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Being Christian: Living For God

Being Christian Living For God mental homeChristianity is the religion that follows the teachings of savior Christ, through the set apart word of honor. The duration of the finish seven weeks declargon taught me a lot more(prenominal) close to Christianity and what it means to be a Christian. I do predicate to be a Christian, and I was saved in November of 2008. I save always been in church my entire life, and my father and grandfather argon both preachers. During this phase I have check intoed a lot, n constantlytheless I would like to highlight three of my front-runner numbers in writing. The topic I impart discuss first is if Jesus use uped to be God. second I will talk intimately the reasons it does matter how a Christian plumps their life. Lastly I will discuss whether or not Jesus hireed to be born of a consummate(a).Section One- Did Jesus claim to be God?Jesus was never actually quoted in the Bible asseverateing the course I am God. But, that does not mea n he did not claim to be God. Jesus said in conjuration 1030. I and the Father are one. Jesus happens worship legion(predicate) eras in the scripture. If Jesus were not God he would have told people to not worship him, or stop worshipping him. Also, if Jesus were not God his death would not be abundant enough to give in for the misdeeds of you and me. A human cosmos could not pay the penalty call for for sin against a boundless God. Only God could take on the sins of the world, die and be resurrected on the third day, proving His victory over sin and death. Jesus was referred to as many different names throughout the Bible. He was called Master, Savior, Messiah, Alpha, Omega, The Good Shepard, and The Lamb of God comely to name a few. I chose to write rough this topic simply because, some people do not know or understand that Jesus and God are one in the same. Some people believe that Jesus is the son of God, alone not necessarily the same being. This was indeed one of my favorite compositions to learn about during this course because I have never really thought about and researched the many reasons why Jesus is God.Section Two- If a person is a Christian, does it matter how they live their life?Being a Christian means you are living for God. It near definitely matters how a Christian lives his or her life. To be a good Christian at that place are several things you should practice. The Bible is Gods word inspired through Him. interpretation the Bible day by day to help better understand the word and whitethorn answer many questions you may have as you try to live a life winning to God. A Christian should pray daily and praise God for who He is and what He has done in your life. chance on to listen to the Holy Spirit, and let it teach, guide, and strengthen you in times of need. escort church regularly to worship him and grow as a Christian. When you receive Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, you begin a blood not only with him, but with other Christians as well. All Christians need to learn how to deal with temptation. Temptation is a part of life. The Bible says, imbibe and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the body is weak (Mathew 2641). Christians should be prepared for temptation, through appeal and your knowledge of Gods word. All Christians sin, but you must ask for Gods forgiveness for your sins. To me the most(prenominal) important aspect of living a Christian life is to certify others about Jesus. Letting others know about Christ through your words and actions is the only way some people may hear about Christ. The more people we witness to and tell about Jesus, the more souls we will be winning for Christ. I know I am a fairly new Christian and have only been saved for about two and a half years now, but through this course I have now learned more about how to suffice God in the best way possible that is most pleasing to him.Section Three- Did Jesus need to be born of a complete(a)?I do think that yes, it was very imperative that Jesus be born of a virgin. Jesus birth was a miracle. It is not usually possible for a woman to conceive a child being a virgin. Jesus was conceived by the Holt Spirit, not by man. Jesus had to be born of the most humble beings to carry out His great task. He was conceived out of wedlock, born in a stable, and placed in a feeding trough for a bed. The astounding birth is definite substantiation that Jesus is the Messiah and that He is the Son of God. I think the virgin birth of Jesus is if not the most important, but one of the most important parts of the Bible. If Jesus had not been born of a virgin, He could not have died on the cross to save us from our sins. I think it is absolutely amazing how soulfulness could be born a virgin birth, and that is exactly why this is one of my favorite topics of the course, simply because it is just so miraculous.ConclusionTo say this course has taught me a lot about Chr istianity is an understatement. I have learned so much more than I ever thought I would, and actually enjoyed doing so. It is not often someone says they enjoy the readings and doing the assignments for a course, defiantly not me at least. I would say the one aspect that I enjoyed most about this course was the reflect guides. I would go through all of the readings every week nearly like a scavenger hunt, and get excited every time I reached one of the answers. It was also very beneficial in preparing for the unlike quizzes and exams. I do not think I have ever said I actually enjoyed a college course, but I truthfully enjoyed this course. Being a Christian I think it is fun to learn more about the history and different stories about Jesus. It makes not appear so much like school work, when you can actually bring up to it so much.THEO 104 Course Paper Grading Scale(include as the last page of your paper)PossiblePointsPointsReceivedContent Does the paper cover the subject as tho roughly as possible? Are three topics cover? Does it demonstrate a personal understanding of the subject?80Introduction Paper has an introductory paragraph20Structure Did student stand headings for each section?10Conclusion Paper is given a concluding paragraph20Spelling/Grammar40Grading title Is this page provided as the last page of the paper?10 put Is the paper 12 point, Times New Roman font and one-inch margins, double-space20Comments from InstructorTotalScore200

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Thalassemia Effects on Pregnancy

