number one time seeking help from a licensed counselor. Presenting Problems bums presenting problems are his laminitis is an abusive alcoholic, buttocks is attracted to boys, and washbowl is anti-social at school. These trinity things lead to much wateriness in canfuls life which led to him hearing voices. stern wants to see if family therapy could change any(prenominal) of his issues and feels that by going to family therapy his home environment might change into a more supportive one. Family Background and Developmental taradiddlefanny Wayne Gacy, the news of Marion Elaine Robinson Gacy and earth-closet Wayne GacySr. was born on March 17th 1942 in Chicago, Illinois. His parents were of Polish and Danish heritage (Bell). can was the middle child of three he had an older sister Joanne and a four-year-older sister Karen. John and his sisters were brought up Catholic and went to catholic school. The environment in which he was raised in was that of middle class, he had a part-time job after school and was involved with the boy scouts.John and his two sisters were raised by a preceptor that was an alcoholic he ab expendd them and their m opposite. John was non popular in school and was often left out of the loop. John had a playground incident at age 11 which led to him having a blood clot and the clot caused him to have blackouts (Bell & deoxyadenosine monophosphate Bardsle y). He could not play with the other kids because he had a heart frame which was some other fence he was looked down upon by his arrive he saw it as another shortcoming. John also discovered that he liked boys and often struggled with dealing with his sexuality (Bell). Johns acquire in a way resented him for this. He felt that it was a sucker of weakness or another fault that John had. Current life and Work EnvironmentJohn is involved in many organizations deep down the community. He is a hard dresser that often suffered from exhaustion and disquiet from the pressure he put on himself to succeed. John was a father and husband and had a house in the suburbs. All of this came to a belly laugh halt when rumors of Gacy liking boys surfaced. Multiple charges and even a prison condemn were handed down to Gacy for the assault of a young boy. Physical Appearance, Mood, and behaviorJohn was overweight and had heart and back problems however, it did not stop him from his work or community activities. Gacy was sentenced to ten years in prison for assaulting a young boy. Gacy was in denial saying that the young boy willingly participated in the sexual acts in order to make extra money. He also did not take responsibility for his actions and tried to place strike on others. Gacys has an anti-social personality but is mentally competent. When he was in prison he travel alonged rules and was not violent. Gacy took on different personalities as well as went through many different moods ( at heart John Wayne Gacys Mind). counseling PlanThis counseling stick out uses Family Therapy. Families are organizations of interconnected and interdependent soulfulnesss, none of whom can be understood in isolation from the system.(Genopro) Basically family members run away off each other, positivity feeds positivity and vice versa. The best way to put together a manipulation plan is to build your family genogram. Study your own behavior patterns and how they fit in with the rest of your family throughout generations. This will bring out options in which could be used in order to solve problems and figure out how one fits into the family and what ones role is within the family (Genopro). The genogram expression of family therapy will allow John and me to create a counseling plan very easily. Conceptualization of Clients Presenting Problem and Developmental HistoryJohn shows signs of multiple personality disorder as well as having an anti-social personality. John also hears voices. Family Therapy eludes to the fact that Family victimization and the environment that he was brought up in, along with family makeup could be a contributor to why John suffers from what he does (Capuzzi & axerophthol Gross, 2011). Family patterns or expectations are looked at in many ways from parental beliefs, personalities, and extended family influence. This allows each family to be unique in their own ways. This uniqueness can be very overwhelming and takes a toll on all members whether it is negative or positive (Pope).For ex vitamin Ale, Johns father puts a lot of pressure on him to be successful. Johns shortcomings were looked down upon by his father most credibly do to the beliefs and personality that he formed based upon his parental upbringing. John admits that his father was abusive to his mom, sisters, and him as well. John took on many personalities and even called himself pogo the clown at times. John was attracted to boys and this is something that has haunted him his whole life and the reason he is in the predicament he is in. He hated being a disappointment to his father and he was always looking to gratify his father. Johns confusion with his sexuality ultimately lead to him cleanup position those he sexually encountered because the voices he heard were telling him it would please his father. In session we will discuss with John and his family ways in which the environment John is brought up in could be altered. Conceptuali zation of Human record According to Family TheoryThe goal of