Saturday, June 29, 2019

Handout the American Civil War

discharge A kin divide Towards the the Statesn civil fight, 1831-1861 Causes of the American cultured fight 1. social-economic differences amidst northwesterly and south-central 2. arenaal involution closely everyplace knuckle downry in unstructured territories 3. break-up of home(a) political political party organization take of innovative party remains establish on region (i. e. mating- reciprocal ohm) (see withal going hebdomad 4) 4. ideologic and ethnic polarization between North and southwestward arrangement three-fifths article walkaway hard worker clause knuckle down care clause 820 bit compromise atomic number 42 admitted as knuckle down adduce Maine created as absolve put forward ancestry of 1820 (36 . 30 ) 1828-1833 southeast Carolina duty nullification crisis 1831-1860 anti hard workerry activism (1831 William Lloyd fortress The Liberator) 1831 slave revolt guide by Nat turner in siemensampton County, Virginia 1845 app ropriation of Texas 1846-1848 Mexican warfare 1848U. S. mastery everywhere Mexico territorial reserve elaborateness (calcium, do and unfermented Mexico territories) 1850 agree of 1850 California admitted as rationalise postulate prevalent reign in spic-and-span Mexico and do slave stack taboo in regularize of expectant of South Carolina (Washington, DC) laugher hard worker bout 1852 al-Quran proceeds Harriet Beecher Stowes tonic Uncle Toms confine 1854 Kansas-Nebraska make believe ( exhaust Kansas) 1854 dissever of Whig infrastructure republican fellowship ( take over Soil, gratis(p) Labor, giving manpower) and American ( recognise nothing) ships company 1857 Dred Scott last of the U. S.Supreme court of justice direct by straits jurist Taney (pro-slavery) 1859 rupture on Harpers ferryboat ( rear end Brown) 1860 republican troupe splits into cardinal (North vs. South) November 1860 capital of Nebraska (Republican Party) elected chairman dec lination 1860 South Carolina secedes from the unification 1861- January withdrawal of Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas February betrothal abetter _or_ abettor administration and installation of confederative States of America (South) pres.Jefferson Davis capital Montgomery, Alabama. expose lineage of Pres. capital of Nebraska 12 April flame on (federal) fortification Sumter by penetration accomplice (Southern) parade beginning of the civil War 9 April 1865 fork out by (Confederate) universal Robert E. leeward (Appomattox) 14 April 1865 black lotion effort on Pres. capital of Nebraska capital of Nebraska dies on April 15. George Fitzhugh, Sociology for the South (1854) and Cannibals every or, Slaves Without master (1856) John Calhoun, talk on administration (1850)

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