Thalassemia Effects on PregnancyThalassemia is the most reciprocal hereditary ailment in Iran and more than(prenominal) than 2 million carriers of the thalassaemia mutant gene argon living in this country.Material methods In this retrospective, drive- assert debate, whole pregnancies occurred in the midst of 2006 and 2008 were included. Patients were shared in two conclaves regarding the presence of - thalassemia. Patients in depicted object and control groups were matched fit to agnatic age, gestation periodal age and fleck of anterior pregnancies. Cesarean obstetrical delivery, hypertensive disorders, gestational diabetes mellitus, premature rupture of membranes and preterm sedulousness were recorded in each group and were compared using the 2 or Fisher particular tests.Results Overall 510 -thalassemia subjects and 512 healthy controls were studied. cases with -thalassemia had epochally steeper prevalence of oligohydramnios (P consequence -thalassemia does not influence the gestation number in the veto way evidentially.Keywords Minor -thalassemia, Pregnancy number, Gestational diabetes mellitus OligohydramniosIntroductionThe prevalence and cogency of the thalassemia syndromes are population dependent.(1) Thalassemia chela results in a variable degree of the disease but, depending on the rate of -chain production, usually presents as asymptomatic anemia of mild degree(2)-thalassemia is the most common hereditary disease in Iran and more than 2 million carriers of the -thalassemia mutant gene are living in this country. About 110 mutant genes have been recognize all over the world of which 21 have been identified in the Iranian population. The mutant genes and their frequencies vary greatly in different move of Iran Prevalence of thalassemia tike among Iranian is approximately 7%. (3)-thalassemia minor represents the heterozygous state. In general, a heterozygote for thalassemia is diagnosed owing to the patient presenting with a mild anemia ( haemoglobin A level 1 or 2 g be inaugural base normal run for), low mean cell volume, low mean corpuscular haemoglobin, proud hemoglobin A2, and normal or elevated hemoglobin F. During pregnancy, women with thalassemia minor will often show more significant anemia, which is often most prominent during the latter half of the indorse trimester and early third(4,5,6,7).Thalassemia syndromes constitute a group of inherited hemoglobinopathies that pick out close paternal and foetal surveillance during pregnancy, including appropriate consultation with maternal fetal medicine and hematology specialists. Even for the women who are asymptomatic onward pregnancy the added stresses of pregnancy on the hematopoietic system can set out deterioration of maternal status. Health care providers must appreciate that the more severe the thalassemia syndrome the more significant the consequences for both woman and fetus.(4) The afflicted globin synthesis impairs oxygen transport and delivery to tissues, placental mammal bed, and fetus because of limited hemoglobin-oxygen cover. Furthermore, in more severe disease states, the accumulation of press stores in vital maternal organ systems can lead to inveterate organ dysfunction, much(prenominal) as cardiomyopathy and diabetes. These women must be monitored almost for worsening anemia and the development of pregnancy-associated complications (8).Because of high prevalence of -thalassemia in Iran and its achievable effects on pregnancy outcome and limited study about this problem. we performed this retrospective case-control study to investigate pregnancy outcome of patients with minor -thalassemia referring to Hafez hospital of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences between 2006 and 2009. These results can alert health care providers to bear more care about thalassemia and pregnancy.Methods and materialThis study was a case-control one which included all the pregnancies (7290) referring to Hafe z Hospital of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences between 2006 and 2008. The patients were divided into two groups regarding the presence of -thalassemia. Patients in case and control groups were matched according to maternal age, gestational age and number of previous pregnancies. The study was approved by Shiraz University of Medical Sciences ethical committee and all the patients gave their written consents. The data was salt away by a means of a questionnaire. Overall 510 -thalassemia subjects and 512 healthy controls were enrolled in the study. Only women with singleton pregnancy were included. Patient with recurrent abortions (2 or more unbowed pregnancies resulting in spontaneous abortion), history of neural tube defect in previous pregnancies, history of infertility, history of any medical problem, undelivered in this midpoint or mean follow-up visits less than three times were excluded. followup intervals in case and control groups were similar.Gestational age was cal culated from the first day of last menstrual block or according to the echography which was performed in the first months of pregnancy. Anemia was determined on the basis of hemoglobin less than 10 mg/dl. Anemia evaluation was performed in all the cases. Complete blood count (CBC), Iron studies (iron, total iron binding capacity) were performed for excluding iron deficiency anemia and the anemia of chronic disorders. Thalassemia was diagnosed according to CBC and standard hemoglobin electrophoresis criteria in the first trimester an line of longitude of Hb A2 (equal or more than 3.5%) demonstrated by electrophoresis and tower chromatography confirms the diagnosis of -thalassemia trait. Blood transfusions were given only when hemoglobin (Hb) dropped significantly (less than 7mg/dl)either overdue to pregnancy or any other causes. Hemoglobin increase at least to 10 mg/dl with transfusion.(According ACOG criteria(9) Folate supplement in each group (case control) was given 1mg orally daily.In the study period each patient was evaluated for maternal age, parity, gestational age, maternal anemia during pregnancy (hemoglobin less than 10 g/dL) and birth weight. Poor pregnancy outcomes or complications included hypertensive disorders, gestational diabetes mellitus, premature rupture of membranes (rupture of membrane nether 37 weeks gestational age ) and preterm labor.(labor pain under 37 weaks of gestational age) Hydramnios (amniotic fluid index more than 24 cm), oligohydramnios (amniotic fluid index 5 cm or less) and intrauterine appendage restriction (IUGR) (when intrauterine growth under 10% by serial sonography particularly in third trimester of pregnancy)were also evaluated using sonography in the third trimester. childbed and perinatal outcome included placental abruption, meconium-stained amniotic fluid, cesarean delivery, Apgar slay at 1 and 5 minutes less than 7, perinatal mortality, postpartum hemorrhage, and maternal packed-cell transfusions, neonata l ICU admission.Statistical analysis was performed with the SPSS package. Statistical importee was calculated by using the 2 or Fisher exact test. A multivariate logistic regression model, with backward elimination, was constructed to find self-employed person jeopardy factors associated with maternal -thalassemia minor. Odds ratios (ORs) and their 95% confidence intervals (CIs) were computed. A note value of P less than 0.05 was considered statistically significant.ResultsWe recorded 510 alive-births and 7 (1.4 %) stillbirths in case and 512 alive births and 5 (1%) stillbirths in control group. The Hb A2 level in our cases usually was approximately 4-6%. Baseline characteristics of subjects in two study groups are shown in Table 1. There was no statistically significant balance between these groups regarding these baseline characteristics.There was no significant difference between these groups regarding pregnancy hypertension and gestational DM (Table 2). Polyhydramnios (AFI2 4cm) was observed in 1.4% of cases and 1.9% of control group while oligohydramnios was observed in 10.8% of case and 5.4% of control group (P=0.001, Table 2). Regarding the perinatal complications, 3.1% of case group and 1.5% of control group highly-developed IUGR (P=0.073). Cesarean delivery was significantly more common in case group than control group (38.3% vs 26.5% P=0.001, Table 3). There was no significant difference between two groups regarding the Apgar score in world-class (P = 0.65) and 5th minute (P = 0.25), ICU admissions (P = 0.17) and placental abruption (P = 0.42).Using a multiple logistic regression model of risk factors for minor -thalassemia, oligohydramnios, placental abruption and meconium-stained amniotic fluid were significantly associated with cesarean delivery (Table 4).ConclusionThalassemia syndrome is very common in Iranian population. This case-control study was performed on patients with minor -thalassemia to determine the maternal and fetal outcomes an d describe most risk factors associated with -thalassemia minor during pregnancy. This study consisting 517 minor -thalassemia subjects is one of the biggest studies of its kind in Iran. perinatal mortality (P=0.38) and Apgar score at 1min (P=0.65) and 5 min (P=0.25) after delivery were similar in patients with and without minor -thalassemia minor. This is consistent with previous studies (9-13).Thalassemia has been associated with an change magnitude incidence of obstetrical complications (14). Adverse pregnancies outcomes detected in these case series, especially low birth weight (Wt Chronic maternal anemia during gestation power lead to fetal hypoxia, predisposing the fetus to IUGR (1,14). Thus, it was suggested that hemoglobin concentration should be maintained above 10 g/dL during these pregnancies (15). No significant association was found between hemoglobin levels and IUGR among thalassemic women in Eyal Sheiner and colleagues study and suggested that a different mechanism i s responsible for IUGR in thalassemia minor patients (16).At least one study showed acute splenic infarct in thalassemia minor .(18).this mechanism may cause placental infarct but this theory needs further study to be approve.In another study all adhesion molecules and CRP (C-reactive protein) increased in patients with thalassemia intermediate (19) .so this molecules and inflammation may cause placental insufficiency in thalassemia minor but more study is needeSheiner and associates (2004) reported that oligohydramnios were increased twofold in 261 affected women. In our study oligohydramnios was found in 10.8% of case and 5.4% of control group (PWe found no statistically significant difference in the pregnancy outcome, preterm delivery, birth weight, growth restriction, pregnancy bring on hypertension and gestational diabetes between thalassemic and non thalassemic patients. All studies investigating pregnancy outcome of patients with -thalassemia found higher rates of cesarea n delivery (11,14,15,17). Likewise, in our study we found significantly higher rates of cesarean delivery.By using a multiple logistic regression model of risk factors for minor thalassemia, the following conditions were significantly associated with cesarean delivery oligohydramnios, abruption and meconium-stained amniotic fluid. However, IUGR was not statistically independent risk factor for cesarean delivery, unlike previous study that cesarean birth due to fetal distress cerebrate to fetal growth restriction (13).In conclusion, Hemoglobinopathies can be associated with a variety of effects on the mother, fetus or newborn. The effects range from absence of clinical disease to severe morbidity and death. Through the obstetrician-gynecologists high index of suspicion based on clinical history and a close working relationship with a consultant hematologist, pregnancy outcome in patients with these disorders can be improved.Since most hemoglobinopathies are inherited as autosomal re cessive conditions, screening, counseling, and antenatal diagnosis are important components of prenatal care for these women. Thalassemia syndrome, including minor -thalassemia during pregnancy can present comical management challenges and requires close maternal and fetal surveillance. The course of pregnancy of patients with -thalassemia minor, including perinatal outcomes, is favorable. In spite of an attempt to keep hemoglobin levels above 7.0g/dl, the incidence of fetal growth restriction and preterm birth has been relatively high, though maternal complications are rather not different from general. Care for such pregnancies should be multidisciplinary, incorporating a maternal-fetal medicine specialist, a genetic counselor, and a hematologist. However, since fetal growth restriction complicates more pregnancies with thalassemia syndrome, the need for close antenatal follow-up and frequent sonographic assessment of fetal growth can be overemphasized.Further prospective studi es among high-risk populations for -thalassemia with larger sampling should investigate the ability of such surveillance programs. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends screening for -thalassemia in couples of Mediterranean ancestry.We might miss some pregnant ladies with minor thalassemia and normal hemoglobin who were included in control group.

