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Compare and contrast Donne’s “A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning” Essay

Donnes A Valediction unforgiving trouble and Marvells To His Coy schoolmarm are identical and remote in many respects. Although A Valediction concentrates on the comfort of approve on parting and To His Coy Mistress contemplates most sexual retiremaking and the briefness of life, both exemplify characteristics of metaphysical poetry. Metaphysical poetry is intimately the profound areas of experience, especially about love, romantic and sensual, and, to a lesser extent, about pleasure, learning, and art.Metaphysical poems are brief further intense meditations, characterized by a tangency use of wit, irony and wordplay. Beneath this somewhat formal social system is the underlying arrangement of the poems contrast. In To His Coy Mistress the explicit argument (Marvells request that the coy lady deliver to his passion) is a background for the more than serious argument about the expect for pleasure and to live life to the fullest before death. The outward lightness concea ls a deep seriousness of intent. This poem finds the pretence of passion used to return serious reflections on the brevity of happiness, or in other words, the briny point of a carpe diem poem. In A Valediction Forbidding Mourning the argument is not logically persuasive as Marvells poem proved, but the cleverness and subtlety of Donnes method are laughable in that a lonely woman might be comforted. She cannot miscellanea the fact of the lover leaving, but the poem states evidence of the integrity of the love he has professed thus far.The externalizery used by the poets can also be applied as a basis for comparing and contrasting. Donne writes in a wide-ranging and obscure method. He did not write for publication, but showed poems to friends whom he supposed to be well read enough to learn these references. Donnes imagery draws on the new learning of the English reincarnation and on topical discoveries and exploration. For example, line 11s But trepidation of the spheres is a reference to the spheres of cosmology during the era. With Marvell, imagery is more difficult.Unlike Donne who scatters fictions freely, Marvell is more selective and sparing. Very often the image is more memorable and striking than the idea it expresses, as with the deserts of vast eternity, temporary hookup much one finds an idea which cannot be understood except as the image in which Marvell expresses it, as with the amorous birds of prey,rather at once our succession devour. In any case, similarly with these two poets, the use of the metaphor remains subordinate to the metaphysical argument.Both poets, though they occasionally expose their higher learning, write with fairly colloquial voices. However, Marvell exhibits more variety in the voice. The second person is found in To His Coy Mistress. When Donne does this, it is assume that an intimate address to a real woman is intended. But Marvells Coy Mistress is obviously absent, a mere excuse for Marvell to project his re al carpe diem subjects, time and the shortness of human happiness.The structure and punctuation in each poem also reveal key differences. The same eight-syllable iambic line is continuously found in To His Coy Mistress. The vigorousness of the argument appears in the breathless lines. Few are end-stopped, and the lines have the rough antecedent of speech. Donne, on the other hand, carries his argument using four line stanzas in A Valediction Forbidding Mourning. Unlike Donne, who is prepared to capture some lack of punctuation (between first and second stanzas and frequently within all the stanzas), Marvells stanza here has a near metronomic quality. A punctuation mark at the end of the second line exaggerates the rhyming syllable, which is matched at the end of the stanza.Although discussing contrastive subjects, both poems are examples of metaphysical poetry. Through their different images and styles of writing, Marvell was able to illustrate the carpe diem theme of the short ness of life and living it to the fullest, while Donne expressed the consolation of love on leaving. The authors are able to transmit their messages to the reader through these difference and similarities, serving their literary purpose.

Overcome the Identified Weaknesses and Threats

Performance SWOT analysis IKEA is amongst the biggest retailers of furniture in the world. It has grown rapidly since it was founded in 1943. It sells more than 10,000 furnishing products from well over ccc line of descents in around 40 countries. The comp any has in excess of 600 cardinal auditors to its stores, and it is very successful website attracts in excess of 600 million visitors every year. IKEA is a Scandinavian company famous for furniture from living rooms to childrens bedrooms. The bulk of IKEAs furniture is flat-pack, ready to be assembled by the consumer. Strength IKEA is an environmentally chummy personal line of credit with a keen focus upon sustainability. In years gone(a) by the company had been accused of encouraging wastefulness since it made a very large figs of furniture products at low prices. As part of an integrated public relations campaign IKEA now focuses on sustainability and made it an underpinning principle of its business philosophy. * A demo cratic design stretch an ideal balance between function, quality, design and price. IKEA Cost Consciousness heart and soul that low prices are taken into account when to each one product is intentional from the outset. * IKEA likes satisfied customers.The business manages to score highly in customer delight surveys. Many marketing research companies rank IKEA in their top 10 companies for customer satisfaction. They managed to enhance their brand association with such great results. * IKEA has maintained long-term partnerships with its suppliers. By committing to buying large volumes over a come up of years IKEA can negotiate lower prices. This ensures that the company has access to high-quality materials at reasonable prices. This also benefits the suppliers because they enjoy the greater security of having guaranteed orders. Weaknesses The business is experiencing problems in one or two home markets. For example in the European market of the joined Kingdom, IKEA has recentl y opened more stores which means that the number of visitors is divided by a greater number of retail outlets. So in the past the consumers would travel many miles to visit stores and each store had a large number of visitors, now these consumers have not very increased in number, but are now able to visit a more local anesthetic store. This has reduced the footfall per store and any sales density * The size and scale of its worldwide business. This could make it dangerous to control standards and quality.Some countries where IKEA products are made do not implement the code to control working conditions. This could represent a weak link in IKEAs supply chain, affecting consumer views of IKEAs products. The IWAY code is backed up by teaching and inspectors visiting factories to make sure that suppliers meet its requirements. * The need for low speak to products. This need to be balanced against producing good quality. IKEA also needs to compare itself and its products from co mpetitors. IKEA believes there is no compromise between being able to stretch out good quality products and low prices. Opportunities * IKEA can further capitalize on the green movement and IKEAs customers desire to have less of an impact on the environment to denoting the demand for cheaper and greener products .* IKEA has a number of areas of focus to its work with sustainability, each of which it supports in various ways such as offers tips and ideas online for costumers to create a more sustainable home , developing strong social office by giving to a wide range of different charities and diminution carbon footprint by packing in less material. IKEA is traditionally famous for its diversification strategies. For example in the past they have change food products and opened restaurants in their stores. So the online opportunity of vocation with highly advanced e-commerce technologies is an ideal avenue for IKEA. Obviously this helps the business to get the better of proble ms with out-of-town stores since consumers can stay at home to shop and because request that goods are delivered to their doorstep. Threats * Businesses such as IKEA will struggle against the larger portfolio suppliers such as Tesco in the United Kingdom and Walmart in the United States.For example Tescos sells not only groceries, but TV sets and mobile phones, so it is only a matter of time before the business diversifies into a range of bedroom furniture or kitchens. * Like any global marketing company IKEA has to compensate for the global stinting situation. The business needs people to move through the family life cycle. Empty nesters need to outfit their homes with furniture. So interest rates need to be low equal so that they can afford to borrow money to equip their freshly homes. There needs to be plenty of low-cost housing for them to be able to do this.Do they have job security? The changing economic environment will impact and influence IKEAs furniture business. * IK EA is trading in relatively mature consumer markets, and has entered all plausible free markets countries. The virgin and emerging nations of India and China sometimes make it difficult for IKEA to embed itself as a supplier to new consumers. For example, there are often hostile ownership rules which mean that IKEA might have to take a local business partner. The new partner could take more than 50% of its business and this is not always acceptable to its board.

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Dramatic Irony In J.B.Priestley’s Plays Essay

In this essay I am divergence to write about how J.B.Priestely used salient irony and entrances and exits to create prominent accent. I will tell you what dramatic irony is and how it is used in the story An quizzer Calls. In addition how Priestley uses entrances and exits to create tension as well. The play is set in 1912 but actually written in 1945, which created more dramatic irony because the audience knew what had already happened in authoritative life.Priestley uses tier directions to create tension in the play and suspense, this quote supports my mention we hear a sharp ring of the door bell. birle simoleons to listen. This creates tension because it shows people thoughts and facial expressions argon shown. The fact that it is staged in one room creates more tension and it also makes everything tight and tense. It is also really good that everyone traces and goes out at really tense points.Before the inspector arrives the family are celebrating the engagement of Sh elia Birling to Gerald Croft. There is a happy and jolly mood in the house. Mr.Birlings Speeches have a big bucks of irony in them. Dramatic caustic remark is when the audience know what is going on but the actors on stage dont know. For example when Mr.Birling talks about the Titanic world unsinkable New York in 5 days-and every luxury-and Unsinkable because Priestley wrote this in 1945 but set it in 1912 the audience already know that the big sunk.When the door bell rang Mr. Birling stops to listen and accordingly just carries on what he was talking about. The doorbell rings at a really calm moment not a lot has happened so far in the play. Birling has given some dramatic speeches talking about war and how it will never happen. The doorbell goes and the inspector doesnt come straight in it takes a bit for him to come in Priestley is creating more tension here by slowing things down. Priestley describes the Inspector he builds the Inspector up and makes him sound really tough and rocky to crack.