Family Therapy models is to take the problem presented by the individual dealing with their kins with other masses in the family setting and change the negative aspects (Franklin). The Family Therapy counselor believes the development of family life include family life cycle, family life spiral, and the family genogram (Capuzzi & Gross, 2011) The family life spiral looks at how the members of the family go through the stages of development from young to old age. The family life spiral looks at generations and how they coincide with each other. The genogram charts development of generations.Counseling GoalsThe overall objective is for John Wayne Gacy to be able to date a way to cope with his peevishness towards his father and to be able to express how his fathers step towards the family affected him in a negative way. John said he wants to break down the hindrance between him and his father because he loves him an d ultimately wants to make him proud. To advocate for this Johns goal is to try and change the cognitive, affective, and behavioral aspects of his family system (Capuzzi & Gross, 2011). In other words he wants to change the environment in the Gacy household completely around. The abuse inevitably to stop, the constant pressure postulate to stop, and the pointing out of his weaknesses needs to be approached differently. Course of TreatmentIn order to get a complete understanding I believe the depression action that needs to be taken is the nuclear family emotional system needs to be broken down, what this is looking at is the possible relationships with in a family and look at where problems could possibly come about. For John, 3 of the relationship patterns are touched upon in his situation. His father is abusive to his mother and siblings, in Johns fathers eyes there is an impairment of John because he likes boys, and lastly there is an emotional disturbance suffered by John because of his fathers enchant of him (Genpro).The second part that needs to be addressed is differentiation of self which is the dependency on others to give acceptance and approval. This is something John struggled with and never received from his father. He never felt like his father truly accepted him or approved of the life style that he lived (Genpro). John agreed to do 2 things a day to indulge his needs, meaning if he wanted to work in the community do it because it made him feel good not because he wants or needs approval from his father. Treatment plan was developed and signed by John and we will meet on a weekly basis. Family Therapy InterventionsDue to John stating that the pressure his father puts on him within the family system to be successful, the first off intervention to be used will be the family converse. We will follow the five stages of the discourse which are social, problem, interaction, goal setting, and ending (Capuzzi & Gross, 2011). This interview will give me the tools necessary to properly assess the situation. The interview will also help John and his family understands how each other feels and come up with some interventions to help facilitate change. the first obligation of a healer is to change the presenting problem offered. If that is not accomplished, the therapy is a failure (Capuzzi & Gross, 2011). The first intervention needs to address the problem that John has presented, based upon the interview the interventions that will be implemented will be geared towards progressing with Johns presenting problem. enquiry SupportThe research that was obtained was very helpful in forming a counseling plan or treatment plan for this particular client. Family Therapy is known for help individuals whose presenting problems deal with issues that stem from the family and the environment the individual was brought up in. Family therapy is the best way to look at the patterns of communication and the relationships that connec t people with one another and to their social and physical environments (Capuzzi & Gross, 2011, p. 287). In this case we will be looking at how John fits into his family and what his fathers expectations are of John. Interviewing as an intervention will be crucial in figuring out John place in the family and seeing how his and his fathers view of the roles conflict with each other.Family therapy allows for John and his family to work on their problem solving with each other within the family, expressing their individuality with each other, discussing the positive and negative aspect of their family atmosphere as well as with each other on an individual basis, and lastly the acceptance of each other (Capuzzi & Gross, 2011). Family therapy allows for clients to understand their environments as well as to understand their role within that environment. The counselors role within the session is to basically guide the discussion and conduct the interview. Family Therapy I feel i s the best theory to use for a client such as John Wayne Gacy due to his confusion within his family, particularly when it comes to the relationship with his father and the expectation that his father has for him or at least how John see those expectations. ConclusionThis counseling plan reviewed the use of Family Therapy for counseling John Wayne Gacy. Family Therapy is designed to be an extensive look at John Wayne Gacys family makeup. John Wayne Gacys presenting problems are his father abusing him and his family, his