Sunday, April 21, 2019

The Big Data Challenges Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The bad Data Challenges - Case Study Exampleral platform referred to as data w be house that helps blend data from different sources such as clients and dealers to name just but a few (Strader, 2011). The CIO take at Volvo asserted that, through the establishment of a central platform, the comp whatever can be able to prevent potential losses and inherent risk that might occur in the future (Strader, 2011).The potful captures data from vehicles sold to their clients through sensors and central processing units installed during car manufacturing (Strader, 2011). The data captured is then used to even up necessary improvements on the model vehicles being manufactured (Verganti, 2009).This improvement has not only helped to meet customer satisfactions but also has helped to prevent mechanical problems that might occur in the future (Strader, 2011).Real epoch information systems are computer responsive systems that help to detect and give out responses after update the computer ma ster files with the detected information (Chaki, Nabendu & Cortesi, 2011). For instance, Volvo Corporation installed their vehicles with numerous sensors and central processing units in nightspot to detect information about the performance of the vehicles when the vehicle is in the hands of a customer (Strader, 2011). Whereby, any impending mechanical problems or threat detected is sent back to Volvo Corporation and necessary improvements are made thereafter (Chaki, Nabendu & Cortesi, 2011).In above connection, the implementation of real time information system has enabled the potentiometer to make continuous quality improvements on the quality of vehicles manufactured (Strader, 2011). This in turn has increased customer satisfactions by responding accordingly to customers needs through utilization of real time information (Chaki, Nabendu & Cortesi, 2011).The company utilizes king-size data strategy to identify any potential flows that may occur in the future and provide a remedy to the problem before it happens (Strader, 2011). This

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