Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Fear and Loathing on The Campaign Trail Essay -- essays research paper

Fear and Loathing On The Campaign leading 72 was a take for slightly a writer for the pealing Stone and his coverage of the chairwomanial elections in 1972. These elections were between the incumbent Republican, prexy Richard Nixon and the Senator from South Dakota, George McGovern. The election of 1972 saw McGovern come out of the democratic theme Convention over Senators Muskie and Humphrey scarce only to lose to the incumbent president Richard Nixon.Hunter S. Thompson writes about the Election of 1972 from declination 1971, before any primaries, to December 1972 after Nixon has won the election. It is a truthful first person accounting system of what happened during the presidential race that year with much personal, side talk about Thompsons life, experiences, and his coverage four years ago about the 1968 election. Thompson writes this book in a unique look that he has made called Gonzo Journalism. This style of writing is a deeply personal style of writing and is ver y opinionated. He does not give the facts on the election straight but instead gives his opinions on the people involved. It is a very subjective top of view and shows Thompsons very liberal perspective. He is a cockeyed supporter and is an enthusiast of the democratic candidate McGovern and shows time and time again how much he despises Nixon. Along with a very opinionated, subjective narrative, Thompson dialogue a lot about dose use. His point of view is from that from the drug underculture. Thompson is a very big drug us...

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