Sunday, March 24, 2019

The Legend of La Llorona Essay -- Urban Legends

A Guatemalan native, a male graduate scholar that I work with in my research group at the University told this composition. He came from the countryside, animation in a small village back home. According to him, the grade of La Llorona, involving a dolorous woman, arose sometime in the 1700s and became well cognize both at school and home. Some claimed to have actually seen the weeping woman. Some disregard it as unscientific and implausible. No one is certainly of the exact origin of this urban legend. This story was told to me and another graduate student in our research group while sitting in research laboratory waiting for the experiment results. The story began as we started sharing our own oscilloscope and the culture of our own countries when the storyteller decided to make a small-scale shift and started to tell a story told to him by his older cousin--the story of La LloronaIt all began with a recent hidalgo (a member of the low aristocracy in Spain) falli ng in love with a beautiful besides lowly girl, blowa. Some years ago, the young hidalgo fell in love with Mara. Mara had a casita--a little house--where the young hidalgo would visit and bring his friends. In almost every way, they shared a happy life together. Eventually, Mara bore him two or three children. Everything was well except that their marriage was not blessed by the church, as his parents knew nothing about the arrangement. When his parents found out about Mara, they would not allow him to marry her and would not accept her as his married woman nor her children as their grandchildren. They went on and urged him to marry a more suitable peeress to give them grandchildren this suitable lady was also a member of the minor nobility in Spain, also very beautiful. At some top dog in time, he ga... ... walk outside late at night, you capacity just hear her crying Works CitedFigueredo, Maria L. The Legend of La Llorona Excavating and (Re) Interpreting the Archety pe of the Creative/Fertile Feminine Force, Latin American Narratives and Cultural Identity, 2004 Peter Lang Publishing, Inc., New York. pp232-243.History-Guatemala. Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition, 2005. http// markup language/section/Guatemal_History.asp. La Llorona Commercial Takes Hispanic Creative Honors. Hispania News-The Hispanic Communitys Newspaper. 2002. October 9th. http// inscription/2002/10/09/14.htm. Villanueva, Alma Luz. La Llorona/ flagging Woman, Weeping Woman, 1994. Tempe, Arizona . pp 1-7.West, John O. The Weeping Woman La Llorona, Legendary Ladies of Texas, 1994 Texas Folklore Society. Nacogdoches, Texas. pp 31-36.

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