McDonalds Workplace Hygeine

McDonalds Work tell HygeineExecutive SummaryThis report is to fancy the HACCP to obstructer and evaluate the regimen sentry go procedures in angiotensin-converting enzyme of the virtu bothy famous fast- victuals for thought comp each the McDonald .and standardizedly aims at offering close to suggestions to lay some of the non-satisfactory procedures. The report will describe it from the following aspects personal hygiene, change and sanitizing, gadfly watch, drool disposal, receiving nutrients, storing solid aliments, cooling defrosting, cooking and holding.McDonald is a leading food service retailer. Just in the USA, it has more than 12,300 traditional restaurants, plus around 1320 satellite locations in facilities like hospitals. They take c be more than 21.8 million customers a day. So how dose the food safety procedures go on in McDonald is of great importance, which is related to the health of consumers.In order to apply the HACCP to check the food safety proc edure, this report does a study of the food safety procedure in the McDonald, and find out that as a self- do enterprise, McDonald develops detailed provisions to ensure the food safety procedure, making food safety a key factor to its success.IntroductionProduce and serve safe food is the final goal for foodservice operations (Yi-Mei Sun, 2005). It was reported that HACCP trunk have not yet been homogeneously implemented across all of the food industry (Panisello and Quantick, 2001 G.Campbell-Platt, 2002). The key action, known as critical control points roll in the hay be taken to reduce or eliminate the take a chance of the hazards being realized. It is used in the food industry to identify potential drop food safety hazards at all stages of food production and supply processes.McDonald, as the biggest fast food retailer in the world, take the food safety as a never-ending process, from raw materials, through the facilities and distribution centers, and all the way to the restaurants. Its a top priority at McDonalds. (Sarah Fister Gale, 2006).Situational AnalysisPersonal HygienePersonal hygiene of the workers is probably unrivaled of the roughly important intimacy, because the workers need to interact with the customers, and in the McDonald, they be amenable for the dinning environment.McDonald has particular(prenominal) regulations for workers personal hygiene as follows1. Clothes essential be impudent and appropriate.2. Keep hair clean, ladies face should not be cover by the hair.3. Mens hair should be above the collar, pine hair is not allowed.4. Men need to shave and manicure familiar.5. Ladies should take over the appropriate make-up. And too more decoration is not allowed.6. Keep the fingernail clean and short.7. of importtain oral hygiene and regular bathing.8. Members of the McDonalds restaurant charge group need to wear uniforms.9. washables great deal before outlet to workstation.Of all the McDonalds hygiene standards, most of the regulations atomic number 18 carried out by nearly all the workers in McDonald. But there is the told by iodine of the workers in McDonald Sorry to ruin your idea about McDonalds and hand washing. Ive worked at McDonalds for three months, and I never have any wholeness wear gloves, or wash their hands, traders included. Since this comments comes from the forum, it is difficult for us the judge its reliability. However, the suggestions for the McDonald manager is that, they need to pay more attention to the workers personal hygiene, and try their surmount the make the point much better.Cleaning and SanitizingCleaning and Sanitizing are inevitable processes to create a clean and nice environment for the customers in the McDonald. fit in to the HACCP, cleaning and sanitizing should follow quad steps pre-clean, principal(prenominal) clean, sanities and drying.Regulations concerned about cleaning and sanitizing in the McDonald arePre-clean1. The dining tables, chairs ,windows and equipment should be spotless.2. All the tableware and motorcar should be completely cleaned and sanitizing after work.3. The glass must be call off everyday4. The parking lot must be flush everyday5. The trash bin must be brushed everydayMain clean McDonald makes a readily cleaning regulation to main clean. promptly cleaning regulation means anybody in any position must clean the peripheral position to keep the position clean.What is more, the McDonald has its own excess method to simplify the clean and sanitizing job and save the time fagged on clean and sanitizing.Firstly, they use lots of paper, plastic and other fluid tableware. This means, the worker only needs to put the table wares which are go away by the customers when they finish into the garbage bin, and clean the table. indeed everything is done.Secondly, they use trays and trays of paper, which are convenient for the customers to carry, and reduce the chance to dirt the desk. And as a yield ,save the time spent on cleaning the table. Finally, all the kitchen equipments are of chromium steel steel surface. As the stainless steel surface is wakeful to clean, the ability of cleaning work is improved.Pest controlPest control is also of great importance. Nobody likes the presence of pests which transmit diseases. Here is what has been done in McDonald concerned about pest control1.McDonald curiously focus on the controlling of cockroach.2 In the entrance of the distribution center, a manakin of special yellow light has been designed to drive the fly.3 The interior of the distribution center has been painted white, especially the floor around the ware stand. Then it will be much easy to trace the cockroach and the mouse. and some actions can be taken to pr correctt bad ting from happening.In McDonald, the keys to successful pest controls are as follows1. Correct identification of the pest is the set-back step in control, because information on pest biology, ecology, and dem eanour can be easily obtained if the pest is known.2. It is important to detect pest problems early. Careful visual travel toions can help in early staining of infestations.3. Control measures must be timed to target the most endangered stage of pests. as many pests are susceptible to control measures at certain times in their lives.Garbage disposalThere are many garbage need to dispose everyday in McDonald. In order to protect the environment , McDonald uses paper bags instead of bags. Here are the regulations related to garbage disposal in McDonald1 Disposal garbage day and never leave them until tomorrow.2 Workers must clean the place around them at anytime.3 Use different trash bins to crystallise the different kinds of garbage.4 Wear gloves when dispose garbage5 Wash hand after disposing garbage Although garbage disposal is a underage little thing, attention should be paid to, otherwise it will be harmful to the cleaning procedure.Receiving foodsAccording to the HACCP, the receiving contains the following aspects, and this report wills depth psychology the situation in the McDonald following the HACCP1. Approved source.To make all the products has the same flavor, the McDonald especially focus on the standardization of raw materials. And all the materials must be offered by the McDonald distribution center.2. Choosing the suppliersKnowing that suppliers are a major imposter in fulfilling its promise and adhering to its social responsibility, McDonals ensures 100% eligibility before adding any resource to its database of approved suppliers. To quality as a McDonalds supplier, they must meet the McDonalds internal food safety standards, product precondition and farm biosecurity policies3. Guality supervision and inspectionThe McDonald has stringent procurement standards. The purchasing department is responsible for quality supervision and inspection of the raw materials of the suppliers. When a risky product is found, it should be return immediatel y. And the suppliers should solve the problem as before long as possible. If the suppliers can not solve the problem before the deadline, their reserve for suppliers will be canceled.So the skinnys receiving procedure of the McDonald is following the HACCP.Storing FoodsStoring foods is a umbrageous thing for McDonald. According to the HACCP, the McDonald can store the hamburger that is not exchange out as well as the method is correct and proper.1. The french fries must be thrown away, if it can not be sold out at heart sevener minutes.2. The hamburger must be thrown away, if it can not be sold out within ten minutes. It is not because of food decay or food defect.The McDonald insists on offering the most valuable and qualified food to the customers. And this is just effective the reason why the McDonald does what is mentioned above.So, storing foods is in fact not only a funny thing for McDonald but also a serious thing for McDonald. And through the following statements on e can see, how serious it is1. The temperature inside the house for dusty storage should be between 1 and 4, and the temperature of the house for cold storage should be between -2218.2. Special attention should be paid to the storage of hamburger, otherwise accident will be easy to happen ,if it is not storied under the standard temperature.3. The storage of food and materials should be obey to the regulations.And it definitely follows the HACCP, or even does a great job.Cooling and DefrostingCooling is a useful way to keep most of the food or materials fresh.When inspect whether the food is fresh or not, McDonald pays much attention to the test of temperature, especially the temperature control of the frozen food. The workers much inspect every product to make sure it is under the condition of cooling.The main principle for the refrigerate is insisting -FIFO, the FIFO stands for first in first out.Special methods have been made, concerned about how to organize the food, for examp le, there can only be six boxes of French fries up forward. forrader the food being cooled, the manager need to inspect the temperature and the quality of the goods. preparedness and HoldingThe reported foodborne illness cases per year were 76 millions in the US(Tauxe, 2002) and 9.4 millions in the UK(Walker, et al, 2003).Improper food handling is responsible for 97% of food borne illness associated catering(Griffith CJ, 2000). The McDonald pays much attention to cooking and handling procedure. The main principle for cooking is -less add together many time which can ensure the in high spirits quality and high fresh level of the food. For instance, twelve hamburgers should be made in four minutes workers can not cook the twelve hamburgers at one time. The time figured out for making one hamburger is one handured and forty-five senconds, take the additional time into consideration, humburgers can be made in ten minutes. Nearly all foods in the McDonald have the specific holding time , the holding time for humbuegers is ten minutes, for french fries is seven minutes, for apple pie is ten minutes, and for coffee is thirty minutes, and the temperature of the milk sent by the supplier must be under 4 , otherwise, it will be returned.ConclusionsIn conclusion, workplace hygiene is very important to McDonald which does a good job in such eight aspects above-mentioned. McDonalds ways to manage the workplace hygiene can be good references for other similar establishments. Beause of the work for hygiene is systematic, there may be some behaviours not conform to specified requirements exsit, for instance, some worker may omit washing, McDonald until now needs to make better use of the HACCP to make the situation even better.ReferencesGriffith, CJ 2000. Food safety in catering establishments, in Safe discussion of Foods, JM Farber and ECD Todd, Eds., Marcel Dekker, New York, 235-256.G.Campbell-Platt 2002. HACCP/food safety objectives. Food Control ,13, PP. 353.Panisello, P.J, Quantick,P.C 2001. expert barriers to hazard analysis critical control point. Food Control,12(3), PP. 165-173.Sarah Fister Gale 2006. CASE STUDIES IN FOOD PROTECTION McDonaldds USA A Golden Arch of allow for Chain Food Safety. Food Safety Magazine Online Issue February/marchland 2006, Available athttp// Accessed 12 Sep 2009Tauxe, R.V 2002. Surveillance and investigation of food borne diseases. Food Control,13,PP. 363-369.Walker, E.,Pritchard,C., Forsythe,S. 2003. Hazard analysis critical control point and requisite programme implementation in small and medium size food business. Food Control,14, PP. 169-174.Yi-Mei Sun., H.W.Ockerman 2005. A review of the needs and current applications of hazard analysis and critical control point(HACCP) system in foodservice areas. Food Control,16, PP. 325-332.

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A Factor For Firm Formation Economics Essay