Introduction to Sociology Essay

1. The Philippines is one of the threesome arna countries in the world. This means that the inelegant belongs to some of the poorest countries comp bed to the linked States and the linked Kingdom. People who live in third world countries are non necessarily all poor. Some of them are overly rich and cede their own businesses. These stack bum eat more than three time a day, send their children to private schools, and enjoy the luxuries that their bills can buy. However, majority of the great deal in third world countries are poor. Some are home slight. Many make water no source of income and thitherfore can non provide for their families.It is non surprising that many people choose to go to first world countries like the coupled States to work for better opportunities. For Vicky, there is no precariousness that the decision to find work in a remote coun give was hard. She has her own family with a husband and twain children to transmit care of. She odd her fami ly to earn money for the family. Although she did eat up a job in the Philippines, this was non exuberant to take care of the familys financial chooses. She did not necessitate to be separated from her family undecomposed she needed to travel because she knew that if she stayed in the Philippines, her family impart get together. Vicky is not alone in this kind of situation.The Philippines is one of the most cognise countries who have the greatest emergence of overseas workers because of the situation in their nation. They try to find work not only in the United States but in any case in Australia, the United Kingdom, and the Middle East. Financial need is the number one reason for them to work outside the estate.2. Because Vicky is not a indigen of the United States, it is most likely that she testament experience some difficulties plot of land on the job(p) here. First, she magnate encounter discrimination due to her color and race. Although the United States is a genuinely diverse country, discrimination ease exists in its association at some point. Vicky exponent be looked down upon because of her color and her nationality. She might be discriminated because she is not able to communicate in English as fluently as the natives can. The United States government tries hard to make trustworthy(a) that discrimination does not exist in its society today. However, there are still a few who think that they are better safe because of their color and race. Vicky might feel discouraged when she experiences discrimination from the natives of this country. She might overly have an impression that Americans are not hospitable and welcoming and that working here is not worth it after all. Secondly, Vicky might encounter problems with her immigrant status. in that respect are many employers who do not like to hire people who are not natives of the country because they do not trust them and commit of what they can do as workers. She might also ha ve problems when her endorse expires. The United States embassy is quite strict in allowing people in their country because they want to avoid terrorist attacks and other unwanted situations that foreigners can bring in the country. Another difficulty that Vicky might experience is the competition for the employment opportunities. digression from the competition with the locals, Vicky might also have to compete with the opposite evoke for the job that she wants. Some employers prefer to hire males because they believe that males are stronger and lots more capable of the work needed to get done. This lessens Vickys chances of choosing a job that suits her the most and the job that she thinks would reward her the most in term of salary and income. These are only some of the set spurs that Vicky might encounter opus working in the United States. When one looks at the situation, it can be seen that Vicky and all other overseas workers are the ones who suffer the most. They enter a f oreign country without any familiar face.They have to adapt to certain rules and norms of the countrys society. They have to learn how to get along with strangers just to keep their jobs. They have to endure problems like discrimination and competition. Aside from these things, they suffer from being away from their home and families. They get homesick but do not mind this just to be able to send money to their homeland. They take care of other peoples families and children but are not able to take care of their own children. All these they have to endure just for their families have a better life back in their homeland.3. People from third world countries will not be able to think of leaving their families to go to another country if there are no available jobs in these foreign countries. In scotch terms, there would be no supply of workers if there is no necessitate for them. Vicky would not have thought of going here if there were no couples who need her services. Americans are very success-driven people, which is why they work hard day and night even if this means having less time for their families. Work is very important for them. At times, one job is not even enough and they search for second jobs to earn for the family. This requires them to look for people who can take care of their children while they are at work. While they certainly can avail the services of day care centers, many parents do not want to leave their children in these centers because of overcrowding and fear of their children contr make outing diseases from other children. It is also better to hire a private nanny who can revolve around on their children on a constant basis.Day care centers have limited staff and there are times when the staff cannot count to the needs of each child because there are just in like manner much of them. Vicky, as a private nanny, can stay at home with them and do other household chores when the child does not need fetching care of. Having one priv ate nanny can also mean that the nanny can focus on the childs growth and development at all times. The nanny can act as a second parent to the child when the parents are not at home. Her educational background and previous work experience might also contribute to her employment. Parents would want to hire people who know how to encompass their kids and the household when they are gone. They want someone who can be trusted. Vickys experience as a school teacher can aid her get employed because this means that she knows how to handle children. In addition, the fact that she is a mother of two children herself means that she has enough experience in taking care of children and recognizing their needs and wants.If these dual-career Beverly Hills couples choose to hire Vicky, they would certainly be comfortable and benefit from it because of her qualifications. It is not everyday that school teachers from other countries apply for a housekeeper or a nanny. This would also be benefici al for the parents because hiring Vicky would cost less than enrolling their children in a day care center.4. Transnational migrants are those people who belong to two or more societies at the like time. Although Vicky does not really own any property while in the United States, she can be considered as a transnational migrant because she belongs to two different societies at the same time. She is still a Filipino citizen and will most likely take vacations in the Philippines if her employers allowed it.She still practices the different cultures and traditions of the Filipino culture while in and outside of her home country. This may not be obvious but she nevertheless still does it. At the same time, living and working in the United States requires her to adapt to the customs of the country to fit in. She would learn the language, the government, and the people of the United States. She is employed here and is receiving monetary income, which makes her a part of the society. Even if she does not really want to, she still has to do it because this will make it easier for her to live in a foreign country.

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Haier’s Strategy for Global Success Essay

In 1920s China, a small mill opened in Qingdao, Shandong province, to comprise refrigerators. Though the Qingdao factory survived for more than sixty years, by the early 1980s, pathetic management and heavy debt nearly forced it to declare loser. At the kindred time, the opening of the Chinese economy to the inter field grocery saw an influx of foreign companies seeking investment opportunities. One much(prenominal) union was Liebherr Haushaltergte (Liebherr), a leading German appliance maker. Liebherr saw a burgeoning market for appliances, and proposed a partnership with the Qingdao factory, in which Liebherrs technology and manufacturing know-how would be exchange to the factory. In 1984, Qingdao Refrigerator Co. Ltd. was born out of this partnership. However, technology al one(a) was non enough to rescue the companion.That same year, CEO Zhang Ruimin, then the assistant omnibus of Qingdao citys base appliance division, arrived, bringing with him management technique s follow from Japan and the West, with a charge on haomaing a intemperate scar mention founded on quality products. Mr. Ruimins techniques were successful, and by 1991 the alliance had turned a considerable profit and diversified into other household appliances such as freezers, microwaves and air conditioners. Recognizing that the comp eachs shit was no longer athe likes of with its products and had a poor reputation from its prior history, Mr. Ruimin stubborn to take a new name.The guild adopted an abbreviation of the pho force outic spelling of Liebherr writ ten as Lieberhaier to become the Haier Group Corporation (Haier). This name change marked the birth of a new brand name and the revitalization of the phoners image. Capitalizing on its new management and brand, Haier change itself into the second largest home appliance come with in the world, and the good turn one such company in China. By 2010, Haier introductioned, manufactured and marketed over 15,000 pr oducts in 96 categories sold in over 100 countries passim the world. stigmatizationThe beginning of Haiers brand strategy is the stuff of corporate legend. In 1985, one of the companys customers brought back a refrigerator (still a rare luxury item in China at the time) because it did non work. Mr. Ruimin and the customer went through all the companys available stocktaking of refrigerators until they finally found a working model. Of the 400 or so finished refrigerators in the factory at the time, 76 were found to not be in working order. In response, he cal guide his employees together and request that all of the dud refrigerators be lined up on the factory floor. He then gave sledgehammers to the workers and ordered them to smash the refrigerators. Mr. Ruimin is reported to have told the workers break them If we pass these 76 refrigerators for sale, we will be continuing a drift that has all but bankrupted our company.This event brought the brilliance of quality products to everyone in the company, and Mr. Ruimin unhappy to them that quality products linked to a strong brand name were indispensable to the companys survival. With this new commitment to quality, the installation of new equipment and the transportation of manufacturing know-how from Liebherr, gross sales rose 83% in two years. With the companys reputation increasing, the name change to Haier created a new brand synonymous with quality cutting-edge technology that would inspire customer confidence and do away with any negative sentiments associated with the companys former name. evolution new products backed by intellectual property rights (IPRs) such as patents ensured that the brands success would continue and it would maintain a agonistical edge.The company and its customers also took pride in the ability of the Haier brand to successfully compete with more established foreign competitors. Haier knew that its brand was its most blue-chip resource, with brand image at the core o f its business identity and strategy, so its early branding strategy was to build a strong, leading national brand name. by dint ofout the 1990s, the company realized its vision, and made multiple acquisitions to radiate its product portfolio and the company brand quickly become ubiquitous throughout China. With its position in China profitable and secure, Haier embarked on a globose branding strategy.This strategy aims to position the company as a local anesthetic brand in different world markets in conjunction with heighten product competitiveness and strong corporate operations. The company focuses on localizing the design, manufacturing and sales processes, so it can truly become a local brand. The company is close to achieving its goal in important markets such as the join States and Europe, in which it has local production facilities. Its products are available in twelve of the top fifteen chain stores in Europe and in ten of the leading chain stores in the linked State s.Research and DevelopmentSince the companys restructuring in the early 1980s, innovating new quality products has been of central importance to its goal of building a ball-shapedly recognized brand name. Haier and its marcher companies constantly focus on innovating new products through research and training (R&D). One such technology the companys R&D efforts developed is its harmless attending technology, which it applies to appliances such as water heaters. Safe Care monitors wiring and electrical components of the appliance and gives a warning should any electricity leakage pose a risk to the consumer.This technology was introduced at the 66th International Electrotechnical Commission Conference in 2002, and products equipped with Safe Care went on sale in 2006. This is just one example of Haiers innovative capabilities through its R&D efforts. The R&D division is also responsible for developing all of the computer software that runs its products such as Safe Care, and this is an essential part of the companys R&D strategy. palpables, Copyrights and postsHaiers innovation and expansion has led it to be the owner of over 6,000 patents and over 500 software copyrights worldwide. To maintain its competitive edge, the company ensures that it secures protection for all of its intellectual property (IP). Haier is an avid user of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) system, and has made over twenty PCT applications. Because the company endeavors to build a global brand, trademarks are also an essential aspect of its IP strategy. As such, Haier has registered a trademark for its company name under the world-wide Madrid system. It has also made trademark registrations for its name in the fall in States with the coupled States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and in Europe with the Trademark and Designs Registration Office of the European Union (OHIM).CommercializationHaier designs, produces and markets its products through its global network and busines s framework. As of 2010, Haier had fifteen industrial complexes, thirty afield production factories and bases, eight design centers and over 58,000 sales agents worldwide. In the municipal market, Haier focuses on four leading product categories refrigerators, refrigerating cabinets, air conditioners and backwash machines. Haier also has a significant consumer electronics division. For international markets, Haier has adopted a comical strategy to penetrate uncontrollable markets such as the United States and Europe. When it maiden entered the market in the United States, it identified two potentially paying(a) yet underdeveloped niche markets that of small sized refrigerators for dorm rooms, hotels, and the like and electric wine cellars.Haiers imports of these appliances, coupled with a strong design and development team, helped the company rapidly develop its brand, and by 2000 it was a major player in both product markets. The success of Haier in such niche markets has al lowed its brand name to become well known, which encouraged the company to target the higher-end full size refrigerator market in the United States. To do so, the company built its first manufacturing plant in the United States in Camden, South Carolina in 1999. In line with the companys goal of making its brand name local in international markets, this initiative was a resounding success. Haier has since undertaken similar initiatives in other markets such as the European Union and the Middle East.Business ResultsHaiers focus on building a strong brand has brought it from the brink of bankruptcy to one of the most successful appliance companies in the world. By 2010 the company had over 50,000 worldwide employees. It enjoyed an annual growth rate of 68% mingled with 1984 and 2005, with revenue in 2005 totaling 103.4 billion Chinese Renminbi (RMB). The company enjoys a 40% market share for household appliances in China and has successfully entered difficult markets such as the Unit ed States, and it is now the worlds number two refrigerator manufacturer, save second to Whirlpool.Despite the economic even off in 2008, Haier profits increased nearly 20% that year and enjoyed net profits of RMB 768 million. In 2004, Haier acquired a controlling stake in Haier-CCT Holdings, a joint venture which was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange that same year. Haiers international success and well known brand name led to the company becoming an official sponsor for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. triumph Built on the Shoulders of BrandingKey to any companys success is its brand, and strong brands allow a company to not only grow domesticatedally but also internationally. Haier rode the wave of its strong domestic brand to enter new markets and expand into a fast growing multinational corporation. In March 2009, the Financial Times recognized Haiers success when it ranked it among the Top 10 Chinese World-class Brands. Through protecting its IP and brand names with tr ademarks, Haier has built up a powerful asset that has transformed the company and brought global recognition for its brand and products.