father being an alcoholic, he struggles with his sexuality, and he is anti-social. Family therapy is used to deal with these concerns, so for John, the counseling objective is to find a way to cope with his anger towards his father and to be able to express how his fathers abuse towards the family affected him in a negative way. The counseling plan addresses Johns concerns of worrying about his fathers abuse and constant push for perfection as well as his anti-social tendencies. Due the treatment plan and goals presented and the attitude of John to want to get better, I feel that Family Therapy will be successful for John Wayne Gacy as well as his family.ReferencesBell, R., & Bardsley, M. (n.d.). John wayne gacy jr. In R. BELL (Ed.), Retrieved from http// Bell, R. (n.d.). Retrieved from http// Capuzzi, D., & Gross, D. R. (Ed.). (2011). Counseling and psychotherapy Theories and interventions (5th ed.). Alexandria, VA American Counseling AssociationFranklin, C. (n.d.). Retrieved from http// GenoPro. Family systems theory. Retrieved fromhttp// John Wayne Gacys Mind. Chicago CBS. Retrieved from http// Pope, J. (n.d.). Retrieved from http// apy-6301

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Sociological/Pyschological Criticism in Shirley Jackson’s

Sociological/Psychological criticism on capital of Mississippis The lottery The villagers in Jacksons The Lottery are disgusted and the romance itself is annoying. The people in Jacksons short story have strange religious beliefs and at times seem heartless. Shirley Jackson adds way of life too m whatever specific details in the story. exclusively of the un necessary details made this story much longer than it needed to be. Reading Shirley Jacksons The Lottery made me want to snap my computer into a brick wall. The townspeople in Jacksons The Lottery had an odd religious belief.They believed that they had to cave in a person once a year in order for their crops to be successful. The villagers are extremely unintellectual for prizeing that is true. The narrator says it has been a tradition of their culture for many years, barely they should have already figured out that this belief is in situation a myth. Not except are they ignorant for believing in this tradition, they a re cruel for stoning the victim to finale. If they are waiver to sacrifice on of their people, they could at least hang the person or make them in the head so they wont have to offer for long.Though the villagers recover of this day just as normal as any other, June 27th is the day that they perform this messed up rite. For example, Mrs. Hutchinson arrived late to the lottery because she forgot closely it. Wouldnt have me leave mdishes in the sink, now, would you Joe? was her excuse. Mrs. Hutchinson is obviously a crazy and careless individual because she cant even call up what day one of the people in her society is going to be murdered.The narrator states that the lottery took less than two hours, so it could begin at 10 oclock in the morning and still be through in time to allow the villagers to get home for noonday dinner. This statement shows that the villagers are more than worried close how long this ritual will last rather than the fact that one of their people is going to be brutally killed. Another statement that proves that the villagers were rushing through the ritual carelessly was when Mr. Summers said, Lets finish quickly. Mr. Summers said this immediately after(prenominal) Tessie unfolded the paper which revealed the black dot. Careless and hungry for their noon dinner, the villagers urgently pelted Tessie with stones without expectant her any bit of time left on earth. I think the most sickening part of the story was when the kids were running around collect stones as if it were a game. The kids did not even realize the seriousness of death as they collected weapons that were going to be used to murder an stark person.The sad part is that when those kids be follow adults they will most likely think that this ritual is completely normal. When they have kids, they will teach them the same horrible belief that they were taught during their youth. Besides how idiotic the villagers were, I disliked all of the gratuitous details Shirley Jackson used in this story. Jackson spent way too much time explaining how the lottery is setup and how it used to be setup. As soon as you start to think that the lottery is about to begin, Mrs.Hutchinson arrives late, Dunbar was not present, and a tall boy named Watson speaks about how he is picture for his mother in this years lottery. Once the lottery last begins, Jackson makes the character, Mr. Summers, list almost every familys name to come take away from the old black box. As the head of each family went to piss from the box, there were comments said to one another that were unneeded in the story. For example, when Steve went to draw from the box, he said, Hi Joe and then Mr.Summers said Hi Steve. As more people walked up to draw from the box, Mrs. Dunbar said to her oldest son, I wish theyd hurry. Immediately after reading that line, I said to myself, me too. I did not enjoy reading Shirley Jacksons The Lottery. The villagers in the story are very careless and cruel people. Not only did I not like the characters, but the story itself. Jacksons short story was long drawn out and boring. Make surely to take ibuprofen before reading awful story.