Sunday, February 9, 2014

Teen Pregnancy

A escape of proper raising for teenagers is a little cause in the increase of youthful pregnancies; however, a lack of proper education in base socioeconomic beas is an flush up greater cause of adolescent pregnancy. From 1960-1992 the trope of endures to women ages 15-19 age quadrupled and the birth rate to unmarried women in this age concourse tripled. subsequently 1992, there has been a modest decline in the number and rate of birth among adolescents in the join States. The United States has the highest place of adolescent pregnancy. About thirty-four share of early women contract pregnant at least once originally they tip over the age of twenty; about 820,000 a year (Hogan, Sun, & Cornwell, 2000). The passageway to non-marital child bearing includes decisions and behaviors related to: knowledgeable activity, contraception, marriage, abortion, and adoption. Seventy percentage of births to adolescents occur outside of marriage. A s of 1985, 11 percent of totally females age 15-19 became pregnant, but only 5.1 percent gave birth (Kalil and Kunz, 1999). frequently research has focused on the demographics of adolescent pregnancy and the share of social conditions. However, few studies have discussed how individualistic socioeconomic take chances factors affect adolescent pregnancy. Low socioeconomic status includes: low maternal education, poverty status, limited family educational resources, parental absence, thumping family size, and member of an ethnic minority group. look suggests that parents with more(prenominal) education place a higher value on educational goals, thus such goals are related to a moderate in sexual activity. In addition, reading materials are more readily available. Poor families may have few resources to result education to their children (Kalil and Kunz, 1999). It is unknown if this variable interacts with socio-demographic risk during adolescence and whether it buffers the neg! atively charged yield of socio-demographic risk on adolescent child bearing. For example, faced...If you compulsion to train a full essay, order it on our website:

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