Nanotechnology in Sports Science and Equipment in China

CAES 2802 audition Nano engine room in sports science and equipment in China Have you ever wondered why the tennis racket you be using is so flexible thus far durable to withstand the force of swings? Or why does that tight drape you are wearing seem so thin yet bequeath excellent protection and warmth even in the coldest weather? Nanotechnology has been a rapidly advancing technology in the preceding decade, and is expected to be growing enormously in various aspects in the coming future.The effectiveness of nano-tech extends far, and gives promising results in sciences and medicine, and of course, the many sports equipment we are currently using. What is nano-tech? All matters are made up of tiny particles, called atoms, and their properties are directly determined by these small particles, their strength, colours, textures Nanotechnology is a science which aims at directly making products in that atomic level, and therefore, we can directly decide what properties of that ma terial we want.For example, we want a light and strong material to make our sports rackets, and we found that speed of light is the outdo building blocks and we invented many different kinds of materials, including carbon nanotube we always gather up about. And these are collectively known as nanomaterial. Numerous researches fool been conducted in both China and Hong Kong. China government has invested immense amount of pecuniary resource into the field of nano technology. Since 1999, Chinas spending onresearch and development(RD) has gone up by more than 20% each year and a unless origining of ? 12 billion has been invested in 20121.And over 30,863 patents on nano technology was established since 2008 and the number of nanotechnology related science publications in China has ranked second in the world, surpassed only by the USA2. These statistics all showed that China is final stage gap between frontier countries and determined to let a large chuck of profit from this bi g cake. Back to the science itself, nanomaterial has been utilize on different sports equipment. For example, the tennis racket Roger Federer using is made with nano-titanium oxide, a in truth strong and light material, inside a matrix of carbon reference composite3.This makes their tennis racket extremely light and durable. What properties of nanomaterial constitute to these favourable characters? to the highest degree materials properties are governed by how the atoms align themselves within the material, we call it the matrix. Normal materials go out have dislocations among those reorient atoms and may result in weaknesses, however, nanomaterials have their atoms aligned in necklaces form and the jumparies between those necklaces becomes smaller and the material becomes stronger and, since spaces are conserved, luminousness as well4.Aside from this principle, scientists have also managed to place small particles within the matrix and making it more compact, for example, Y ONEX has succeeded in penetrating nano-scale particles between the carbon atoms, resulting in their rackets produced having 30% more strength and 10% more durability3. Despite these advantages, there are still risks of these nanomaterial having negative impacts to peoples wellness and their prophylactic is yet to be 100% confirmed to be free of harm.Many countries have already passed codes that regulate the uses of these nanomaterials. The Europe Commission has adopted a so called incremental approach, which aims at using existing legislations to tackle with the problems of the practical risks of nanomaterial5. And after several studies, the European Commission is considering the possibility of reexamining and, if necessary expectant the current 1 ton per annum threshold for engineered nanoparticles (European Commission, Health and Consumer Protection directorate General, 2004).Furthermore, the Royal Society and Royal Academy of Engineering has suggested that nanomaterials shoul d be treat as a new substance under existing chemicals ordinance laws, which state that those newly invented materials should be carefully assessed and assort5. The nanomaterial can be classified into the two types we have mentioned materials that are nanostructured in bulk, and materials with nanoparticles within. It is the latter type of nanomaterial that is potentially hazardous to human beings.The nano particles, which are not necessarily tightly bound to the material itself, will easily leak out and cause health impact to human beings. Also, many sports equipment, such as baseball lap contains carbon nanotubes and after disposal, may produce toxic gases with tiny carbon particles during waste treatment3. These are all possible ways of nanomaterial imposing harms to our health and should not be overlooked. Meanwhile in China, there is no legislation or regulatory means to assess those hazards from nanomaterial.China has been urged to carry out all-embracing safety studies and tighten regulation of its thriving nanotechnology industry. Zhao Yuliang, deputy director of the Chinese Academy of Sciences National Centre for Nano-science and Technology (NCNST), has stated that We certainly bustt want safety issues to become a trade bulwark for nano-based products, he said. The main challenge is to tease out what characteristics make well-nigh nanoparticles hazardous. Although China is fast behind those science giants like USA, they still have much more to do before they can be praised as a scientifically advanced country.Meanwhile the USA is spending half of its fund on nanotechnology for safety studies China only spends a mere 3 percent. And most of the public is unconcerned about this matter, according to a visual modality conducted by Dalian University6. Nanotechnology is a marvelous science created by mankind, it has promised extensive uses in all kinds of field, and like all other technologies, it has its risks and danger. China, in the future, ha s much to gimp up with, and should bear a more attentive and cautious lieu towards developing this kind of new material.Especially when those products are so widely used in sports, where there are frequent contacts with human beings. Reference rock 1. Tom M. Chinas giant step into nanotech. The Guardian Internet. 2009 cited 2013 April 19. useable from http//www. guardian. co. uk/technology/2009/mar/26/nanotechnology-china 2. Can Huang, Yilin Wu. State-led Technological Development A Case of Chinas Nanotechnology Development. EPIP 2011, Proceedings of The 6th Annual convocation of the EPIP Association, 2011. Brussels, Belgium EPIP p. -4 3. Chuyan Li, Xinliang Liu, Sijin Meng, Yanfen Xiao. Study on application and biosafety of nano-materials in sports engineering. IEEE 2011. Proceedings of the 2011 IEEE internationalist Conference on Future Computer Science and Education, 2011. Hong Kong, China IEEE p. 1-4 4. browned University, NanoTechnology New principle in material science d iscovered. ScienceDaily Internet. 2010 cited 2013 April 19. Available from http//www. sciencedaily. com/releases/2010/04/100407134817. htm 5.Antonio Franco, Steffen Foss Hansen, Stig Irving Olsen, Luciano Butti, Limits and prospects of the incremental approach and the European legislation on the management of risks related to nanomaterials, regulative Toxicology and Pharmacology, Volume 48, Issue 2, July 2007, Pages 171-183, ISSN 0273-2300, 10. 1016/j. yrtph. 2007. 03. 007. Available from http//www. sciencedirect. com/science/article/pii/S0273230007000372 6. Jane Qiu. Nao-safety Urged in China. constitution internet 2012. cited 2013 April 18. Available from http//www. nature. com/news/nano-safety-studies-urged-in-china-1. 11437

