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Thesis: Statistical Hypothesis Testing and Standard Hotels

ARELLANO UNIVERSITY Jose Abad Santos Campus Pasay metropolis PRACTICES ON ACCOMMODATION AND HOUSEKEEPING IN SELECTED STANDARD HOTELS LOCATED WITHIN MANILA AN ASSESSMENT A thesis Proposal Presented to The FACULTY OF ARELLANO UNIVERSITY Jose Abad Santos Campus, Pasay City In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the stage of bachelor-at-arms of Science in Hotel, Restaurant, and Institution Management By Monica Trisha Amistad Katherine Kay Ann Blancaflor Cathy Magsanay Kriszhane Manalac October 2011 ARELLANO UNIVERSITY Jose Abad Santos CampusPasay City APPROVAL SHEET In partial fulfillment for the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Science in Hotel, Restaurant, and Institution Management, this thesis entitled Practices on adaptation and Housekeeping in Selected cadence Hotels Located Within Manila An discernment has been prep bed and submitted by the avocation queryers Monica Trisha Amistad Katherine Kay Ann Blancaflor Cathy Magsanay Kriszhane Manalac who are hereb y recommended for acceptance and cheering for final oral examination RAQUEL L. SALVADOR, DBAAdviser PANEL OF EXAMINERS Approved and evaluate during an oral final defense held on September 17, 2011 with the rating of % hot seat Member Member ACKNOWLEDGMENT This ruminate would not have been mathematical without the guidance and the help of several individuals who in one way or another contributed and extended their precious assistance in the preparation and boundary of this watch. First and foremost, our utmost gratitude to Dr. Raquel Salvador, our Adviser whose sincerity and encouragement we give neer forget.Dr. Salvador has been our inspiration as we hurdle all the obstacles in the completion of this research work. Last but not the least, our family and the one above all of us, the ubiquitous God, for answering our prayers and for giving us the strength to plod on disdain our wanting to give up and throw in the towel, thank you so much Dear Lord. M. T. D. A. K. K. A. T. B . C. S. M. K. P. M TABLE OF confine TITLE rapscallion. APPROVAL SHEET. ii ACKNOWLEDGMENT iii TABLE OF CONTENTS. iv LIST OF FIGURES ABSTRACT.. v CHAPTER IThe occupation and its background knowledge 1 Introduction. 1 Background of the study .. 3 theoretic Framework. 5 Conceptual Paradigm 7Statement of the Problem 8 Hypothesis.. 9 Scope and Limitation of the Study.. 10 Significance of the Study. 11 Definition of Terms. 12 CHAPTER IIReview of Related Literature. 17 Foreign Literature 17 Local Literature. 27 Foreign Studies 32 Local Studies. 5 Relevance of the Related Literature.. 37 CHAPTER III Research methodology. 39 Research Procedure.. 39 Sampling Design.. 39 Instrumentation. 40Procedure in Gathering Data. 41 Statistical Treatment of Data. 42 Bibliography 44 Appendices. 47 platform Vitae.. 5 ABSTRACT TITLE Practices on appointment and Housekeeping in Selected Standard Hotels Located Within Manila An Assessment STATEMENT OF THE difficulty The study forget undertake the Assess ment on the Practices in allowance and Housekeeping in selected Standard Hotels located within Manila. Specifically, the study leave behind seek to answer the following subproblems 1. What is the demographic profile of the respondents? 2. 1 senesce 2. 2 Gender 2. 3 Civil Status 2. 4 educational Background 2.What factors can hamper the effectiveness and dexterity of the implementation of Accommodation and Housekeeping practices? 3. 5 Time 3. 6 Motivation 3. 7 interrelationship with fellow employees 3. 8 Availability of equipments and materials 3. 9 Working environment 3. 10 Flexibility 3. What are the standard practices as regards to the Accommodation and Housekeeping surgical incision? 4. Is there any significant difference between the implemented maintain and accommodation practices in the industry and the standard Housekeeping and Accommodation practices enforce by the segment of Tourism?IMPORTANCE OF THE STUDY This study leave alone be beneficial to the following The Hote l Industry. The findings of this study may provide the cordial reception industry an updated output concerning the trends in the accommodation and housekeeping sector of this capacious industry both private and government subsidized hotels. The Hotel Management. This study lead provide the hotel management the current trends in the hospitality industry that will aid in formulating better strategies in comparison to its competitors. The Housekeeping Employees.This study will give the housekeeping employees further knowledge as regards to the customer preferences when it comes to accommodation facilities and cleanliness. The HRM Students of Arellano University. The findings of this study can assist as a valuable addition to the pool of research materials available in the university, serving as a reference material for those wanting to conduct similar studies in the future. The Researchers. Not only will the researchers gain substantial information by dint of this study, but they will also partially fulfil the subject requirements for their course. inquiry METHOD USED Research method acting Used Descriptive Method of Research Respondents 45 respondents comprising of personnel in the Housekeeping Department of the cardinal selected Standard Hotels within Manila. Data Gathering Instrument Used behold Questionnaires and Observation Survey Questionnaires will be the primary source of entropy for this study. The Questionnaires were divided into 2 parts. The first part revealed the demographic profile of the respondents (role in the Housekeeping Department, age, gender, civil status and highest educational attainment).The second part revealed how the respondents perceive time, motivation, interrelationship with fellow employees and other factors as an agent that hampers the effectiveness and efficiency in the implementation of Housekeeping practices. Furthermore, the second part of the questionnaire will also reveal if the Housekeeping and Accommodation stan dards of the industry is strictly tended for by the Standard Hotels. Upon submitting the survey forms to the hotels, the researchers had facility observations which supplemented the data derived from the survey. PROCEDURES FOR GATHERING DATAFor Descriptive Research, the following steps were undertaken 1. Researchers will look for and collect references from the University Library which will serve as a guide in the formulation of survey questionnaires. 2. An authorise and signed letter asking for permission to conduct a study to the 3 selected Standard Hotels located within Manila. Submitted together with the letter are the survey questionnaires to be answered by the personnel in the Housekeeping Department and will be collected 4 days after. 3. Upon retrieval of questionnaires, the results will be tabulated, interpreted and analyzed. 4. Evaluation and Finalization

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