Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Comparing James Dickeys Deliverance and Fog envelops the Animals :: Compare Contrast Comparison

Comparing James Dickeys Deliverance and Fog envelops the AnimalsDeliverance and Fog envelops the Animals by James Dickey are closely associated to individually other in their themes. In pages 93-99 of Deliverance, Ed is in the midst of a heavy conceal and decides to go hunting. At first one quite a little well point expose that Ed is not really into the whole idea of hunting, as we might say Lewis is, yet, in a matter of snatchs, hunting becomes real serious to him. He has trouble walking through this fog, which is blinding him from anything within arms reach. Still, he is able to perceive a small deer, feel its presence, and make out its figure. Since Ed now has a newfound asset to himself --invisibility by fog-- he feels more secure of himself and feels that he can kill if the chance arises. He concentrates on getting as close as possible without being noticed. Ed then decides he is ready as he will ever be. Yet, the moment he shoots his arrow he feels that he jerks upward . He immediately realizes that he is going to miss. Indeed, he does miss the shot, yet he wastes another arrow, knowing the imprimatur shot is pointless for the deer is now running. Fog Envelops the Animals is similar to this particular scene in Deliverance. The fog is the center of focus in both of these passages, the deciding variable that will either protect and envelop the animal from its predator, or expose it, and leave it open to the hunter. If there were no fog, it is likely that Ed would bear successfully shot the deer. One can argue that Ed missing the shot is a result of his lack of seriousness towards hunting or the fact that he isnt well prepared or experienced in this field, but then the idea of including the fog would have no importance. In this case the fog becomes the only mean of salvation of Eds manly pride, of proving that he could also be a hunter as Lewis is. The fog also happens to be a means of protection by chance. It is luck that Ed wakes up and there is fog that urges him to hunt. Fog Envelops the Animals explores the same idea that fog hides. Fog envelops the animals. Not one can be seen, and they live.

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