A Factor For Firm Formation economics EssayFirms atomic number 18 wholly around us and argon the main(prenominal) expressers of economic activity in the modern capitalistic world. We observe houses organism created, growing, evolving, expanding into revolutionary areas by merging with others but also remaining stable, declining, acquiring acquired and sometimes declaring bunkruptcy. It is clear that planetary houses activities vary a lot and as a result, ternary studies regarding them have been undertaken during the course of the years. This essays purpose is to address the, perhaps, some most-valuable element associated with a cockeyeds existence, its administration, and especially the conditions and the reasons under which firms tend to form.But first, in order to be able to explain the constituent and the divisors that lead into the favored governing body of a firm, a definition of it pull up stakes be given. fit in to Jensen and Meckling, a firm is a legal ficti on which serves as a focus for a complex demonstrate in which the conflicting objectives of individuals are brought into equilibrium within a framework of contractual relations (1976 p.311). The vaunt of the firm that installs it unique, though, is its ability to supersede the price mechanism, one of the pylons on which the intact economic conjecture is based, with decisions taken by the firms agents upon real-life situations and which, in most cases, start from what the economic theory with the price mechanism dictates (Coase 1937 p.390).Of major magnificence in this essay is the attempt to present, describe and evaluate the existence of traffic be, which is a key aspect of Coases, Arrows Williamsons and Di Maggios analyses of the reasons why firms are formed. However, although it is crucial in accord the genesis of a firm and its explanatory capability is invaluable, economising on effect cost theory does not provide a sole explanation of it and other reckons must be taken into account in order for us to have a clearer picture of the situation. The purpose and aloofness of the essay does not provide the possibility to elaborate in a thorough and complete elbow room somewhat those factors, but technological advances and entrepreneurial spirit and creativity entrust be outlined and briefly explained. Moreover, for a productive firm creation to take place, there are many another(prenominal) conditions that need to fend for true, some of which will be presented in the future(a) analysis. These are widely understood rules when it comes to governing a firm, and analytical readiness before the actual formation of the firm.Transaction Costs Theory both(prenominal) a condition and a factor for firm formationAs argued by the title given above, the dealings costs theory washbowl be seen as both a condition and a factor on which a successful firm formation relies, depending on how the contributor perceives the situation. The existence of cons ummation costs is a condition for firms to arise, but the process by which the economic agents economise on transaction costs is probably the most crucial factor that drives firm formation and that is why it will be analysed separately from the other conditions and factors.The main reason for a firms formation is the cost of using the price mechanism by which the economic corpse is being run (Coase 1937 p.390 Arrow 1969 p.70). Or, according to Williamson, a firm is the crossway of a series of organisational inductions that have had the purpose and effect of economising on transaction costs (1981 p.1537). More specifically, organising production through the price mechanism enables an clear transaction cost of finding out what the current prices of interest are. however if specialist price finders existed, this type of cost would not be altogether eliminated (Coase 1937 p.390). As it can be understood, this to a greater extent than realistic theory contradicts with the suppose d model of the economy, in which there is perfect price instruction to all agents.But what is understood of transaction costs and what actions do firms take in order to reduce them? Transaction costs are mainly the costs of deciding, haggling, arranging and coordinating actions that constantly take place in the market, as Paul Di Maggio has argued (2001 p.8). Furthermore, they include the creation of contracts for each separate transaction that occurs in the market. As firms are created, these contracts are not eliminated but they are greatly reduced, since the founder-manager of the firm does not have to create contracts for every single transaction in which his/her company participates, as implied by the economic theory. Through this procedure, multiple costs are avoided, because the so called marketing costs are stringently reduced. For example, only one contract per employee is needed, in which the relationship between him and the firm (and its agents) is clearly stated. That will include the amount and the way of payment, the working hours and the received limits within which the employee will have to obey the employer (Coase 1937 pp.390-393). Further methods that firms use in order to minimise transaction costs are the introduction of clamant and predictable activities for their employees, by giving duties to them through a clear byplay description, eliminating the possibility of negotiations about the allocation of tasks. As a result, employers have more time to deal with important have it offs and decisions concerning the firm. In addition, the fair treatment to employees provided by the firms environment guarantees the reduction of transaction costs, since there is a specified reward-punishment form that everybody abides by, that results to immediate elimination of conflicts (Di Maggio 2001 pp.8-9). Regarding the same topic, Williamson has argued that pre-contract negotiation and task and deliverables specification will reduce the necessity fo r periodic interventions to check the progress of the contracts execution and its successful completion (1981 p.1544).Another crucial question about the transaction costs touches upon the reason of their existence. Related to it are two doingsal assumptions bounded cause and opportunism. According to the bounded intellect theory, people are less fit in calculations and are not able to account for every issue that is contract-related and accordingly are transaction costs created. Moreover, people are expedient and unreliable, because they, many times, act having just their personal interest in mind. Consequently, it is contingent that they are going to behave in a non-trustworthy and irresponsible way (Williamson 1981 pp.1544-1546). As it has been presented above, a key factor for a firms formation is the departure from the economic model that portrays compassionates as perfectly rational beings that make right choices and have no flaws.As a bottomline, Coases writing about firm growth and expansion should be mentioned, according to which firms grow as their entrepreneurs undertake additional transactions exchange transactions that are co-ordinated through the price mechanism and try to expand until the costs of organising an extra transaction within the firm, equals the cost of carrying out the same transaction by style of an exchange on the open market or the costs of organising in another firm (Coase 1937 p.393, p.395). This is important because we are able to grasp how the encourage major challenge that firms founders face, the growth of their firm, after, of course, the successful formation of the firm, is illustrated based on the transactions theory described earlier.Conditions under which firms are formed apart from transaction costs, there are also other conditions that need to hold true in order for a firm to be successfully constituted. A set of widely understood and fairly applied rules is essential, because they discourage employees fr om using firms to seek their personal interest and urge them to contribute to acquire the firms goals. Perhaps the most important rule has to do with the hierarchy of the organisation, that is who gives orders to whom and who has the last call, when decision-making is involved. Secondly, clear admission and promotion criteria need to be established, so that firms transparency is maintained, and lastly routines for the performance of work need to exist, in order for deliverables to be easily checked in terms of integrity. Generally, rules within a firm serve a double role by specifying who does what work and by dictating which behaviours are worth rewarding and which punishing (appraisal punishment system) (Di Maggio 2001 p.8).Of major importance, when it comes to explaining the circumstances under which a firm is brought to life, is the cookery that the entrepreneur(s)-founder(s) of the firm has/have to do before he/she/they can actually start building it, since a business plan , according to Delmar and Shane, turns abstract goals into concrete operational steps and therefore is crucial for both a firms existence and success. What is meant with the term business planning is the effort that firm founder(s) need(s) to make so that he/she/they gather(s) the appropriate information about a business hazard and the action of finding and understanding how this information will be used to give birth to a new organisation that will try and make use of this fortune (2003 p.1165). Through business planning the founder(s)-manager(s) of the firm is/are going to be able to spot and capitalise in a more efficient and risk-free way on the reduction of transaction costs. Without planning, a firm can not in most cases fulfill its ultimate goal, survival, and the most sought after one, profit maximisation.Factors that drive firm formation wherefore is a firm created and what are the key factors that lead to its formation are two closely related questions that will be disc ussed in this fragment of the essay. One of these factors is technology and its regime that, according to Shane, includes four dimensions age of technical foul field, tendency of the market towards segmentation, effectiveness of patents and importance of complementary assets in marketing and distribution which affect the trend for inventions to be exploited through new firms formation (2001 p.1188). This formation is the reaction of potential entrepreneurs when they observe that specific domains of tecnology using are profitable. Concluding, technology is crucial because it has become the main reason for innovation and that is the force that drives firms to the creation of new products, services and processes (Chandler 1959 p.25).Yet another factor that leads to firm formation is the creativity that a person shows, when he/she observes an opportunity to make profits through the creation of a product or provision of some kind of service. This creativity is referred to as entrepre neurship and is associated with spirit, vision and vigilance to business opportunities that a person needs to possess (Lee, Florida and Acs 2004 pp.889-890). Whether someone possesses the turn over of entrepreneurship or not, is determined by regional variation and characteristics such as population size, industrial structure, human capital capacity and financing accessibility (Armington and Acs 2002 p.37). A useful claim about entrepreneurship was made by Stuart and Sorenson who argued that firms grounding rate is affected by social ties and the entrepreneurs need to reside skillful resources that they find necessary to mobilise (2003 p.229). Finally Schumpeter, when talking about his pattern of creative destruction, he underlined the responsibility that independently owned firms bear for reforming or revolutionising, another indicator of the importance of entrepreneurship for firm formation as good as growth (1942 p.132).ConclusionTo sum up, although there is no suspect th at the firm is an important and complex institution, according to Williamson there seems to be diversity when it comes to examining the conditions and the reasons that underlie its formation (1981 p.1537). However, much of firms formation literature and analysis relies on the existence of transaction costs and the firms attempts to economise on them. The deviation from the markets theory of organising the economic activity to the firms alternative one, brings upon the two behavioural assumptions bounded rationality and opportunism that introduce reality into the model and cease portraying human beings as perfectly rational. Apart from transaction costs, more conditions and firm formation factors are described in order for the analysis to be more complete within the length limit of this essay. Lastly, since the firms will always be in the centre of the economic activity, and as the state of the world and peoples behaviour change through time, it is possible that when similar analy ses are to be conducted in the future, new findings regarding the reasons and the conditions under which firms arise, will be discovered that might as well change our perspective.

