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What You Pawn I Will Redeem

The first part of this assignment asks us to list three pieces of fictionalisation that you have film. This question is not easy for me being that I havent read many books in my lifetime. The only book I have read is the Holy Bible. I have read several(prenominal) books to my children such as The Three Little Pigs, and Little Red robin and other children nursery rhymes short stories. What I samed some instruction the stories to my children was watching and listening to them asks questions round the story and seeing their expression when the cosmic bad wolf tried to blow their houses down.What I like about the Bible is it is full of quotes and stories that give me encouragement when I am outlet through. I read my Bible when things are not going even up in my life and I keister project comfort in the scriptures. The books of Psalms are considered songs that finish comfort you, and convict you. When I read my bible I feel a connection with God, and this is a marvelous expe rience. The Bible teaches me how I am to treat my neighbors. It teaches me that if I dont work then I cant. It prepares me for Jesus return and if I want to make heaven my eternal home then I have to follow the guidelines that are in the 66 books of the bible.Literature to me is class period different ways that writers put words together and make it into a story, a poem and other reading material. Literature is a starting time of expression of ones thoughts that is put onto paper for others to read and further insight on other peoples thoughts. Literature comes in different forms such as books, and magazines. in that respect are other ways literature can be enjoyed by everybody even if you have a disability such as a blind mortal can use Braille and listen to a book in sound format. My thoughts on why I think literature is valuable or a waste of time is I have mixed touching about this.I believe literature is valuable because it helps us to witness the thoughts of others. Li terature is valuable in this day and age because if you cannot read or write you will have a hard time conclusion ways to support yourself and your family. To me it is a waste when your career choice is aesculapian Coding and Billing, and they give you a literature course that has nothing to do with what you are paying good funds to learn your career chose. subtract B What are the main points of this piece? They are talking about a homeless man that is dealing with his biological family and the people who constitute on he street with him that he calls family too. He deals with his being a Native American Indian and being stereotype by others. notwithstanding though we as a people stereotype others by how they look, where they run or because they dont look or do the same(p) as you do, the writer wants the people to know all people can be redeemed no matter how low they get in life. What are the images the author conjures for the reader? Some of the images I seen were after ca rdinal years of not knowing who stole their grandmothers raiment and it suddenly appears as capital of Mississippi and his friends are on the streets panhandling.Another image was the yellow dip that was sewn somewhere into the regalia. This was a tribal tradition to hide it in the regalia so it wouldnt be easy to find. What does the grandmother regalia symbolize? The regalia was worn when they participated in the powwow dance, which was a conventional ceremony performed by the Native American Indians. It is a decorative fabric with feathers and beads which are sewn in. It reflects an individuals life and their circumstances. How does the author use the element of surprise?What You Pawn I Will give birthEnglish 102 MWF 11-1150 I really enjoyed the story What You Pawn I will Redeem. It was very well up written and kept my attention throughout the story. It is amazing that he walked by a pawnshop and immediately recognised his grandmothers regalia without ever seeing it other th an in pictures. I enjoy reading about Native American cultures and beliefs. There was a lot of humor in this story and Jackson decidedly did not take himself too seriously. I think the 1st person narrator was very important in telling this story.I do not feel that Jackson was an unreliable narrator because he seemed to tell it like it is. He had no reason to try to make himself look better. He seems to accept himself for who he is. He is an honest man who seems to be well liked by everybody he deals with on a regular basis, from the breeze through to the guy with the newspapers. He shows his struggles with alcohol and also his giving nature. All the money he came across he spent not just on himself getting drunk but on others as well.I believe that the stem of the story is that no matter where you go in your life you neer forget or really give up where you come from. Jackson Jackson has been homeless for six years away from his family in Spokane further as soon as he saw his gr andmothers regalia in the window he knew it was hers even before they find the yellow bead. It then becomes his mission to gather the money to get it blanket. The regalia is a piece of him and the life he left behind. Even though he does not come up with the money to buy it back he still ends up with it in the end.

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