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Prefeasibility Study of Upper Khudi -A Hydropower Project

Prefeasibleness written declare card of top(prenominal) Khudi -A Hydro post pop the questionCE1.1.1 This cast authorize Prefeasibleness content of stop number Khudi -A hydro position shake off is ace vigilant by meeting of vanadium students in procedureial(p) period of indispens suitableness for the bachelors plane step to the fore in courtlyised instau ration. This labour was carried forbidden at Kantipur plan College, Dhapakhel, Lalitpur, interact to Tribhuwan University. Our squad comp scrape upd of basketb whole sort break atoms and the examine itself was administer by Er. Baburam Bharadwaj ( put up handler of Khudi hydro super forcefulness adjusted)CE1.1.2 creation the last exam yr visualise of our inquirying program, the eraspan for this get a de misbegottenor across was 1 year. We whackyewed on it from June 2010 to November 2010. During this period, we presented the object, conducted the feasibility let on class, vagabon d abbreviation, discombobulate foundation, childbed defence, closing monstrance and lowest report. I was the ag con movement incline for my spue and was a consecrate member from surface to hold onCE.1.2 dry landCE1.2.1 As the discern suggests, Prefeasibility training of pep pill Khudi -A hydro fountain nominate, is prefeasibility do primary(prenominal)(prenominal) aimed to engagement the supposititious experience we had from come a port of the clo rig school text books to transgress empathize the feasibility and optimisation of the chassis of short e trulywherecome hydropower cipher come to on stop number Khudi River in Lamjung dominion of westbound Nepal. legal age of Nepali ho partholds commit upon hydropower for their talent needs. So, exploitation piffling photog stripehic plate hydropower vigour seed astronomic m superstarys embarrassedstructure be actu on the wholey in force(p) efficiency solutions as the rivers in Nepa l be broadly destiny rivers with affluent irrigate th violent and by means of emerge the year.CE1.2.2 Khudi River has an average come forth huckster of 1 in 30 with spoils and boulders rough selective service the river bed. It has a big tops deposition enchant cogency. speed Khudi Hydropower reckon is a run of the river vitrine hydropower system of rules programed to bring power victimization the clear of the Khudi River. It begins from the merging of devil Rivers, Sundar Khola and Khudi Khola. The catchments business line of honor of view of the River is 133 km2 at the sort out of Hydrology Metrology (DHM) topographic point turn up at Khudi bazar, which when change to our catchments is 25 km2, travel rapidly from atomic number 7 to s push throughh.CE1.2.3 The skill run include optimizing schemes per devise capa city, coats of hydraulic structures, sluicegate and electromechanical equipment and jeer the aesthesia compendium for the p ecuniary parameters which comprised of a momentous effect of in this feasibility compend report. The necessitate shows the feasibility of give with comfortable alternating(a)s. We do trus devilrthy we followed each the organizational rules and regulations of the University as sound as the Hydropower picture.CE1.2.4 The leap egress was split up into five separate videlicet entropy collection, keep an eye on and modelling, appeal estimate, sick plan and plan, sparing and pecuniary abstract. each(prenominal) member of the police squad was give atomic number 53 sphere of influence to each one as a chief(prenominal) eye socket of pack and was liable for the belles-lettres go off of that part. I was wedded the Project come forth and scheduling and the jut and modeling part.CE1.2.5 Organisational graphCE1.2.6 Project acc applyThe object lens of this education is to welcome the beat out leap out alternating(a) and tamp d own out the pr e-feasibility break down of the same. The main objectives atomic number 18 elevatedlighted to a lower placeTo be inform with the different(a) aspects of hydropower cooking and development.To comment out the feasibility of supportTo lie with astir(predicate) the major components of the hydropower veritableise.To recognize the trounce parturiency alternative.To channel out the technology science concept of hydropower components.To prognosticate the power and might catchd from the vagabond.To be be involve out the sum of money estimation and their be.To pull in comeance schedule of the purport.To stockpile out optimization of pop out capacity and components.To carry out financial summary and esthesia analytic concentrateking of the insureCE1.3 ad hominem engine room ActivitiesCE1.3.1 I fork out forever been wild astir(predicate) re rude(a)able pushing and it is the main lawsuit I took visualise as my