The Development History Of Tourism

The Development History Of tourerryTourism industry is ace of the largest industries globewide. It has be shape up a growing industry in re cen cartridge holder years. Many countries in the valet de chambre atomic deem 18 blessed with innate(p)(p) beauty while musical compositiony an(prenominal) a(prenominal) relieve unrivalledself begined stem on their testify. In f make out some(prenominal) countries argon getting major mickle of their revenues from the touristry industry, so it is considerable as a main inauguration of income for those and it creates income through the consumption of products and suffice by tourists. It wields frugal importance, with hundreds of one zillion millions of travelers around the manhood each year, although it has a responsible in environment, it whitethorn introduce to home ground destruction, waste and pollution. Global tourism industry came through the stages of m and it has meliorate for decades, and it has a massive co ntact on preservation, environment and society.According to (Holloway, J, C. Humphreys, C and Davidson, R. 2009), tourism is a shape of pastime performed over a plosive speech sound for enjoyment, and it sens define when lot strike from place to another place. The conception Tourism governing (1999) defined that tourism is also collection of activities, services in terms of leisure, including transportation, accommodation, and others up to a year.The development history of tourismIn the 19th ampere-secondGlobal tourism industry has a large been improving since the nineteen century, when the earliest travellers were walking or go domesticated animals. The invention of technology has come throughd unseasoned modes of transportation and increased individuals opportunities to travel. Because of roadstead are improved and judicatures stabilised, interest in travelling rose for studying, visit and religion purposes. much(prenominal) than 100 years ago the introduction of turnpike roads, roads on which a tolls were charged, allowed to buses hold up to 14 travellers for 40 miles distance over 24 hours. For example, a trip from London to clean was bank note for about 72 hours, whereas the 400 miles to Edinburgh took completely 10 age (Holloway, J, C. Humphreys, C and Davidson, R. 2009).Between the middle of twentieth and twenty first centurySince the piece struggle II, travellers go grget up and let them to cue abroad, despite the fact that the ability to do that was restricted by semipolitical conditions and insufficient funds. Furthermore, travel business changed due to the advance in planer technology which led to grow commercial flight industry (Holloway, J, C. Humphreys, C and Davidson, R. 2009).Modern technology compete an pregnant voice on transforming plenty for living, running(a) and tourism. As a consequence, it gave more spare time, intensified communications and originated many effective approaches of conveying (WTO. 1999). T he influence of computers and the internet has shown on tourism as customers can now search about holiday destinations, travel companies equality and booking online (Holloway, J, C. Humphreys, C and Davidson, R. 2009).The economical tinge of tourismAccording to (Holloway, J, C. Humphreys, C and Davidson, R. 2009), while tourism industry may cause many economic pros, there are also some advantages for those nations. Global tourism is an $8 trillion industry. This means one of largest great industries in the ground is tourism industry, it therefore has great importance for several(prenominal) countries attempt to obtain a share of this $8 trillion. 9.9 per cent of globose GDP (gross domestic product) was global tourism industry. Moreover, it was predicted that it would bring about 240 million jobs demes virginide, representing al approximately 8.5% of total occupations. The earth organisation tourism reported that in January 2007, international tourist arrivals reached to 842 million in 2006, compared to 553 million in 1994, and they are expected to reach 1.6 trillion by 2020, while receipts was $354 billion in 1994 and it al more or less forked by 2006, that means there a considerable rise yet over a halt of 10 years for both arrivals and receipts, (WOT.2007). universes bloom 10 Tourism Earners, 2005 Based On Tourism Receipts ($ US Billions)France76.0 linked States$81.7Spain55.6Spain$47.9United States49.4France$42.2China46.8Italy$35.4Italy36.5United artless$30.7United country30.0China$29.3Mexico21.9Germany$29.2Germany21.5Turkey$13.2Turkey20.3Austria$15.5Austria19.9Greece$13.7Source World Tourism Organization (WTO.2007). Source World Tourism Organization (WTO.2007).While there several factors that encourage charitable to travel abroad, the most hearty one is represent compared to their income. Since maturation demand led the prices to decline, also transport and accommodation cost falling for every extra person reserved. In other words, there is a strong relationship between price, cost and demand. As a result, it can lead to competition of tourism industry between nations. In recent years, many countries or cities have become depend on flow of tourists or nearly completely dependent on tourism such as Dubai receives a large proportion of revenue from the tourism, with rough %70 of its revenue. They are known as destinations or receiving areas, and the areas which tourists move to these destinations are known as produced areas. The destination, however, can be a specific resort, town or even a huge area of global. The destinations are financed by transforming tourists money, this means these areas will undoubtedly make a profit, and the reverse is accredited for those generating areas. Furthermore, there are many aspects can be displaceed by the flow of tourists from produced to receiving areas such as income, employment and investment and development (Holloway, J, C. Humphreys, C and Davidson, R. 2009).The environm ental rival of tourismAccording to (Wall, G and Mathieson, A.2006), the history of tourism undoubtedly point out that the tourism was birth and progressed by bestow of environmental factors. The Places which are blessed with natural beauty and pleasant ornament and skyscraper features have had a major impact on transgressicular locations or regions. However, tourism can have a negative impact on environment such as excessive building like roads and hotels, destroys natural habitats. It can also create pollution and waste, as a result, the city or region no doubt will be polluted by smog around it. Furthermore, it puts pressure on local anaesthetic anesthetic re stemmas such as fare , water and energy supplies.(Holloway, J, C. Humphreys, C and Davidson, R. 2009) utter that the use of transportation particularly by feelingplanes are double fuel-efficient than they were 30 years ago. Air travel was account for 9% of global warfarem up in 2004. In Britain, for example, the fig ure of travellers inside and outside of the UK would increase from clxxx million in 2003 to half a billion by 2030, whereas the responsibility of flying aircraft will be almost 67% of all the UKs glasshouse emissions in 2050. A large proportion of the oil purchased in the orbit is just for leisure uses. In addition, all transportation forms of road, sea and air can annoy on the quiet resort by change magnitude noise levels, whether in rural districts or in living areas. two local popu latish and tourists especially who are near of busy airports greatly would be in worry by making anxious from airplanes winning off and landing.The cultural and social impact of tourismSociocultural impacts are consequences of specific types of relationships that happen between tourists and hosts due to their coming into contact. Tourists can consider different customs and cultural such as sight-seeing, sunbathing and testing unfermented cuisine. It would open our minds as well as it can broa den our horizons. However, when outside(prenominal) deal come to the tourist city they surely will affect on local people. Therefore, the local people will forget their own culture. Another drawback for tourism industry is raising prices, even though citizens salaries are constant the prices rise when the city receives the tourists especially in restaurants, transportation, and fundamental requirements. Furthermore, the government would focus on tourism .Thus it will ignore facilities and needs of local region. In addition to this, crimes rate usually increase in tourist cities. Moreover, local traditions may be lost like traditional jobs and skills would bust out such as farming and fishing (Wall, G and Mathieson, A.2006).When employ of culture as a tourist attraction can lead to risen support for traditional cultures and would display identity of ethnic .What is more, channel contact between residents and tourists probably would remove negative stereotypes, as a result, it wi ll increase social opportunities. Another benefit of sociocultural impact of tourism is that encourage competition for tourist business and improve standard of living for hosts and income undoubtedly will rise for those as well (WTO. 1999). deductionThe historic of tourism has a great importance throughout the world for ages, despite the fact that the drawbacks which faced global tourism industry. Tourism provided legion(predicate) benefits for destinations, hosts communities and travellers, although its few negative effects. It has become link between them and it make the world as one village. The predictions of global tourism after it entered a red-hot millennium look set to continue growing up and greater importance in the world economy, even though it faces several challenges.The glorious Quote was definition the immigration and tell that The act of immigrating the passing or coming into a country for the purpose of permanent residence. That means is anyone who left(p) his country and went to another country to live there and find a job.Immigration is one of the ways to develop and change a look at of culture in any country in the world. Since World contend II several changes have occurred in the United Kingdom, and immigration has been one of the major events. Many newcomers have come from all parts of the world the mass came from Ireland, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Germany, Africa and the western United States Indies. Because World state of war II destroyed many cities in Britain, the British government allowed people to live and endure in Britain without a visa.Post-war im migratorys have affected the English way of life. In addition, they have changed other parts of popular culture (Panikos, 1999). The impact of immigration on the economy can be seen in many ways. The British economy grew after World struggle II because many immigrants found themselves in new employment. Britain needed these immigrants to feed in the factories and repla ce the men who died in World War II ( ingleside of Lords, 2008).The next section looks at the impact of migration after World War II in Britain, and focuses on the economic prospects and cultural effects of it.The post-war period from 1945 to 1970 was important for immigration into Britain .At the kindred time many British people were migrating to neighbouring countries such as Australia and Canada. Many blacks from the West Indies came to live in the United Kingdom. More than 400 people arrived in 1948 they were the first major aggroup of Caribbean immigrants. Moreover, by 1970 more than 60,000 immigrants had come from India, the legal age of whom settled in London, Liverpool and Cardiff and got different kinds of job (Panikos, 1999).In addition, many people from Pakistan, Ireland and Bangladesh found work and new homes in different cities, for instance Manchester, Bradford and Leicester. By the late 1970s, non-white people had become a familiar sight in most big cities like Lon don and Nottingham. The early WWII decades during which the majority of people from the West Indies who make their way to Britain gained a pretty image of the country played an important constituent in the decision of many African-Caribbeans to come to the UK (Gourvish and ODay, 1992).Since 1945 important developments have occurred in the occupational structure of black and Asiatic immigrant groups notwithstanding their continued and marked working-class character (Gourvish and ODay, 1992, p. 215).The first group of blacks to get a job consisted of about 120 men and 20 women. They worked with the London transport service, on buses and the underground railway administration. At the same time many Irish people moved to Great Britain, the majority of them staying in inner city areas. Some people, for instance Germans, did not decoct their numbers in unretentive areas, but moved out to the suburbs (Panikos, 1999).The inhabitancy Office papers technical annex defines immigrants as foreign born population and UK born dependent children It continues by saying that, under this assumption, immigrants account for 8.4 per cent of the UK population. This is a category of about five million people. Islamic immigrants have grown remarkably since the newcomers first came after WWII .In addition, the number of Muslim buildings in Britain, according to 2008 figures is 1,500 mosques and Islamic shopping centres, the most important Islamic centre being in Mayfair in London. Furthermore, the number of Muslims in Britain was nearly one million by some estimates in 2008 (, since the end of WWII Britains economic system has grown. The immigration in Britain has had significant economic effects on reality services, for example on precept and health. In the period between 1950 and 1973 normal revenue rose significantly. Moreover, in the same period the income of a man per hour in the manufacturing industry rose more than 200 per cent. Although, sideli ne World War II, the UK had few proletarians and needed more to fill its many new factories, there were also a new health service that was an incentive for people to work there. Factory owners searched for new workers from countries such as Poland and Italy however, they did not find what they wanted because other European countries were short of workers too. In the period between 1945 and 1947 more than 340,000 European newcomers came to the UK. aft(prenominal) that, employers began looking in different countries where English was spoken and where people had worked in Britain in the previous period, for example Commonwealth countries and the colonies (UK Immigration lawfulness).Britain encloseled many countries, for instance India, the Caribbean, and some countries in Africa until they became independent. A lot of men and women worked in factories to produce equipment and some of them were soldiers. When the soldiers fought in Africa, the Far East and Europe, they received a hi gher salary than in other countries .That was one of the reasons why people chose to stay and work in Britain. The situation did not last long. In 1962 the Commonwealth Immigration Law was issued to make immigration more difficult, possibly because Britain by then had decorous workers (Gourvish and ODay, 1992).In addition, many Asian trades were opening up in areas with a high concentration of newcomers, generally in city centres, to cooperate develop the city. Moreover, the large number of newcomers after World War II was important in causing house prices to rise steeply, which has been a huge paradox over the last 20 years.The House of Lords (2008, p. 18) statedLabour index Survey data for 2006 suggest that the three most popular sectors for strange workers in the UK are public administration, education and health (32%), distribution, hotels and restaurants (21%) and banking, finance and policy (20%). Among A8 immigrants, the top sectors are distribution, hotels and restauran ts (24%), manufacturing (21%) and construction (14%). (ONS, p. 50) In some sectors and regions, the share of immigrants is oft higher.On the other hand, Britain has been affected by some of the culture of its immigrants. For example, the post-war arrivals brought their own style of dress. All groups from various countries bring their cultures with them. The Indians brought their food and clothes the Caribbeans brought their festivals and carnivals and the Muslims brought the Islamic religion. An important point is that Britain is one of the few countries in the world in which people are allowed to do this, meaning that it is a free country. This was the most important reason why newcomers came to live in Great Britain.More clearly, the impact of immigrants and their generations after World War II became more pronounced than it was before the war, especially in terms of popular music, sport and media. In addition, the Germans have been credited with the spread of classical music thr oughout the nineteenth century.A lot of immigrants live in rural towns so that they can practise their religion and build churches and temples. Religion has played an important role in differentiating between one category and another. For example, the Asian community has more than one religion, the most important of them being Islam, Sikhism and Hinduism (Panikos, 1999).To sum up, newcomers after World War II have supported progress and helped to rebuild the infrastructure and public services in the United Kingdom. Moreover, immigration has made a significant improvement to the economic system in Britain since 1945, particularly between 1950 and 1970. Immigrants who live in rural areas have nevertheless helped to develop the cities, because they work and bring their trades with them. In addition, factories saw an increase in the number of workers and brocaded peoples income as well.Britain has been affected by the culture of immigrants from different countries. However, the most imp act has been the religious one, because each group has brought their religion with them.Give a drawing outline of the pattern of immigration to Britain since WWII and discuss is impact on British economy and culture. Support your views with clear relevant examplesSince the Second World War the immigration has been one of the solutions to reconstruct and improve the United Kingdom from the wishy-washy economic situation and devastation that happened in that time . In that period of time the Second World War breakdown most of Britain cities, especially the infrastructure and caused many damages to the ecosystem and even to citizens emotions. It is definitely that the United Kingdom won the Second World War, however the country found itself in a bad economic situation. Moreover they took their in cheap workers from its colonies to help reconstruct the country. Although, the Oxford Dictionary defines immigration as To move to live permanently in a foreign country. These people have to work and act within community to give a basic quality of life. That played a important role in developing the UK. Basically the cities were rebuilt and became part than they were before the war. However, in this assignment, the economic situation will be examined. consequently how Britain dealt with this devastation and what were the advantages of immigration will be included. Finally, I will look at how immigration has impact on the British community.The Second World War made many British citizens migrated to different countries in the world such as USA and Australia , however that was offset by a massive number of Immigrants who came to the United Kingdom. The Afro-Caribbean from the West India was the first group who migrated to the UK . In addition, there were many people migrated to Britain that escape religious persecution and civil war (Foreign Commonwealth Office reported). for example from 1947 Pakistanis , Indians and Bangladeshis from 1971 . Furthermore, one of the mai n reasons that made migrants move to the UK which is political persecution and racial discrimination. When the Caribbean immigrants arrived to the United King doom the government provide for them many different jobs for example manual work, health, public transport, they staying in the most of cities in Britain such as London, Bradford and B. after that Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis came and they worked in factories such as cars industries and textile factories in Huddersfield, Leeds and Yorkshire. Many refugees from East African countries who had experience in business skills they got opportunity to find jobs as doctors, chemists and lawyers or ran small businesses. In the last 1970s, it was a familiar sight to see non-white people in the biggest cities in the UK. Moreover they extended to most of Britain, North and west Midlands were those people set in huge industrial cities as Sheffield, Liverpool, Nottingham and Greater London. In 1990s in the UK there were approximately 3.3 million non-white ethnic minorities that is representing 5.9 per cent of the British people. . In 18th century the Muslims sailors came, as known lascars, those who served on British ships they started settling in the port cities such as Liverpool, Glasgow and Cardiff. In the 1950s, there were migrate of the largest Muslim communities that who came from South Asia and seating in the poor areas, the textile towns of Lancashire , and the industrial towns in the Midlands, Strathclyde also in the Yorkshire. By the late 1840 there was growth number of immigrants to Britain that especially the immigrants who came from Irish. Moreover, at that period of time other group moved to the UK escape political and refugees from Nazism. Most of the Irish people who moved to Britain were agricultural workers.Yet, the immigration influence was clear in the United Kingdom specifically on the economy. Since the Second World War the immigrants who came to the UK were looking for a higher standard o f living, better jobs, good education and social safety which they missed in their countries. The United Kingdom had gratifying to immigrants in that period of time because there was suffering and shortage of workers which made them authentic low wages. The immigration affected the British economy by many reasons. Firstly, there were growing up of the workers number which helps the rate of production. Secondly, the immigrants made a lot of investments which improved and supported the ecosystem. Finally, the immigrants have been assisting to reconstruct country. The House of Lords (2007 p16) said that the economic impact of immigration depends partly on immigrants aloofness of stay in the UK. Among new immigrants in 2005, 44% said they intend to stay for 1-2 years (up from 35% in 1996), followed by 19% who said they intended to stay for 3-4 years, and 30% more than 4 years (down from 39% in 1996). most of employers found that migrants labour are very wise(p) and respect the work ethic, and are more enthusiastic about work for long hours. Although , there are matters about the conditions under which many migrant workers operate. The Low Pay Commission has expressed concern that some of them may be being paid below the discipline Minimum Wage. In Scotland, and in the United Kingdom as a whole, the food and health sectors are dependent on migrant workers and there are significant advantages for employers to recruit migrants in those sectors that face strong competition from abroad (Craig, 2007). Moreover, migrants worker can fill the gaps in skilled labour, it has been show that by the change magnitude the number of new National Health Service (NHS) dentists who are migrants. Moreover, the National Health Service depend on immigrants to produce them with qualified doctors. though the data are not recent, the Scottish Executive reported that, in 2000, all hospital doctors in NHS Scotland were certified outside the UK., The number of doctors have rosin in 1990 by more 12.3%,while the percentages of GPs was about the same as a decade earlier. These insure that immigrants have become an important source of supply for the health insurance system. With the growth of medical school places in the last two years, this situation looks set to being modified (House of Lords, 2007). In addition, the immigrants made the prices grow- up especially in the propriety which made it weighed heavy on the British people that made the Government tried to control it. The House of Lords (2007) said that The Prime Minister unveiled a new target of building 3 million homes by 2020. These new proprietary announced by the government following line with expectations, in that the number of households in England is predicted to increase by equivalent to almost 5 million new households. This growth is assumed because a huge figure of human beings is choosing to live alone. It is notable that the number of new families is unequal with the numbers of new houses to be b uilt.On the other hand, the culture in the UK has been affected by large number of immigrants. Furthermore they arrivals have changed many aspects of British culture. After II W W the immigrants brought with them their won culture such as clothes. Each group had it is own traditional culture as we call before Indian affected in the English culture with them their food .moreover Muslims involved with them their religion easily in the UK which the British culture accepted freedom of religions . That they were allowed to pray as well as they could do the unearthly events freely, and they Germans brought their classic music. This shows that Britain welcomed the various civilizations, and treated with them like if they were in their countries of origin.To conclude, immigration has helped the United Kingdom for developing by rebuilding the infrastructure and other important facilities since Second World War. Furthermore, the migratory groups had the huge impact on the British economy by working in many different part of factories. The huge number of immigrants made the trade and real estate growth it is has seen a great deal with immigrants who started came to the UK. It is said that about the economic completed of immigration, the immigrants have also influenced English culture. The largest cities in the UK are activated cities. As a result, this produces a nice atmosphere for both tourists and for other people to find whatever they want. What is more immigration has played an important role in changing and constructing the United Kingdom after the Second War Wolrd to what it is look like nowadays.

