Saturday, May 18, 2019

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Computer architecture and Assembly Language Midterm 2011 1. In mastery ADC the operands can be oTwo memoir only oTwo register and unitary shop location oCF and two other operands oZF and two other operands 2. After the effect of centering RET oSP is incremented by 2 oSP is decremented by 2 oSP is incremented by 1 oSP is decremented by 1 3. The elongate ASCII has o64 characters o128 characters o256 characters o502 characters 4. The second byte in the ledger designated for cover charge location holds oThe dimension of the screen oCharacter position on the screen Character color on the screen oACSII code of the character 5. REP volition always oIncremented CX by 1 oIncremented CX by 2 oDecremented CX by 1 oDecremented CX by 2 6. The routine that executes in response to an INT instruction is called oISR oIRS oISP oIRT 7. The iAPX888 architecture consists of _______ register. o12 o14 o16 o18 8. In the instruction CMP AX,BX the contents of oAX be changed oBX are changed not co nformed oCX are changed oFlag register are changed 9. All the addressing mechanisms iniAPX88 return a list called ______ address. oeffective ofaulty oindirect odirect 10.The execution of the instruction mov word ES DI, 0x0720 owill clear next character on screen owill print 20 at top left of the screen owill print 20 at top right of the screen owill motility DI at location 0720 on the screen 11. mov byte num1,5 is _______ instruction. olegal oillegal ostack based omemory indirect 12. MOV instruction transfers a byte or word from which of the following source location. oDSDI oESSI oESDI oDSSI 13. The execution of the instruction mov word ES 0, 0x0741 will print A on the screen, color of the character will be oBlack oWhite oRed oBlue 14.If AX contains FFFFh, then after execution of instruction SAL ax, 3, the result will be o-3 o+3 o-8 o+8 15. If the decimal number 35 is shifted by two bit to left, the new value will be o35 o70 o140 o17 16. While victimization STOBS, if DF=1 then oTh e value of SI will be incremented by one oThe value of SI will be incremented by two oThe value of SI will be decremented by one oThe value of SI will be decremented by two 17. After the execution of STOSW, the CX will be oDecremented by 1 oDecremented by 2 oIncremented by 1 oIncremented by 2 18. The memory address always move from oprocessor to memory memory to processor omemory to peripheral operipheral to processor 19. An offset whole is not complete without osegment ocode label oindex register odata label 20. Code Segment is associated to _______ register by default. oIP oSS oBP oCX 21. import down the procedure to clear the selective bit. (Marks 2) 22. Why REP prefix is generally not utilise with LODS instruction? (Marks 2) 23. What is difference between REPE and REPNE? (Marks 3) 24. disembowel Push and Pop with the help of an example. (Marks 3) 25. Explain all characteristics of SCAS instruction. (Marks 5) 26. Describe Local Variable? (Marks 5)

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