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Problem Statement

Analysis and Issues When the senior-level women at survey resigned, it seems from the reading in Lies memo that people assumed that they were choosing Emily over a charge and therefore, management believed there was nothing that the company could have do to decl are these women. thus far, these women whitethorn have left for better opportunities, potentially with competitions. Visions plain equal of losing these employees allow in the release of investment made in recruiting and tuition them as well as the cost of recruiting and training their replacements.Yet, the hidden cost of employee dollar volume is possibly veritable(a) more devastating. These hidden costs include the sledding of intellectual capital and the potential for the former employee to come a competitor potential disruption in the. General Electric and its river contamination problems GE and Westinghouse antitrust exercise in turbines Walters aggressive growth out origin and the loss of small town bu sinesses Wall-Mart and its labor and legal practices and Wall- Mart with its spoil the States Program. Now here comes Enron, Arthur Andersen, Global Crossing, Tycoon, Martha Stewart, Disney (remember its privacy practices and guest preventative issues), Delphic, service Aid, Nordstrom, the dot com bubble, Xerox and its large restatement of earnings, ditto Lucent, ND who could bury frosty Cream donuts? in that respect is a point here. Bad ethical motive isnt inescapably new, save there does seem to be more problems that are horizontal bigger today than yesterday. These issues squirt be national news, scarce they can also permeate even small arrangements, causing irreparable harm.This is where hard human resource (HER) development and systems become important so that HER leadership can strategically support the nerve for the good of the organization itself. There is a fundamental reality that seems to have escaped our ceremony ethical issues are important, and ethical locations are not all that un greenness. call up roughly your own encounters with rude sales people, telephone service sales solicitations, reaping defects, and other day-to-day encounters. Much of this does not make it to the every night news, but ethical transgressions are quite common in todays society.Think closely your live life. Does senior management truly respect you and your co- workers? Who gets blamed when problems devise? are you surprised when important decisions are announced? Are you problematical in discussions about strategically important problems, opportunities and questions? Ethics do not serially involve the big transgression all of the time. They can be the precede of hidden forces that many times we dont even see. They are so common that we often take them for granted, almost.How often do we take action and dont even think that there is an ethical point to consider? honourable issues in the workplace are often invisible. Publicly there is ecumenic al consensus that managers should not violate laws. After the summer of 2002, it should be pretty gather in that it makes no sense to wittingly break the law. Obviously, the executives at Arthur Andersen were foolish to rip up those documents and he chief accountants at MIMIC World were wrong to withstand present-day(prenominal) period expenses as capitalized assets.Certainly, Enrons income recognition problems and off-balance sheet Special intend Entities was understandably inappropriate-?as was their loans and dealings outside the United States. The answer to those that participated Was a resounding no. In all slips, the managers involved made a case that they believed their actions and ethics were within current social standards. These people constituent they didnt knowingly cross the line. Have you experienced people in your career and organization that would say the same?One could repugn that the fundamental shift by the above executives was getting too close to a l ine that isnt clearly visible, even moves over time. Golden State Fence and Koch Foods may argue that they were not aware of those people working for them were brought in without binding right-to-work documents. However those employees at Citreous, LASS, MM, 24 Hour Fitness, Sears, Irritate, Cutbacks, Emerys, Farmers Insurance, Longs Drugs, arguing for overtime wages later on finding out they were misclassified as a salaried exonerate employee do indeed get it Problem StatementAnalysis and Issues When the senior-level women at Vision resigned, it seems from the information in Lies memo that people assumed that they were choosing Emily over a career and therefore, management believed there was nothing that the company could have done to retain these women. However, these women may have left for better opportunities, potentially with competitors. Visions obvious costs of losing these employees include the loss of investment made in recruiting and training them as well as the cost of recruiting and training their replacements.Yet, the hidden cost of employee turnover is possibly even more devastating. These hidden costs include the loss of intellectual capital and the potential for the former employee to come a competitor potential disruption in the. General Electric and its river pollution problems GE and Westinghouse antitrust action in turbines Walters aggressive growth strategy and the loss of small town businesses Wall-Mart and its labor and legal practices and Wall- Mart with its Buy America Program. Now here comes Enron, Arthur Andersen, Global Crossing, Tycoon, Martha Stewart, Disney (remember its privacy practices and guest safety issues), Delphic, Rite Aid, Nordstrom, the dot com bubble, Xerox and its large restatement of earnings, ditto Lucent, ND who could forget Crispy Cream donuts? There is a point here. Bad ethics isnt necessarily new, but there does seem to be more problems that are even bigger today than yesterday. These issues can be nationa l news, but they can also permeate even small organizations, causing irreparable harm.This is where sound human resource (HER) development and systems become important so that HER leaders can strategically support the organization for the good of the organization itself. There is a fundamental reality that seems to have escaped our notice Ethical issues are important, and ethical locations are not all that uncommon. Think about your own encounters with rude sales people, telephone service sales solicitations, product defects, and other day-to-day encounters. Much of this does not make it to the nightly news, but ethical transgressions are quite common in todays society.Think about your work life. Does senior management truly respect you and your co- workers? Who gets blamed when problems arise? Are you surprised when important decisions are announced? Are you involved in discussions about strategically important problems, opportunities and questions? Ethics do not serially involve t he big transgression all of the time. They can be the result of hidden forces that many times we dont even see. They are so common that we often take them for granted, almost.How often do we take action and dont even think that there is an ethical point to consider? Ethical issues in the workplace are often invisible. Publicly there is general consensus that managers should not violate laws. After the summer of 2002, it should be pretty clear that it makes no sense to knowingly break the law. Obviously, the executives at Arthur Andersen were foolish to shred those documents and he chief accountants at MIMIC World were wrong to book current period expenses as capitalized assets.Certainly, Enrons income recognition problems and off-balance sheet Special Purpose Entities was clearly inappropriate-?as was their loans and dealings outside the United States. The answer to those that participated Was a resounding no. In all cases, the managers involved made a case that they believed their actions and ethics were within current social standards. These people share they didnt knowingly cross the line. Have you experienced people in your career and organization that would say the same?One could argue that the fundamental mistake by the above executives was getting too close to a line that isnt clearly visible, even moves over time. Golden State Fence and Koch Foods may argue that they were not aware of those people working for them were brought in without valid right-to-work documents. However those employees at Citreous, LASS, MM, 24 Hour Fitness, Sears, Irritate, Cutbacks, Emerys, Farmers Insurance, Longs Drugs, arguing for overtime wages after finding out they were misclassified as a salaried exempt employee do indeed get it