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Pro Euthanasia in Steinbecks Of Mice and Men Essay -- essays research

The Ultimate Gift-EuthanasiaPromptDefend or challenge the notion that Georges good turn of come outing Lennie was one of kindnessIn John Steinbecks classic novella, Of Mice and Men, George makes the closing of killing Lennie because he knows it is in Lennies best interest. His act of killing Lennie is not considered criminal. George has good intentions in killing his companion. George is trying to prevent Lennie from being hurt and from his constant desire to please George and not cause trouble. Additionally, Lennie repeatedly places himself in difficult situations, and as a result, brings George into the circumstances. There is a close association between George and Lennie, and George had carefully thought out whether or not he should destroy his life. George is faced with witnessing the death of candys beloved, old dog and Candys reaction to his death, which helps George to go down his resolution. After several years of looking after Lennie, George knows what is best for Len nie, as well as the people around him.George?s act of injection Lennie can be looked upon as gracious. If Lennie had not left the world and his problems, a large amount of torture would fiercely come his way. The bloodthirsty mob, including the violent, turbulent Curley, has the mindset to demolish this ignoramus who killed Curley?s wife. Because of Lennie?s mental evil and immaturity, he would not be able to handle such animosity. In saying that Lennie is not to blame for the death of Curley?s Wife, Lennie should not pack to face the merciless people at the farm. George knows that Lennie is unable to survive in the world. As disappointing as it is for George to know that he and Lennie will neer be able to fulfill their everlasting ... ... sheep dog and Lennie is an exceptional worker. some(prenominal) Lennie and the dog are shot with Carlson?s gun at the stomach of their head. Carlson reasons with Candy in explaining that if he shot him in that location it would be painless . In knowing that Lennie was shot in the back of the head, George intentionally did this for him to dupe a more peaceful, pleasant death. By examining George?s notion to kill Lennie, it is valid to say that his act was one of thoughtfulness and benevolence. Due to Lennie?s retardation, it is difficult for him to be independent. Lennie is able to escape being tortured, taken proceeds of, and being so hard on himself just for George?s acceptance. George learns from Candy?s mistake of not killing his dog himself, and George takes the initiative to do it the right way. Euthanasia was a gracious way of George letting Lennie go.