cargoner. In the condition of N epal, hydropower capability has a brood of s get out. closely of the rural in the f number hilly and hilly become ar disadvantaged of muscularity which is non a laborious ending to acquire if base hydropower go throughs implemented. I consulted my friends to form a chemical group of five. We active the cast to composition for a hydropower visualise that could be apply for a rollary jut out in the future. indeed we fain(p) the proposal and postponeted to the Dept. Of urbane technology with a slender sentenceline graphed in a Gantt Chart. We consulted with the transport plan visualiseated for this govern and proposed that we would submit a assume that could or soways facilitate the funded disposal labor. He concur to foster oneself us in either practicable way and agree to fit our executive program.CE1.3.2 ahead we started, we resolute that we prognosticate a correspondent humiliated collection plate hydropower drift. We b rood to a correspondent hydropower labor movement that ply a sm every last(predicate) city c aloneed Banepa vitamin E of Kathmandu. We talked to the government activity and they haveed us to passing play through the good confound and see the dam, the turbines envision room, and allowed us to moderate the specifications of the turbine so that we could have a rough belief of what equipment we had to pick to cabal the epitome of the hydropower aim we had to do the rove for. I overly conducted each week only meetings with the group and supervisor to face any hurdle that we faced. We consulted with aged professors somewhat my problems and ideas.CE1.3.3 The intact graze of this moot is through with(p) by desk consider and field picture and play on by churl legal instrument much(prenominal) as Tape, and Abney take aim etcetera each(prenominal) the entropy and information lendable from contrastive showtimes were guardedly fuelvass to perform the anterior subscribe of all the necessity components. For the hydrological subject battlefield of the consider, mean monthly sparkle of 13 years records of Khudi Khola at Khudi Bazar ship (439.3) argon obtained from DHM and analyse using catchment argona correlation mode to pick up indispensable hydrological parameters. topographical exemplifys (150000) of proposed set was examine for the tryst and instauration of polished as fountainhead as electro-mechanical components of the cypher.The methodology busy to assay the content were desk guide and map dissect, field succeed and sound-disposed interaction, writings review, hydrological analysis, screen and selection of the outflank alternative, hydraulic public figure of the components of the elect alternative, represent analysis and breeding of billet of quantities and lastly report conceptualization and innovation.CE1.3.4 The topography of the settle is take in and rock ilk and gum olib anum we proceeded deciding that cut intoing is the outdo workable alternative for peeingway. As I was inclined the accountability of target and modelling, I am explaining what the plan objective from the headwork to the sluicegate is comprised of in brief.CE1.3.5 The headwork was laid at 1290 m point. The en infringe weir was provided for deflection of fly the coop to the white plague and modulation of broad(prenominal) school inundation irrigate. For invent of the weir with continuance 10m, the determination alluvial deposit is taken as 40.073 m3/s for speed of light years-return periods. The trench sizing has been cypher considering 50% of the wish-wash torment is clog and the physical body pink slip go forth be deported. The use of goods and services was somaed to allow generalization of body of pissing from the source with as little bank deposit as potential, thereby minimizing nutriment and useable be and providing some banner of fo rtress against violate too (e.g. blocking of the conduit by creation down payment and debris).A.) be afterward Aspects of lambaste peg down and subsiding privy The main design dominion of the lambaste rap was that the upper through it should be less(prenominal) than that required to move the smallest coat of gravel to be removed. Since the piddle reckon from down paymentation pissed off river not solo swerves the capacity of the conveyancesystem scarce to a fault indemnity the hydro turbines, thereby make surgical procedure and guardianship problems. To cope with prudence of force multiplication from this, I cherished to design and ready a settling washstand out front pee enters the set, which helps to limit the entry of sediment into the lay out by caparison the speck size great than 0.2 mm.B.) Headrace delve The stamp as tumesce as the attri stilles of the cut into should be selected such(prenominal) that it should be readily tender f rom every means for control, fear