Effect of Patient Preferred Music on Pain in Postoperative Patients

The relief of acute perturb in adult operative patient ofs continues to be a common problem scorn the use of pharmacologic therapies. Unrelieved injure domiciliate cause several(a) personal effects including change magnitude heart rate and blood pressure increased want for oxygen tachypnea increased susceptibility to infection and fear/ veneration (Swift, 2018). Nurses strive to provide the best sustainment for their patients and this includes finding alternative ways to help with unrelieved annoyance.Providing medical specialty as an adjunct to the regular of direction for pain has been shown to reduce acute pain in postoperative patients (Comeaux & Steele-Moses, 2013 Nilsson, Rawal, & Unosson, 2003 Zografakis-Sfakiankakis et al., 2017). The sideline explore proposal intended for the institutional analyse board (IRB) provide discuss the purpose of the theme background and significance goicipants and methodology recruitment participant confidentiality particip ant safety consent process risks and burdens benefits constitute and pay data and document security and follow-up and dissemination of results.Purpose of StudyThe purpose of this domain is to determine whether on the wholeowing patients to listen to their handle choice of music compared to providing them with pre-selected instrumental music is more effective, when used as an adjunct to the standard of care for pain, on trim down the perception of pain in the adult postoperative patient.Background and SignificanceThe review of literature was conducted by utilizing the following databases Cumulative Index to Nursing and affiliate Health Literature (CINAHL), Google, Nursing Times, and Research Gate. Search terms include music therapy, music, acute pain and postoperative pain. The review of literature be that music, when used as an adjunct to pharmacologic therapy, is effective in cut back postoperative pain. Pain is an expected outcome of a functional procedure, til now un relieved postoperative pain can lead to complications, delayed heal and, if not dealt with effectively, can become chronic (Swift, 2018, p. 25). jibe to Nilsson, Rawal, and Unosson, (2003) the best hold for postoperative pain control management should include both pharmacological and non-pharmacological methods (p. 700). Comeaux and Steele-Moses (2013) reported According to the Joanna Briggs Institute (2009), music therapy as a non-pharmacological ancillary to opioid analgesia is best practice in the management of pain and anxiety (p. 313).In their own watch, Comeaux and Steele-Moses (2013) found that the use of music therapy alter patient merriment of pain management in the postoperative tip (p. 314). Another psychoanalyze to a fault found that utilize music as an intervention nib in the acute postoperative period could be useful in promoting patients comfort and improving perception of pain (Zografakis-Sfakiankakis et al., 2017). Nilsson et al. (2003) reported that Music is a non-pharmacological technique, that is inexpensive, non-invasive and has no side-effects that keep been shown to reduce postoperative pain (p. 700).Music therapy has been skilful in treating patients with a wide range of diagnoses and is effective in step-down patients perception of anxiety and pain as well as the need for analgesia (American Music Therapy Association, 2010). While it has been proven that music can reduce postoperative pain, the preceding studies used pre-selected instrumental or classical music, there is special(a) research avail open in the clinical setting on the effects music has on pain with regards to providing patients with preferred music choices compared to providing them with pre-selected music.inlay and indigotin (2015) conducted a cold pressor test theater to induce observational pain to determine the impact of music theatrical role on pain and stated that Simply listen to music whitethorn not be sufficiently effective for managing pain if the music is not enjoyable for the attenderthe more likable the music is to the individual, the better the effects of music audition on the pain (p. 56). on that pointfore, it is important for takes to know which type of music to implement, preferred or pre-selected, as an adjunct to reduce unrelieved postoperative pain.Participants and MethodologyThis take away leave alone be conducted as an experimental prospective randomized clinical trial in a Level II Trauma meaning that has a complete team of general, specialty and trauma surgeons who perform a broad range of multiple surgeries daily. The anticipated number of participants is between one hundred fifty and 200 in a 2 month period. The inclusion criteria includes all patients age 18 or over who get out be having an nonappointive surgical procedure done, have an anticipated stay of 3 days or more, are alert and oriented and able to read and redeem English (for questionnaire purposes).Exclusion criteria includes any p atient with hearing loss or hearing deficit making it difficult to hear the music. Data leave alone be hive away by placing participants into two poll conclaves, the weigh group (preferred music choice) and the control group (pre-selected music). Using Zografakis-Sfakiankakis (2017) random selection algorithm participants, if they meet the inclusion criteria, allow be selected by the following on a typical surgical day, half of the patients, the 1st and 3rd patient or every other, get out be include in the see group and accordingly the 2nd and the 4th and so on will be included in the control group.A questionnaire will be given to all participants, since both groups with be listening to some type of music, and will include questions some demographic data including gender, age, race, type of surgical procedure. The remaining questions will ask the participant to rate their pain using the numeric rating scale (0-10) before the start of and after listening to at least 30 min utes of music what type of moderating what administered for their painIf any other non-pharmacologic intervention took give (i.e. repositioning or application of ice) what was the patient doing before, during and after listening to music (i.e. lying in bed, up in chair, walking in room/hall, talking with visitor, indication etc.) and the troth and total time listened to music between each pain medication administration (with at least 30 minutes per session).The study group will be given an subdued to use MP3 player with FM radio capability and will also be able to request their preferred songs and music to be downloaded to the device by the nurse researchers. The control group will also be given an easy to use MP3 player, without FM radio capability, that is loaded with pre-selected, by nurse researchers, instrumental/classical music. all in all groups will be provided with earphones to use in revise to prevent disruption to other patients.RecruitmentUpon check-in at the hos pital for their elective surgery prospective participants, who meet the inclusion criteria, will be asked if they would like to be convoluted in a voluntary research study during their hospitalization. The researchers will introduce themselves, including their credentials, and will verbally inform the individual that the study is trying to determine the effects that music has, in addition to receiving the standard of care for pain, on reducing postoperative pain.They will be advised that MP3 players as wells as earphones will be provided to them and that they will be required to fill out questionnaires during the study. Participants will be informed on how their schooling will be kept confidential, the risks and benefits of this study and after which will be encouraged to ask questions.Participant ConfidentialityTo ensure participant confidentiality and anonymity participants will be assigned a number that will be included on their questionnaires. The number that they are assign ed will be contumacious by the rig in which they leave the post anesthesia care unit (PACU). When leaving the PACU the nurse will give the known participants a manila cusp that will contain the numbered questionnaires, MP3 player and instructions on use.The first paper that the participant will see when opening the folder will include a statement to them ensuring that the information that is collected from this study from them will not be divulged to others without permission. The instructions will inform the participants to place all questionnaires and MP3 player back in the envelope upon discharge, seal it and and and so leave it in the designated locked box at the nurses station.Participant SafetyListening to music is beneficial, not subtle and non-invasive. Participants will still receive the standard of care for pain. Therefore, in this study there is no risk for harm or harmful fantasy as both groups will be provided with a music intervention, either preferred choice or pre-selected, on with the standard of care for pain. There is no anticipated adverse events seen in implementing the intervention of music listening.Consent ProcessAs part of the recruitment process, which includes providing information about the study, its procedures and allowing for questions, participants who have met the inclusion criteria will be informed that their friendship in this study is voluntary and that if they choose to infix that they can withdraw at any time without consequences.The other components of the informed consent will include basis for selection duration of interest risks and benefits confidentiality of records names of investigators and contact person statement of voluntary participation and then signature lines which will indicate consent. Even though signatures will be obtained at the time of recruitment for informed consent, the researcher will not know the identity of the participant once the study begins as they will be assigned numbers random ly as they leave the PACU.All participants will be alert and oriented consenting adults. The participants will also be informed that once this study is finished that it is the goal to have it published in a journal for medical professionals to use as evidence for best practice.Risks and BurdensAs stated earlier, there is to harmful effects or risks in the intervention of listening to music. However, potential burdens of this study could possibly overstep when filling out the questionnaire. The participants will have to take time and exertion to fill out the questionnaire each time they use the music therapy along with taking prescribed medication. This can pose as a likely inconvenience for them as they will be in a sensed state of pain.BenefitsThere are many potential benefits to the participants who take part in this study. As stated earlier music therapy has been beneficial in treating patients with a wide range of diagnoses and is effective in reducing patients perception of anxiety and pain as well as the need for analgesia (American Music Therapy Association, 2010).According to the American Music Therapy Association (2010) in addition to the reduction of pain and anxiety participants may experience improved respiration, lower blood pressure, improved cardiac output, reduced heart rate, and relaxed muscle tension (p. 4). Furthermore, the results of this study can be beneficial in providing nurses and other healthcare providers with knowledge about the best type of music to use, along with the standard of care, in reducing unrelieved pain for their patients. This information can be shared and may be beneficial as an alternative to reducing pain in various other types of patient populations as well.Cost and PaymentThere will be no cost to the participants of this study as the MP3 players and the earphones will be provided to them by the researchers. No incentives will be given in recruitment or for participation in this study.Data and Document SecurityD ocuments for this study will be kept by the patient in the provided manila folder. Once the participant is discharged the certain manila folder will be turned in by placing it in the designated locked box at the nurses station.The folders will be picked up on a daily basis. Only the nurse researchers will have penetration to the locked box as well as the questionnaires. All questionnaire collected from the hospital will then be kept in a locked file cabinet when not being used by the researchers. The data collected including informed consent will be kept for a period of 3 years.Follow-Up and Dissemination of ResultsParticipants will be given the researchers contact information and will have the option to contact the researchers after 3 months to either get the results of the study or be given an approximate date of when the results will be available. Upon completion of this study the aim is to present the research results at various presentations, submit the research results for p eer review and then ultimately spread the knowledge and the evidence-based intervention through publication in a peer-reviewed journal.ConclusionIn conclusion, we have discussed the purpose of the study background and significance participants and methodology recruitment participant confidentiality participant safety consent process risks and burdens benefits cost and payment data and document security and follow-up and dissemination of results. Researchers involved in this study welcome the critical evaluation of the IRB in order to ensure that the study will be conducted in a strong, estimable and legal manor.

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Pest Analysis of Sainsburys in a 3rd World Country

Introduction of the Company Sainsburys is the third declamatoryst chain of super markets in the United estate. It was founded in 1869 and has been growing all over the United Kingdom ever since, and today operates over 1000 super markets and convenience stores and employees over 150,000 employees and captures more(prenominal) than 16% of the market sh be. It is equivalentwise listed on the London melodic line Exchange and is the constituent of the FTSE 100 index.Sainsburys non only provides products to its customers but in any case renovations to some extent. The products and services offered by Sainsburys start out a replete(p) range from food and drinks to energy providing, clothing to policy, appliances to banking facilities. Sainsburys has been a growing entity at a growing rate. Though TESCO has overtaken Sainsburys to become the market leader and has spread out not only in United Kingdom but in like manner outside the United Kingdom such as Europe, Asia and North America.Since TESCO has everlastingly been a strong competitor of Sainsburys so Sainsburys as well has this intention to scatter outside United Kingdom, too. It is necessary for a debauched or confederation to carry out a blighter analysis either as a new entrant or to exist and survive in the market to keep its self updated with the do work of the macro environmental factors. Introduction of PEST Analysis PEST analysis stands for administrational, economic, social and technical analysis. PEST Analysis focuses on analysing the macro-environment in which a teleph genius line or a firm operates.Each of these factors play a vital aim in the overall business environment and one should consider these factors and contribute vital knowledge of them as they can either make you a success story or may end up closedown down the business. Political factors refer to the economic policy adjudgen by the government and the government hindrance the parsimoniousness. This intromit s atomic number 18as such as tax policy, crusade, law, tarrif and disdain restrictions. Political stability is also preferably important for the economic growth. While, governments eat great influence on health, education and infrastructure of the nation.Interest rate, economic growth, monetary and fiscal policy, inflation and the exchange rates are the important economic factors. These factors play a vital role in a firms business strategy and decision making. Every country has its own culture and the nation has a strong impact on their living. The social and cultural influences on business vary from country to country. affectionatefactors include the cultural aspects and include health consciousness, langu mature, population growth rate, senesce distribution, career attitudes.Trends in social factors affect the pauperization for a smart sets products and how that company operates. For example, the roles of men and women in the society. Furthermore, companies may change v arious management strategies to suit to these social trends scientificfactors lose vital place in PEST analysis. Some markets are labour intensive and some are gravid intensive. Technological factors determinebarriers to entry, minimum efficient production level and influenceoutsourcingdecisions.It is one of the study drivers of globalization and is the base for competitive advantage. Innovation is offered to the customers or consumers through engine room for example internet banking, smart phones etc. It also enables the firm to produce a product cheaply and to a burst quality in standard. Pakistan is the sixth most populated country in the world with over 180 million people. It is estimated that the 25% of the population belongs to the bosom income class. It is also estimated that 55% of the Pakistani population is in the 10-40 years age bracket.The upper middle-income class is estimated at 17 million with relatively high per capita income which favours more consumer spe nding. The average Pakistani consumer spends 42% of his income on food cerebrate products. The upcoming changes in demographic exit create opportunities and challenges for businesses in Pakistan. Pakistans food retail sector is unorganised and highly dominated by independent small stores. Over the past few years, some large European food retailers have opened stores in all major Pakistani metropolitan cities like Makro, Metro and Carrefour (Hyper star).Pakistani families are attracted towarfareds these stores receivable to their strategic location, multiple product range and imported processed food. Studies also show that there has been a mansion houseificant shift to organized initialise of shopping from traditional format, in urban areas. This provides a challenging and advantageous opportunity to other food retailers to enter the market. Sainsburys provides convenient shopping at a lower place one roof, has wide range of products, consumer friendly environment, large stora ge and discounted prices.These factors give Sainsburys an advantage over other food retailers currently present in Pakistan. If Sainsburys decides to enter in food retail sector then it has to bring to pass a PEST analysis. PEST Analysis of Sainsburys in Pakistan Political Factors The political factors revolve around the current government in a country. Currently, in Pakistan, the ruling party is Pakistan Peoples Party which was democratically elective in 2008. Though it is backed by western strengths but tacit is considered to be a weak government.The basic questions arise such as how stable is the political or is there any government intervention in the economic policy making or laws and legislation protect the businesses. Unfortunately, due to weak governments in the past, the security and corruption has been the key fruit issues Pakistan has been set about over the the last decade. Which certainly is not a good sign for any foreign beautifyors. However, giants in food-r etail sectors like Metro and Carrefour ( hyper star) have set an example with an change magnitude growth in profit and elaboration even in such circumstances.Sainsburys may enter in the Pakistani market with its variety of products which are available under one roof, as the increasing trend in urban areas shows, there will be high demand for it. Political factors may also include the goods and services which the governments want to provide or be provided. Sainsburys collects much of its revenue by selling its wide range of wines and liven up. Pakistani law prohibits the sale or consumption of any type of wines and spirits within its geographical boundaries, Sainsburys will not be allowed to sell it in their stores which may negatively affect their sales.Government of Pakistan ensures that there is foreign investment in Pakistan and it has signed a few trade agreements too. It also provides foreign investors the incentives to invest here. Partial ownership by the Pakistan governmen t usually serves as an insurance policy for the share holders and the investors. Economic Factors Extremely volatile oil prices are the root cause of global financial crisis in Pakistan which has also worsenedned the energy crisis. These two factors increase the comprise of production.High inflation is a key resultant of it As Sainsburys produce much of its products in stores so they may go beyond their feasible region in producing a product. Interest rates are at their peak, economic growth is quite slow and this is due to the low level of lending and purchasing power of the consumer is weak. Though it is a labour intensive country and labour tag on is quite high and also available at low cost than most other countries but unemployment is rising regardless of the above mentioned fact. The cattle ranch between rich and poor continues to expand and the percentage of poor is increasing everyday.However relatively quite cheaper labour may do a pregnant impact in Sainsburys producti on. It will also bring employment opportunities for spring chicken and skilled labour. Heavy loans from financial institutions like IMF and world bank has do the government in debt upto neck and there are no remarkable changes in sight. However financial aid packages in the name of war on terror and from the friends of Pakistan has kept the economy from collapsing. Pakistan has integrated with global economy and has brought positive impact on economy with increase in GDP.Despite of the worse conditions, Investing in such a country where cheap labour is available and more than half of the countrys population lies in the labour force, targeting middle-income class-keeping the fact in mind that government provides support to privy investors would not be a bad decision. Social Factors The culture and organized religion are very close to each other in Pakistan. As mentioned above this will affect the sales of wines and spirits of Sainsburys as it is not only prohibited by the domina nt religion and prohibited by law but the targeted class does not accept it too.Health and Education are the two important sectors for any developing nations and Pakistan lack both of them and government of Pakistan fails to allocate the required budget in both the sectors. However, people like to shop and come with families to the big retail stores. There has been a material shift from traditional to organized format. The studies show that 11% of the population dispose to buy long life food related products in improvement for a month. Sainsburys provides a healthy and safe environment to work with,which for a change would attract the people to work and shop here.In comparison to the past, women have also started to contribute in the labor force. Language will be a barrier for the citizens of Pakistan as english is not the first diction in Pakistan. Buying imported products is considered a status symbol in Pakistan so there is a high demand for foreign products in Pakistan and i s appreciated in the local market. According to studies people spend 42% of their income on food related products. So there will be high demand for a food related products provided by Sainsburys. Technological Factors Technological expertise is overflowed in Pakistan as the labour supply and demand for IT professionals is high. There has been an improvement in the industrial sector but quiet down the countrys imports are higher than exports. Since it is a labour intensive area and not capital intensive so use of technology higher the cost of production but shift to focus more on labour may help Sainsburys to produce its products relatively cheaper. There is also a trend of buying products online seen. Sainsburys already provides the service of buying its products online which saves much time so the typical 9-5 workforce can also be targeted.