A Thankful Wedding Speech by the Bride :: Wedding Toasts Roasts Speeches

A Thankful Wedding Speech by the BrideAnyone who knows me well enough will know that it is hard to keep me bland and at present is no exception - I thought it only portion that the bride speaks, although I promise to keep it shortThe main reason I wanted to make a speech was to personally say give thanks you to some precise exceptional people who go for contri only ifed to today(To the groom) Firstly, and or so importantly, youve made me so happy since we met two years ago and today is the happiest day of my life. Thank you for making my life complete. Knowing your track recruit at either missing weddings or for acquire (or losing) your suit, I should as well as thank you for turning up at the wedding (eventually) w here we me, and, more importantly, thank you for getting to the church on time today and in your suit.I would also like to say a big thank you to my bridesmaids. Firstly, my sister, for looking subsequently me today and also on my hen weekend Thanks very much f or arranging our weekend in London, Im certain(p) everyone will agree we had an excellent time and I have a little something for you as a small token of my appreciation. And of course my opposite gorgeous bridesmaids whove been little angels today. I have a little something here for you both too. Thank you very much.(Presents gifts)I would like to thank my mum for all her help and support not just today but over the years and for giving me my something old which Im wearing for luck today. I have a small gift from us for you.I couldnt have been luckier to have such wonderful in-laws, thank you for making me feel so welcome in your family and for all your support with the wedding arrangements. A special thank you to my mother-in-law for sorting out the bridesmaids outfits and for making all of the invitations and order of divine service cards which were beautiful. And to my father-in-law, thank you for your lovely reading in church today.

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Comparing the Rich versus the Poor Essay -- Poverty

Rich v. Poor seclude a moment and picture a child half defenseless in the streets. His body has been harshly neglected. Little to no calf muscles exist. His ribs ar plainly countable. One, two, three up his left side. You can do the homogeneous to his right. Malnutrition only vaguely begins to describe his condition. The worst of anorexia doesnt even equal to this childs inhumane state. As for shelter, he lives in a dilapidated hut. Food is a luxury, as the child may be fed only three or four times a week. Hes expected to die by the age of v due to severe malnutrition and disease. This is the grim portrait of an Ethiopian child in absolute pauperization. His feel doesnt allow for the basic essentials of food, shelter, or clothing. In todays world poverty is not only viewed in terms of average income/wealth, but as the lower end of scattering regarding income, education, health accessibility, nutrition, productivity, participation in politics, etc. Thu s, poverty is defined as the economic condition in which community lack sufficient income to apply certain minimal levels of health services, food, housing, clothing, and education generally recognized as necessary to ensure an adequate sample of living (Funk & Wagnall 1). Adequate, however, depends on the standard of living for each country. There are two different types of poverty todayrelative and absolute. Nearly half of a billion people live in relative povertymeaning that some citizens are poor, relative to the wealth enjoyed by their neighbors (Singer 218). To put these figures in terms adept can relate to, its estimated that about 10% of human life resides in relative poverty. This is a substantial amount, but their condition is quite an well ... ...ay, prevent something very bad from happening, without thereby sacrificing anything of comparable moral deduction (Singer 229), and we should.Works Cited * Hardin, Garret. Living on a Lifeboat. Contemporary Mor al Problems. American Institute of Biological Sciences, 1974 246-257. * Poverty. Funk & Wagnalls New Encyclopedia. 1992 1-2. * Quadrini, Vincenzo. Ros-Rull, Jos-Vctor. dread the U.S. Distribution of Wealth. http// * Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis Quarterly Review v. 21 no2. Spring. 1997 22-36. * Singer, Peter. Rich and Poor. Practical Ethics. 2nd ed. Cambridge Cambridge University Press, 1993 218-246. * Speth, James Gustave. The Plight of the Poor The Unites States mustiness Increase Development Aid. Foreign Affairs v. 78 no3. May/June. 1999 1-3.

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Essay --

DanielleFirst, efficient marketplace theory implies that the market fully reflects the available information and react readily to any new information. In fact, good or bad intelligence information related to account elucidate income is usually evaluated rationally by investors and right off reflected the market share terms. Indeed, under an efficient market, this reflected market price depart meet the price predicted by the investors and that why in some cases we handbill no reactions to the earning performance whether it is good or bad.Second, sometimes there no considerable or even a reversed reaction to transmute in the stock price for the news related to reported profits income and that is due to an other event rather internal or outside(a) taking place in the same period that affects the market behavior towards the investors behaviour. To illustrate, if a company working in gas and petroleum perseverance deal have a reducing in its stock price because of a new environmental low (future expenses) even with the release of a higher net income.Finally, there is also the fact that the investors have reliable expectation toward the upcoming net income scarce in case that the reported net income doesnt overcome their expectations , even though the income is positive, investor wont react to these news .In fact, a company that posts a very impressive earnings performance, except its stock price barely moves because the investors had already expected these results and the reported net income just confirm these expectations.RobertThe inefficient market hypothesis consists on a market behaviour that sometimes drive asset prices above or below their true value. In fact, the existence and magnitude of certain stock price variations are sometimes incompatible with an eff... ...te earnings and in this situation, investors can have an idea about the level of accrual persistence so they can take the best decision towards that.Applying the Accounting p rinciples framework would be an efficient way to increase the persistence of accruals.To illustrate, the timely recognition and mesurebility of accruals would decreae the anomalies specially if they are implemented and disclosed to the public using the right method.The non specie assets and the non cash liability such as goodwill and future tax income obligation are more easily to manipulate than the cash flow. In fact, in order to increase the accruals persistence, these non cash flows items show follow a certain regulation. Indeed, Accounting provisions for impairment related to any decrease in value of these items or any affirmable loss but also posing a restrictive rule for any possible gain.

The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton :: The Outsiders SE Hinton

The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton, published by puffin books in 2001. cot boy is the little chum of Soda and Darry. trot, Soda and Darry break together in the house, that their p bents left them when they died in a car crash. Darry is 19 and a big muscly man who full treatment two jobs to support his two little brothers. Soda is 16 passing play on 17 and looks a lot like a classic god he works at a car green and dropped out of school because he needed to work to support the family. Pony is 14 and is an A student at school he likes to settle the sunset and is the narrator of this book.The Greasers are the poorest with not too much property at any. They drive fords and are much more laid rearward than the Socs. Greasers commit petty iniquitys and sometimes more serious ones. Greasers guard great hair which they take great pride in the Greasers wear of age(p) clothes and normally smoke far too much. The Greasers squeeze upright Skin fighting isnt rough. It blows of steam better than anything. (p37) Greasers usually bide together but sometimes they cant help throwing a punch or two.Socs are rich they have all the money and all the (cool) stuff. The Socs drive Mustangs and wear Madras ski jackets they have social clubs and beat up people for the fun of it. Socs fight dirty and they drink and fight amongst themselves. They are the devils of society then its saviours. They are the presidents and the politicians when they get old and when there young, they get in trouble for crime and abuse. Ill bet you square off sunsets, too. I nodded. I used to watch them, too, before I got so busy (p50) Cherry Valance (a socy cheerleader) and Pony boy both watch the same sunset. The Socs and the Greasers both live in Tulsa.

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Erroneus Assumptions in The Trial and Death of Socrates Essay -- Philo

Erroneus Assumptions in The Trial and Death of SocratesIn Platos Crito, Socrates explains to his old hotshot Crito his reasons for refusing an offer to help him escape execution. One of the tools Socrates uses to convince Crito of the righteousness of his ratiocination is a hypothetical debate concerning the state and laws of capital of Greece. Central to this argument is the congeniality that Socrates had always found in Athens, reflected by the fact that Socrates chose to remain in Athens for most of his life. Such a choice, the laws insist, implies a tacit arrangement between Socrates and the state of Athens, stipulating that Socrates either obey the laws or, when he deems the laws unsporting, persuade the metropolis to act in a more suitable fashion. It is this just obligation that prohibits Socrates from fleeing Athens to avoid execution. Socrates proves to Critos satisfaction that to break this musical arrangement would be to do impairment to the city of Athens, and as such it undersurface non be seriously considered. As he discusses his situation with Crito, Socrates refutes some of Critos basic assumptions. Curiously, however, Socrates does not examine his cause assumptions he never once asks if his agreement with Athens is just. He powerful assumes that Athens congeniality to him obligates him to follow the tenets of the agreement, but he does not ask if Athens feels similarly obligated. This question is central, for if Athens fails to uphold its part of the agreement the agreement cannot be just and Socrates is freed from any duty to it. I will show that Socrates own reasoning, particularly that used in Crito and Euthyphro, will prove that it is not only not wrong to break the agreement, but also that it is wrong to abide by an unjust agreement, such as... ...nywhere in the text of the Crito or the Euthyphro, unlike most of the other claims, which were derived from actual arguments in one of these Socratic dialogues. Whether or not the ag reement is rendered unjust by Athens actions is distinctly a debatable point, which affects the rest of the argument. There does not seem to be a way to prove undoubtedly that the agreement itself is made unjust if one of the parties unjustly refuses to acknowledge its obligations. Theoretically, the agreement is still sound, but this argument rests on the idea that, in practice, the agreement can never be more than what the parties make it. Although far from incontrovertible, the claim that the agreement is unjust can at least be reasonably defended against criticism. And if the above argument is correct, Socrates died for the rice beer of the unjust action of adhering to an impious agreement.

Alzheimers Disease Health Promotion Case Study :: Alzheimers Disease Essays

Introduction     This component will discuss the impact of Alzheimers disease on racial, cultural, and gender variables, with the revolve about being on the various approaches to deal out of the disease. Developmental stages and tasks will be discussed for both the client and the c begiver.Gender and acculturation     Alzheimers disease and related dementias impress all races, ethnicities and cultures equally. (Anonymous, 1998) Of people over 65 an estimated 6-10% will be abnormal by some form of dementia. (Hendrie, 1998) It is only in gender where we down slightly more women than men who be affected by this pernicious illness. (Lautenschlager et al., 1996) The only controllable risk factor that is known at this manoeuvre is cigarette gage. In a large study in Germany smoking cigarettes doubled the risk of dementia in the older population. (Ott et al., 1998)      Alzheimers disease patients send packing survive fo r 3-20 or more years. It is not the AD that kills the patient, rather it is diseases of agedness and/or inactivity, with pneumonia being the leading cause at 70%. This is followed by heart disease, stroke, and cancer. (Thomas, Starr, & Whalley, 1997) Cultural Differences     Race, culture, religion and ethnicity all play a part in how we care for our agedly. Each family accepts decisions based on background, experience, expectations, cognition base, and economics. Most people would like to be able to care for their agedness parent or spouse with as little disruption to life style as possible. Alzheimers Disease, however, is a full time commitment, not just eightsome hours a day, only when "24/7", as the current stress implies, the patient needs continuous care. Sleep habits are disturbed, wandering is common, medications moldiness be carefully controlled, safety is always important. Home care in brief becomes frustrating and exhausting if left to one or two caregivers. When the base caregiver has his/her own medical needs to see to, is also aged, or is the parent of young children as well, the burden can become overwhelming. In-home care is a possibility as is placement in a live-in facility, but both are expensive alternatives.     In California ethnic minorities make up a large part of our population. In the book Culture and Nursing Care A Pocket Guide, there are characteristics of these groups and generalizations are made about how they care for their elderly. (Lipson, 1996) The following table highlights some of these groups that are represented in the Bay Area.American Indian          Status of "elder" begins in middle age.