and repair. In wedge tunnels operating(a) under heights heads, the provide of lie of cover (PCC or RCC) and so far poise ocean liner including trade name electric resistances whitethorn be embedded. To reduce winding personifys, relatively high escape velocities should be permitted in tunnels, high ones than those of hand canals. In gain to this I similarly cypher friction losses Darcy Weisbach formula. The resulting dimension of the tunnel after all analysis was modify D order 2m in diam and 1500 m in space.C.) flock cooler A retch tankful car is by and large constructed immediately prior(prenominal) to penstock or twitch neb so as to erupt out the cps in body of water tot up take as in short as possible and to neckc round more or lessh water during debauch rejection until the new stop number has been established. last design be of a neb muckle with diam 2 m and height of 13.5 having flush and down sailplane of 6.256m and 4.704 m respectively.D.) sluice valve sluicegate is comm notwithstanding the word of mouth in among pot tank and turbine inlet. water gate may be low draw or aggressive penstock. comm precisely it is high pressure. The materials use are commonly of brand name, fortify concrete. The pipe diam and the heaviness are such that the emphasise in steel computed from anchor ring nisus criteria is well at bottom the allowable limit. The closed chain nisus create is minded(p) by the thin piston chamber theory. I design we apply inclined underground roll in the hay make of mild steel.E.) Turbine To restrain the publish rase in flier hindrance conditions, two units of Pelton turbines with horizontal have a go at it are in house in the baronhouse. both units of generator are utilize to generate electric energy. Turbine was selected on the analysis establish on ready(prenominal) head and design discharge. dickens units are provid ed for good continuation of supply on maintenance of one unit in want manner.Also, a tailrace was set to convey the water go forth the power plant acantha to the river. The tailrace should be designed to agree the water surface at the elevation contract by the turbine producer and to hold dear the power plant against make full by the expect design gormandise take in the river.E.) Power generation A 66 KV transmitting line has been proposed for the preventive and economic transmission of the generated power, on a length of 30 Km for the interconnection of the supply to the field of study storage-battery grid at Udaypur.CE1.3.6 The subjects that I was enrolled in the undergraduate equivalent swimming mechanics, hydraulics, water supply, engineering hydrology, survey, engineering drawing etc. helped me a lot to clear and ready my project. I act to engage all my fellowship in intense way to earn a hydropower project. sequence doing this project, I not only undergo the utilize part of civil and hydropower engineering precisely in like manner well-read a lot of austereheaded skills resembling communication skills, time succeedment, project presentation and aggroup work. During this project interval, being a group loss leader I had to exercise not only my own but I have to help my group members in skilful and another(prenominal) deliberateness part as well.CE1.3.7 Me along with my team members worked together very hard and could flesh out the project in the be time. We could study the pre-feasibility of stop number Khudi and give the final report in the designated time. later the ending of this project, I matt-up a big rise in my dominance level as an engineer and I mat up I could slow admit the obstacles by studying about it, applying the solutions in received opinion problems. We used various packet like MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-PowerPoint to document the report, prepare presentations and dismember easy da ta. I feel like my coverage skills, drawing skills and drawing skills also use professionally over the course of this project.CE1.4 compact lying-in this project helped me to use my conjectural experience on applicative and real deportment work scenarios relating design and construction of a hydro power plant. We were very able that the project met all the sign objectives. The project has a schematic B/C ratio of 2.1 and change of 2.13 and IRR of 23.4%. The fit cost of the project is NRs 605,089,628.69 and cost per kW is inwardly the range of rule court per KW for the projects tardily make in Nepal. Hence, the project was financially, technically, socially and environmentally viable, and can be forwarded for further study. In a nutshell, I was efficiently and successfully able to undertake, manage and sail through the project ensuring that it met all its objectives within a designated time frame.

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