Keinan Abdi Warsame (K’Naan) an Unsung Hero!

braveness is organism able to gravel the mental strength along with the qualification to understand that you have a moral obligation to face your fears, danger and with stand any difficulties in animation no matter how they ar presented to you. My historian with courage is Knaan who is a poet, singer, songwriter, rapper and an instrumentalist. His birth depict is Keinan Abdi Warsame and he was born on February 1, 1978 in Mogadishu, Somalia. In 1991 he see the beginning of the Somali Civil War. He had to witness his family members and friends fall victim to the fight.Knaan had also played a short role in the war by participating in the gun violence. He felt (like some(prenominal) others) if you dont participate, you will die. He has faced need death, from being shot at and walking through bomb mined fields. His induce was able to legally flee with him and his siblings to Canada, only to continue witnessing the minor life styles of the war that was brought over sees. He fel t that he had to do something nearly this dire situation and began to rap to express this need. In 1999 he challenged the join Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in regards to its failed aid missions to Africa (in particularly Somalia).In 2010 his song Waving let up became the anthem for FIFA World Cup game and video game, which was extremely important for him because it was held in Africa. He has been joined by many artists from around the manhood in issues varying from the wars in Africa, the Haitian earthquake of 2009, and child abduction/ bondage through his song Fatima. In 2011 he was given a picky recognition from former President Bill Clinton for his global ambassador work. You have the power to stop someone from being hurt or to interpret them that they are thought of.

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Philosophy of Life Essay

The hardest part of whatsoever journey is the first step. Human liveness would be so overmuch easier if we were born into it with a roadmap and a flashlight some say we rattling were, but we forgot w present we put them. Nonetheless, part of life is clearing your own path, qualification your own map, finding lifes meanings, and defining your philosophy or world view, the next hardest part of the journey, once youve found your truth, is living it both day walking your talk. I believe we are each here for a purpose and everything happens for a reason.We chose who we are physically, when and where we were born, and the life circumstances presented to us. why nobody really knows. There are m some(prenominal) possibilities. To learn lessons, akin a school to be part of the overall evolution of world consciousness , to atone for karma, make up for errors and omissions in past lives, to prevail a role in a universal game or dramatic production, to satisfy spiritual cravings for th e sensual, tactile pleasures of human life.I heretofore read/heard someplace that Earth is the penal colony of the existence . Hell on Earth, the place where sinners do badders have to work egress their sentences for their evil deeds. I also heard recently that human life on earth is like a vacation leave home, make a motion to wonderful new places, experience the joy and awe, then return home. I must admit that at times it feels like the vacation from blaze car gets a flat tire or two it pours fall every day at the beach or worse, while camping area intestinal illness on a cruise ship.Could be any of these things, could be all. I tend to lean toward the evolving karmic classroom approach. But the net truth is that we are born to die. Our physical human lives are temporary, blips on the screen, a dash between the date of birth and the date of death on your tombstone. But while we are here, anything can occur, there are no accidents, nothing is impossible, miracles happen.

Love and Respect By Dr. Emerson Eggerichs

Have you ever go throughed for your lost keys in the akin place over and over again only to find prohibited they were thither in front of your scene the whole time? Or have you ever looked e verywhere for the pen or pencil that you had every last(predicate) day only to find it behind your ear at the destination of the day? This is how I felt when I read Love and obeisance by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs.The running theme of this book is slicey marriages argon heavy due to the fact that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. What I am wording here is that a simple misunderstanding causes the strain. manpower fatiguet grasp what women are emotional state when they are act to express themselves and, yes, its true women are in the same plight concerning men. Husbands arent feeling reputeed by their wives when, in turn, wives arent feeling contendd by their married mans.Eggerin states there are three study musical rhythms to the exhibit of Love and Respect. The first s tave is named the crazy oscillation. So named because the married man and married woman end up with the same negative results for the same reason over and over again and the hertz continues until the couple decides to break the cycle. The second cycle is coined the energizing cycle.The couple has now over seed the vicious crazy cycle and female genitalia work toward encouraging atomic number 53 another with the go to bed and take to be each(prenominal) spouse deserves. Finally, the third cycle is known as the rewarded cycle. This cycle emphasizes the fact that no matter the response of the spouse, your reward is in heaven. I leave elaborate on these three cycles and the foundation for the fate for neck and respect in a marriage.Let me elaborate on how Eggerin came to the epiphany of the need for love and respect in a healthy marriage. First, if we look at the supremacy of the twelve step programs ranging from co-dependency to food disorders to chemical addictions, we ca n come to one conclusion as to their success. They work because they are based on one person with the same problem helping another.Oddly, Dr. Eggerich had the advantage, for lack of a better word, of watching his parents marriage disintegrate because of the lack of respect and love in it. Interestingly, Eggerich shares his difficulties in his marriage and the difficulty he had with marriage counsel from the start as well. He may have his PhD precisely his success concerning marriage counseling is due largely to the fact that he and his married woman had the same struggles many couples jazz.There was a lot of stumbling through cycles of misunderstandings between Emerson and his married woman, Sarah. He forgot her birthday one year. After a Bible learning group one night, Sarahs voice grew louder and louder on the way dental plate trying to get through to Emerson concerning his standoffish quiet demeanor. Emerson felt disrespected and go against and he said to her You can be rig ht but defile at the top of your voice. (p.11)One day, for the thousandth time, he read Ephesians 53333 Nevertheless tlet each one of you in picky so love his own married woman as himself, and let the wife see that she urespects her husband.1Thats when it hit him. It was right in front of his face every time he read it but this time, it truly resonated. He had never seen the connection between love and respect but this time, he did. He came to the realization that a husband is to obey the govern to love his wife, flush if the wife does not obey the command to respect the husband. Also, the wife is to respect her husband even if the husband does not obey the command to love his wife. So, the connection is love and respect.There are two reasons why love and respect are primary needs. He discusses his personal experience of coming to this understanding from a husbands point of view. When disagreements occur, the husband perceives that the wife is haughty or disrespectful toward hi m. This, in turn, causes the husband to shut down or blow up at her and the wife does not receive an face of love (p.17). After years of counseling married couples, I envisage it is safe to hang your hat on Eggerins theory.The crazy cycle is a down to earth approach to a problem that started at the decay of man. If not broken, this cycle will tear a marriage to pieces. Often, the man is not even aware that it actually is disrespect that the wife is transport toward him. On the other hand, the wife doesnt understand why her husband is not expressing his love toward her.The steps toward breaking the crazy cycle are sightly as simple as the realization that it exists. One major component is communication. Learning how to express our feelings in a respectful fortify is very important. The communication code is discussed. He uses a funny puny example of how men and women communicate in code. When a wife says I have vigor to wear, she actually center I have no occasion new. When a man says, I have nothing to wear, he means I have nothing clean. This is an example of the code that needs to be broken in order for couples to scat past the crazy cycle.I believe another important thing to mention concerning the crazy cycle is unconditional respect. It is vital for women and men to see that respect is not earned, but given. Eggerson uses an example of a boss in the workplace. He basically says that even if you dont feel respect for your boss, you still show respect for him or her. This is an example of unconditional respect. I suppose we can look at it this way as well, we are to give respect, expecting nothing in upshot. Just the same, we are to give love expecting nothing in return and both love and respect are reciprocal. They feed off of each other.The second cycle that Eggerson discusses is the energizing cycle. This is the cycle in which application is essential in order to stay off of the crazy cycle and move forward. There are two separate partitions d evoted to husbands and wives respectively. Each section contains an acronym 1) Couple and 2) Chairs for the wives.The acronym for couple is Closeness, Openness, Understanding, Peacemaking, Loyalty and Esteem. To elaborate, a wife indirect requests her husband to be close and there is a biblical standard for this as well. genesis 224 says, the husband shall cleave unto his wife and they shall be one flesh. She also wants her man to open up to her or to tell her whats happening inside of him and not shut her down when she asks if something is wrong. Sometimes a wife just wants her husband to listen and not to try and doctor up her problems for her.This is where understanding comes into play. She desires to be at peace and she wants to hear her husband say that hes sorry some times. Take initiative and supplicate with her after apologizing. She also needs to know that you arent going anywhere and that you are committed to her. Loyalty is very important in a marriage. If her friend s are upset with her, be there. Even if she is wrong, a husband can still be loyal to his wife by being there for her in her time of need. She wants you esteem her as well. Read the Song of Solomon and endure special attention to the esteem and love that the man bestows on the Shulamite.For the women, the acronym for chairs is Conquest, Hierarchy, Authority, Insight, Relationship, and Sexuality. Respecting a husband is appreciating his desire to work and to achieve. This is not referring to the archaic definition. It merely refers to encouraging a husband in his achievements at work and in biography and with the family. The hierarchy is to take account his desire to protect and provide. Eggerichs says that we need to keep in mind this is not a chauvinists construct but it is one thing that gives a man purpose.I kind of look at it in the way Christ defines hierarchy and that is that the least will be great in the kingdom of heaven. Men desire to be in part and there are times tha t it is okay for a wife to appreciate that. Also, appreciate the wisdom and insight your husband has and his desire to analyze and counsel. following comes relationship. I know that its hard to understand that sometimes husbands just want you in the same room with them, but its true.They dont always want to talk about something. Sometimes, they just want their wives with them. Finally, the taboo of Christianity, finishuality Appreciating his desire for sexual intimacy is also very important. Nothing seems to break a man down more than to call in physical intimacy from a relationship.Finally, the third cycle is fairly straightforward. It is a biblical concept through and through. There is no doubt as to whether or not Jesus practiced this concept in His spiritedness history on this earth. The cycle is called the rewarded cycle. Notice it says rewarded. This is referring to the fact that it is done. No matter the husband or wifes response, the reward for the obedient servant is e ternal. It is stored in heaven. If a husband pours his love and gives all that he has for his wife, his reward is in heaven. There is no response necessary in order for the husband to be rewarded. If his wife is completely disrespectful then he will still receive his reward and vice-versa for a wife.This book has opened my eyeball to a whole new reality concerning those who carry the opposite sex and myself. In the long run, there is no reason to give up on a marriage that is not working because of miscommunication and confusion. If we practice humility and recognize the need for biblical truth in married life then anything is possible. t Col. 319 u 1 Pet. 31, 6 1The New King James Version. 1996, c1982 . Thomas Nelson Nashville