Humanitarian Intervention Essay -- Human Rights

The debate of humanitarian intervention and the responsibility to nurse wealthy person been discussed in inter depicted object relations discourse more seriously within the last 60 years. The major historical developments which have guide to an increase in the intensity of these debates have had secure and detrimental set up on terra firma within the last 20 years. Several factors have contributed to this including globalization, the rise in outside(a) accountability, an increase humanitarian consciousness to forestall major atrocities from occurring, the expansion of territorial to global responsibility of the western world, and the acknowledgment of the western world that regional sovereignty no longer accounts for national security. To develop an opinion on the subject of humanitarian intervention and how beneficial it has been to global justice one must examine the institutions which were created to achieve peace, justice, deterrence, and planetary stability. The milita ry tribunals following WWII for Germany and Japan called the Nuremburg and Tokyo trials enlightened the victors of the great war. As a result the Allies felt it was essential to create an over-arching good system of governance in the international spectrum. These trails established that human rights violations which erst only gave rise to state responsibility now could be prosecuted against individuals. These trials as well as brought about the realization in the international community that international truth can over-ride domestic law. In 1945 the United Nations was established with the goal of creating international principles and policies which would bring order to the chaotic international political and legal reality. quest WWII nations around the world recognized the nee... ...asure of justice if it is applied to all victims of the Earth not only ones in which major powers have vested interests.Works CitedThe distress to Protect, Again A Comparative Study Of Internatio nal And Regional Reactions Towards addition Disasters In Rwanda And Darfur Hagar Taha http//soas.academia edu/HagarTaha/Papers/609868/The_Failure_to_Protect_Again_A_Comparative_Study_Of_ International_And_Regional_Reactions_Towards_Humanitarian_Disasters_In_Rwanda_And_DarfurWar Crimes constabulary Comes of Age Theodore MeronCounter-hegemonic International Law Balakrishnan RajagopalEssentials International Criminal Law Slye and Van SchaackR2P Alive and Well later on Lybia Thomas WeissThe R2P Controversy Ramesh Thakur and Mary Ellen OConnell Reflections on the Legality and genuineness of NATOs Intervention in Kosovo Nicholas Wheeler

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Crime Control versus Due Process in Canada :: Criminal Justice Papers

Crime entertain and repayable functioning are two different ideal types of criminal umpire. One could submit they are extremes on a continuum. The role of crime control is to becharm the criminal off the street and to protect the innocent. The repayable process mold of criminal justice is like an obstacle course, you subscribe to keep going away through legal obstacles to ensure in the end you convict the proficient person. In Canada the police lean toward crime control and the courts lean toward due process. This causes tension between the police and the courts. I will argue for both crime control and due process, putting more weight on due process If we did non have due process in Canada, people in positions of power, could manipulate the remains for their own personal or political gain and railroad the innocent off to prison. One of the benefits of due process is demonstrated in the Belshaw case. The inquisitorial scheme of justice is found on crime control the Swis s police had a life-threatening time in Canada with Mr. Belshaw, because of his right to due process, under Canadian equity. both systems of justice share common beliefs, for example, they both look for proof beyond a reasonable doubt. In Canada we fight about facts and laws, where-as the inquisitorial system searches for the facts. The adversarial system has a separation of powers with the police, crown, defense, and the judge. It is quite different for the inquisitorial system of justice, the police do the arrest, then they present the facts to crown, which then decide if they have a case and turn over the express to the judge. The only worry is that the judge decides what will lead them to the truth. How any evidence was collected is irrelevant. In due process if the police obtain evidence and violate the law or a persons charter of rights and freedoms the judge will exclude the evidence from the hearing, even if it would help or prove that the person is guilty. These two sy stems of justice are generated in democratic traditions. In the case of Alois Dolejs the crime control model, was swift and took the criminal off the streets. The police had a lot of slender evidence, for example, bloody cloths and two different types of blood. On the advise of his attorney, he was instructed not to disclose the location of the bodies, until after the trial.

The Legend of La Llorona Essay -- Urban Legends

A Guatemalan native, a male graduate scholar that I work with in my research group at the University told this composition. He came from the countryside, animation in a small village back home. According to him, the grade of La Llorona, involving a dolorous woman, arose sometime in the 1700s and became well cognize both at school and home. Some claimed to have actually seen the weeping woman. Some disregard it as unscientific and implausible. No one is certainly of the exact origin of this urban legend. This story was told to me and another graduate student in our research group while sitting in research laboratory waiting for the experiment results. The story began as we started sharing our own oscilloscope and the culture of our own countries when the storyteller decided to make a small-scale shift and started to tell a story told to him by his older cousin--the story of La LloronaIt all began with a recent hidalgo (a member of the low aristocracy in Spain) falli ng in love with a beautiful besides lowly girl, blowa. Some years ago, the young hidalgo fell in love with Mara. Mara had a casita--a little house--where the young hidalgo would visit and bring his friends. In almost every way, they shared a happy life together. Eventually, Mara bore him two or three children. Everything was well except that their marriage was not blessed by the church, as his parents knew nothing about the arrangement. When his parents found out about Mara, they would not allow him to marry her and would not accept her as his married woman nor her children as their grandchildren. They went on and urged him to marry a more suitable peeress to give them grandchildren this suitable lady was also a member of the minor nobility in Spain, also very beautiful. At some top dog in time, he ga... ... walk outside late at night, you capacity just hear her crying Works CitedFigueredo, Maria L. The Legend of La Llorona Excavating and (Re) Interpreting the Archety pe of the Creative/Fertile Feminine Force, Latin American Narratives and Cultural Identity, 2004 Peter Lang Publishing, Inc., New York. pp232-243.History-Guatemala. Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition, 2005. http// markup language/section/Guatemal_History.asp. La Llorona Commercial Takes Hispanic Creative Honors. Hispania News-The Hispanic Communitys Newspaper. 2002. October 9th. http// inscription/2002/10/09/14.htm. Villanueva, Alma Luz. La Llorona/ flagging Woman, Weeping Woman, 1994. Tempe, Arizona . pp 1-7.West, John O. The Weeping Woman La Llorona, Legendary Ladies of Texas, 1994 Texas Folklore Society. Nacogdoches, Texas. pp 31-36.

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Poland and the Black Death Essay -- the bubonic plague

The bubonic plague is not a virus but rather a bacterium called Yersinia pestis (discovered in 1894 by a bacteriologist named Alexandre Yersin) that lives in the beginningstream of rats as an inconsequential infection. It transfers from rat to rat by fleas, which today we know were the master copy carriers of the plague. When a flea bites an infected rat and picks up the bacteria, it rapidly reproduces in the fleas digestive tract, create a mass that doesnt allow the flea to swallow. The flea begins to lust from this blockage, and bites crude rats in hopes to find food, unable to swallow the flea vomits what it has bitten back into the blood stream, along with the bacteria that was in the fleas stomach, thus infecting a new rat. The plague began when fleas frantically searching for food began to bite humans as well as rats, giving the humans Yersinia pestis, which unknown to the human resistant system, manifested into the plague (Damen 2014). However, humans can not only contrac t the disorder from fleas biting them, but also by inhaling the bacteria. In humans the ailment can manifest in three ways bubonic, septicemic or pneumonic way. In the bubonic plague (which was most common during the drab conclusion) the lymph nodes in the neck, armpit, and groin swell and blacken into buboes that then infect the equaliser of the body. The common practice was to pop these boils, and so typically infection killed the patient of if the disease managed to not. With the septicemic plague, the bacterium inhibits the bodys ability to clot, causing internal hemorrhaging that kills the patient. With the pneumonic plague, the bacterium settles in the victims lungs and inwardly four to five days, the lungs essentially liquefy, killing the patient. With the pneumoni... ...Jews Went Viral. N.p., 28 Mar. 2013. Web. 10 Feb. 2014.The somber Death Horseman of the Apocalypse in the Fourteenth Century. The dumb Death. N.p., n.d. Web. 08 Feb. 2014.The Black Death . N.p., 11 Dec. 2008. Web. 8 Feb. 2014.Trueman, Chris. The Black Death of 1348 to 1350. History Learning Site, n.d. Web. 09 Feb. 2014.VanPutte, cinnamon bark L., Jennifer L. Regan, and Andrew F. Russo. Chapter 11 Blood.Seeleys Essentials of Anatomy & Physiology. New York McGraw-Hill, 2013. N. pag. Print.Wein, Berel. The Black Death. Jewish History. N.p., n.d. Web. 8 Feb. 2014.What Is hemophilia? NHLBI.NIH.GOV. National Heart Lung and Blood Institute, 31 July 2013. Web. 10 Feb. 2014.Wilensky, Gabriel. Blaming the Jews for the Black Death Plague. Six Million Crucifixions. N.p., n.d. Web. 11 Feb. 2014.