Saturday, April 13, 2019

Stress management techniques Essay Example for Free

Stress management techniques EssayThe three pains management techniques I chose are yoga, swimming and music. These are my favorite activities to do. They are all very relaxing in distinguishable ways, mentally and physically. I am currently disturbed out with school and by doing yoga it relieves my stress by relaxing my muscles and allowing my mind to calm down. In yoga Ive learned the three different ways people breathe depending on their stress high, low, and middle breathing. The complete breath is the breath you call for to use in yoga to get full relaxation. This is definitely superstar of my favorite relaxation techniques. Anformer(a) technique that helps me relieve stress is swimming. Swimming involves a lot of endurance which distracts your mind into thinking about things other than school. By maintaining this physical activity it helps to manage the stress caused by life in general.I spy that when I swam all my stress suddenly went away and I felt relieved. Th e last technique I used was music, which is my all-time favorite. Everyone has their own type of music that they like to listen to. Whenever Im disturb or stressed I always listens to music and it makes me think about other things. Music definitely is a HUGE stress reliever. The more positive music I listen to the less stressed out I am. In conclusion, after testing out those three stress management techniques, the one I prefer and thought helped the most was swimming. Although, I love music, swimming youre actually doing something and abject your body. Where with music youre just sitting there listening to lyrics and sad songs. With swimming your adrenaline is always flowing.

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