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What You Pawn I Will Redeem

The first part of this assignment asks us to list three pieces of fictionalisation that you have film. This question is not easy for me being that I havent read many books in my lifetime. The only book I have read is the Holy Bible. I have read several(prenominal) books to my children such as The Three Little Pigs, and Little Red robin and other children nursery rhymes short stories. What I samed some instruction the stories to my children was watching and listening to them asks questions round the story and seeing their expression when the cosmic bad wolf tried to blow their houses down.What I like about the Bible is it is full of quotes and stories that give me encouragement when I am outlet through. I read my Bible when things are not going even up in my life and I keister project comfort in the scriptures. The books of Psalms are considered songs that finish comfort you, and convict you. When I read my bible I feel a connection with God, and this is a marvelous expe rience. The Bible teaches me how I am to treat my neighbors. It teaches me that if I dont work then I cant. It prepares me for Jesus return and if I want to make heaven my eternal home then I have to follow the guidelines that are in the 66 books of the bible.Literature to me is class period different ways that writers put words together and make it into a story, a poem and other reading material. Literature is a starting time of expression of ones thoughts that is put onto paper for others to read and further insight on other peoples thoughts. Literature comes in different forms such as books, and magazines. in that respect are other ways literature can be enjoyed by everybody even if you have a disability such as a blind mortal can use Braille and listen to a book in sound format. My thoughts on why I think literature is valuable or a waste of time is I have mixed touching about this.I believe literature is valuable because it helps us to witness the thoughts of others. Li terature is valuable in this day and age because if you cannot read or write you will have a hard time conclusion ways to support yourself and your family. To me it is a waste when your career choice is aesculapian Coding and Billing, and they give you a literature course that has nothing to do with what you are paying good funds to learn your career chose. subtract B What are the main points of this piece? They are talking about a homeless man that is dealing with his biological family and the people who constitute on he street with him that he calls family too. He deals with his being a Native American Indian and being stereotype by others. notwithstanding though we as a people stereotype others by how they look, where they run or because they dont look or do the same(p) as you do, the writer wants the people to know all people can be redeemed no matter how low they get in life. What are the images the author conjures for the reader? Some of the images I seen were after ca rdinal years of not knowing who stole their grandmothers raiment and it suddenly appears as capital of Mississippi and his friends are on the streets panhandling.Another image was the yellow dip that was sewn somewhere into the regalia. This was a tribal tradition to hide it in the regalia so it wouldnt be easy to find. What does the grandmother regalia symbolize? The regalia was worn when they participated in the powwow dance, which was a conventional ceremony performed by the Native American Indians. It is a decorative fabric with feathers and beads which are sewn in. It reflects an individuals life and their circumstances. How does the author use the element of surprise?What You Pawn I Will give birthEnglish 102 MWF 11-1150 I really enjoyed the story What You Pawn I will Redeem. It was very well up written and kept my attention throughout the story. It is amazing that he walked by a pawnshop and immediately recognised his grandmothers regalia without ever seeing it other th an in pictures. I enjoy reading about Native American cultures and beliefs. There was a lot of humor in this story and Jackson decidedly did not take himself too seriously. I think the 1st person narrator was very important in telling this story.I do not feel that Jackson was an unreliable narrator because he seemed to tell it like it is. He had no reason to try to make himself look better. He seems to accept himself for who he is. He is an honest man who seems to be well liked by everybody he deals with on a regular basis, from the breeze through to the guy with the newspapers. He shows his struggles with alcohol and also his giving nature. All the money he came across he spent not just on himself getting drunk but on others as well.I believe that the stem of the story is that no matter where you go in your life you neer forget or really give up where you come from. Jackson Jackson has been homeless for six years away from his family in Spokane further as soon as he saw his gr andmothers regalia in the window he knew it was hers even before they find the yellow bead. It then becomes his mission to gather the money to get it blanket. The regalia is a piece of him and the life he left behind. Even though he does not come up with the money to buy it back he still ends up with it in the end.

Reaction Paper on the Movie “Fireproof” Essay

The movie, Fireproof, has a very sensitive al-Qaida because it focuses on affinitys on conserve and wife. On the early scene, it is shown that Capt. Caleb Holt of the Albanys Fire Department Station Ones chief. He has the precept of Never leave your partner behind. He has earned many respect in his career and in his community except in his household were he and his wife, Catherine Holt, always fight because theyre fighting over, in the main most financial problems and Calebs addiction to internet pornography. After the argument, Catherine immovable to have a divorce. This is very striking because this happens not only in this movie, it is also happening in reality were married couples gone crystallize because of individuals differences and negative attitude or problems. When Caleb told his give about what happened, his father asked for the reason for their marriage and he cant answer. Then, his father challenged Caleb for a Love Dare. The Love Dare is written on a notebook by his father and it was mailed to Caleb. The confine of that notebook are all about the experience of his father when they have the uniform matter on with Calebs grow.He read all the contents expect for the bible verses on the last paragraph. The challenged lasts for 40 days. Initially Catherine doubts Calebs sincerity in his attempts to win her back, because of his half-hearted attempts at completing the Love Dare, that Caleb continues with encouragement from his father and his close friend Michael who also encourages him to become a born-again Christian. In the mean meter, at the hospital where she works, Catherine begins flirting with Dr. Gavin Keller , who does not spang that she is married, since she is no longer wearing her wedding ring. She informs him of her mothers medical examination exam situation. Around this time, Caleb injures his arm when rescuing a girl from a house chevy and is brought to Catherines hospital, where a nurse inadvertently says in front of Dr. Keller that Caleb is Catherines husband. As he continues his 40-day challenge, Caleb begins doing more household chores and running more errands for Catherine, and leaves her roses. He also smashes his computer to pieces with a baseball bat in gild to remove the temptation of viewing internet pornography.Regardless, Catherine, who is led by rough colleagues to think that Caleb did all these things with an ulterior motive in mind, is still heading on divorce. When she later finds out that the equipment needed for her mothers medical care has been paid for in full, she arranges a lunch date with Dr.Keller, idea that he was the benefactor. Caleb discovers Dr. Kellers relationship with Catherine and immediately informs him that he wont let him have Catherine without a fight. Dr. Keller, who does not want to be an rampart in their marital squabbles and is already married anyway, quietly breaks off his relationship with Catherine. Caleb later finds Catherine at home sick, and decide s to take care of her. At this apex she asks Caleb why he has switch overd his behavior, and he mentions the Love Dare.Caleb then fully apologizes to Catherine for his bypast selfishness. Days later, Catherine learns that of the $24, three hundred cost of her mothers medical equipment, Dr. Keller gave only $300 and Caleb gave $24,000, exhausting his boat savings. At this point she becomes convinced that his desire to change was sincere. Ashamed at her inability to think that Calebs change in behavior was genuine, Catherine digs out her ring, dresses herself up nicely and puts on make-up, and rushes to her husbands fire station. There, she embraces her husband with all the respect and admiration he craved before. Calebs parents are relieved to know that their sons marriage has been saved and Caleb expresses his thanks to his dad for the Love Dare.At that point, Calebs dad explains that his mother was the one who did the Love Dare on him or else of the other way around. Immediatel y after hearing this, Caleb rushes home and apologizes to his mother for criticizing her all those years. The couple then renews their wedding vows in an outdoor ceremony, this time as a covenant with God. As we look over the film, the case is rattling forgiveness and acceptance. Not only acceptance to the person you love but also acceptance to the will of God. If you really love the person, you really do things that you dont normally do.

