Monday, February 11, 2019

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Computer Science The computing industry as a whole becomes more prosperous, exciting and attractive as an physical exercise prospect each day. It spans a wide range of modern applications, as does my interest in the subject. I see computing science as a gateway into new realms of computing, where the highly challenging and demanding work may reap rewards of an equivalent level. My knowledge has grown over the past half dozen years, outwith the beas of learning offered by school courses, and I see this course as an opportunity to gain new skills and broaden my knowledge further. My main interests are varied, including communications and the internet, system analysis and design, software development, processors and low level railroad car studies. I have recently developed an interest in info encryption, hence my active participation in the RSA RC64 Secret-Key challenge, the latest international de-encryption vie from the RSA laboratories of America. In school, I have parti cipated in two I.T. competitions with the Royal swear of Scotland, the first of which provided a solution to Macintosh emulation on the Amiga platform, and this year, I am leading a team of five pupils to design a network solution and website for the new school here in Ullapool. I was also marketing director of a Young Enterprise team, gaining a credit pass in the exam, and producing a tourist brochure that has been a commercial success. I found that an invaluable learning experience collectable to the teamwork involved. I have also attended the Air Training army corps for two years, am currently a Senior cadet bodied and attained a credit pass in the recent exam.. My former(a) hobbies are equally varied, including Palaeontology, Geology and Snowboarding. For seven years I have been involved in the treatment of casualties, and administration at the Highland Wildlife Hospital Trust, head primarily by my parents.

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