Saturday, February 8, 2014

Learning and Teaching

Pedagogy Material (Draft)  Unit 1.Teaching and nurture in higher(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) raising 1. Teaching: the concept of teaching and learning at higher education What is teaching? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Teaching is desexualized by different groups in different ways depending on the conceptions held by the groups. For instance, idealist philosophers delimitate teaching as a procedure of transmitting/ verbalise friendship, where as pragmatists consider teaching as a serve to of facilitating the souls learning. To a naturalist teaching is plowshare the individual develop the potentials he/she posses and become a somebody who he /she would be. If teaching is delimitate by different amiable groups in different ways, what is the common definition that helps us sack up? Teaching is considered by modern pedagogues as a work on of facilitating individuals learning through motivation, coordination, guiding/ assure the activities he/she performs and controlling/evaluating the learning results. Teaching is also delimit as a process of directing the interaction in the midst of the learner and the material to be learned, and so forth Teaching great deal be defined as a set of processes and procedures utilise by the teacher for the mapping of making learning happen. Obanya (1998) sees it as the process of bringing virtually positive changes in a learner. If teaching is directing /facilitating individuals learning, what is learning? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ equal to teaching the psychologists differ in defining learning. Let us see some of them. schooling is the process of acquiring knowledge through the mental process. It is evolution the mental caliber of the individual. Le arning is a relatively lasting change/modif! ication of the fashion of the learner as a result of...If you want to suck a full essay, come in it on our website:

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