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The Change of Video From Analog to the Digital

videodisc is an exciting new engine room because of the quest benefitsup to nine hours of studio- type idiot box and multiple channel surround densesimultaneous multiple language support and interactivity other(a) digital moving-picture show deli precise systems, including direct broadcast satellite, wireless note and digital cabledigital film budges altogether aspects of word picture proceedsion. Up to this point video has been recorded and transmitted as analog electrical system. Analog video transmitters and receivers brush off be built inexpensively but atomic number 18 truly expensive to transmit and line. Also, todays strong digital computers can buoynot go analog call attentions, so analog information cannot be easily searched, sorted or edited.The change of video from the analog to the digital domain changes everything. digital video can be stored and distributed more inexpensively than analog, and digital video can be stored on randomly accessible media such as a magnetic disk drive (hard discs), and ocular disc media (CDs). When stored on randomly accessible media, video can be used in other applications such as games, education, training, and other applications.Even films can go bad interactive, allowing viewers to select their point of view, a plot path and the ending. Digital video to a fault significantly increases transmission efficiency so that communication theory net exerts, everything from television systems to telecommunication satellites, atomic number 18 able to carry from hexad to cardinal judgment of convictions more channels of video programming than was possible before, thereby offering more consumer choice. The ability to transmit video over the human race ph whiz network will also allow video conferencing, accelerating the work at home walk outment that is changing the air people are employed. videodisks can hold 4.7 to 17 billion bytes of digital data on a 120-mm (4.75 inch) disc. This can mean up t o nine hours of studio case video and multi-channel surround-sound audio, highly interactive multimedia computer programs, 30 hours of CD-quality audio, or anything else that can be represented as digital data.A videodisk looks corresponding a CD. It is a silvery platter, 4.75 inches in diameter with a hole in the c assent. Data is recorded on the disc in a spiral trail of tiny pits, and the discs are read development a laser beam. DVDs hold more information because the pits are littler and the spiral is tighter and can record data in as many a(prenominal) as four layers, two on each side of the disc.Lasers that beget a shorter wavelength beam of light are more accurate aiming and centering machines. These are used to read the DVDs. In fact, the focusing mechanism is the technology that allows data to be recorded in two layers. To read the atomic number 16 layer, the reader focuses the laser deeper into the disc, where the bit layer of data is recorded. Not only if are tw o-layer discs possible, but double sided as well. This ability of four layers gives DVD its 17 gigabyte capacity. Since a 135-minute movie fits on a one DVD layer however, single-layer DVDs will be the most common.Philips was founded in 1891 by Gerald Philips in Eindhoven, the Netherlands as a manufacturer of incandescent lamps and other electronics. From its gnomish beginning, Philips has emerged as one of todays global leaders in electronics. As a thirty-nine billion-dollar participation, Philips successfully competes in a big range of markets such as consumer products, lighting, semiconductors, professional products and systems.Philips currently has a work force of more than 250,000. The company has 243 production facilities scattered throughout twenty-five countries. Philips sells and serve its products in 150 countries and their stock is traded in 16 stock exchanges in nine countries.The company presently has seven different product divisions and one hundred businesses in value based competitive analysis. Philips ranked basic oecumenic in lighting, color picture tubes, s fliprs, and dictation equipment. They are chip in laser optics and monitors. The company is third among consumer electronics and medical imagining equipment.To maintain leaders in global markets through innovation, Philips reinvests 5.3% of its gross sales into query and development and has research laboratories in six countries. Through its commitment in research, Philips has come up with at least ten thousand inventions in field of optical recording, digital audio coding, digital video coding and mobile telephone. The company is a holder of 60,000 patents and design rights and almost 30,000 trademarks registrations. Philips possesses key patents in optical recording (CD-Audio, CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-Video, DVD-ROM), digital audio coding (MPEG-2 audio compression) and mobile telephony (GMS and CDMA).Philips Magnavox was formed in 1974 when the two companies decided to join f orces. Along with the Philips brand, there are several other name brands including, but not bound to, Marantz and Norelco.Philips Magnavox released the DVDfour hundredAT video player on April 30, 1997 at a retail damage of $549. The new device allows for richer sound and video quality that was found V until then V only in movie theaters.In 1960 Akio Morita began Sonys eldest major overseas venture in the United States in New York City with a capital investment of $500,000. They employed six people initially but would grow into one of the largest components of Sonys worldwide operations.Currently, Sony Electronics, Inc. in North America has one-third of Sonys corporate assets worldwide. They are the largest geographical operation of the corporation. They rake in some $9.6 billion sales on a given year and roughly $1.3 billion in exports. The North American plants employ a total of 24,000 people whose lineage range from manufacturing to customer utility to research and developmen t and marketing and sales.During the 1995 Consumer Electronics show, Sony debuted the first base prototype DVD player in the United States.On January 8, 1997, Sony Electronics released their first DVD player at a retail price of slightly $1,000 V a big difference from todays $400 price tag.John Briesch, President of Sony Electronics A/V Group said, We have designed our first DVD player, model DVP-S7000, as a high-end product to deliver not only reference-standard DVD video quality, but state-of-the-art CD sound as well.Panasonic introduced its first products into the U.S. market in 1961. The fail of its parent company V Matsushita Electric Industrial Company Co. V Konosuke Matsushita believed that Matsushita makes people before it makes products. He basically believed that valuing employees first would lead to break dance quality products. It seems that his successors have carried out his vision because Panasonic continues to sell high quality products in the U.S. and abroad.Th e company currently employs 19,500 people in factories, sales companies, service centers and research facilities in the U.S., Puerto Rico, Mexico and Canada.Divx is the latest technology to revolutionize DVD players. Divx movies are synonymous with movie rentals in the sense they can be viewed for a set period of time (48 hours from the time of the initial playing). Unlike tralatitious movie rentals, Divx doesnt have any late fees tacked on to the price. In addition, there are no late night trips to the video store to return movies.A Divx movie costs an average of $4.50, which includes an initial display time of forty-eight hours from the time of pressing the play button. After that time is up, an additional forty-eight hours can be purchased for $3.25. It is done through the versed modem to an 800 number and information is uploaded back to the CD on a very small chip. This can be repeated as often as the exploiter likes. Also, a person may decide a movie on Divx is worth watchi ng over and over. During this case, a Dixv can be converted into a movie that has unlimited playing time and is like a regular DVD movie.Technological and social/cultural shiftsWith the sexual climax of the DVD, more and more data can be stored on a single disc. In addition, the DVD is far more interactive than the traditional VHS tape. For example, on a DVD two or more languages can be stored. That couldnt happen on a VHS tape because of confine recording time. Furthermore, people dont have to leave their preindication to watch a DVD. With the emergency of e-commerce on the Internet an individual can order a movie off of the web and have it delivered to the drift door within days. This takes away from the social interaction with people that occurs in a store setting.People are able to use the DVD to learn another language. Take for instance a DVD that has angiotensin converting enzyme French-Canadian Celine Dion singing her various songs. One option in the program is to change the lyrics that are displayed on the screen to French. As Celine Dion sings in English, the words unified up to what she is singing are displayed on the bottom of the screen. This is an excellent way to learn another language.There are many different ship canal that are now being developed to copyright protect the movies, programs and videos etc. that are on the new DVDs. The three most common slipway that were found to be used already to protect DVDs are regional coding, Content scrambling system and the Copy generation management system (CGMS).When you get your first DVD drive and install it, you now have to enter the zone in which you live. The world is divided into six sections, with Canada and the United States as zone 1. The DVD disc also has its own codes that allow it to be played in certain parts of the world and not in others. This forces people that buy DVD discs in Zone 1 to also have to utilize discs that are coded for Zone 1. This prohibits movies that are produce d in other Zones from being used where they should not be. The code can however be changed on your DVD drive. The code can only be changed a couple of times, thus prohibiting people from changing the code constantly and abusing the protection. It allows the user to change the code a couple of times so that if they move to a different zone they will not be penalized.The second type of encryption is called the Content Scrambling System. (CSS) This is a key-based data encryption that sets up a protocol whereby your drive and the disc exchange keys. The keys are legal, registered mechanism of the Content Scrambling System. Any hardware that is sold or brought into different zones mustiness be registered. When the keys are found to be authentic, then the DVDs can be decrypted.The third type of protection comes from the VCR technology that we are all very familiar with. The Copy Generation Management System is the technology that makes it impossible to copy two videos between two VCRs wi th a level-headed resolution and brightness. This system works by embedding a signal in a part of the video that is not usually seen by the user. This signal causes the brightness of the video to vary and for the picture to be unreliable. This same technology has been implemented for use with DVDs. Although it seems possible that some people may be able to overcome these copyright traps, the user has to have at least an 8, 10 or 17 GB hard drive.