Friday, March 15, 2019

Refugee Women During the 21st Century Essay -- Immigration Feminism Im

Refugee Women During the twenty-first CenturyRefugees face governmental turmoil, political prosecution and natural disasters however, women argon further burdened by their female status, biological functions and lack of fear to the needs of women in refugee camps.Refugee women sustain emotional and often physical scars attempting to spring from oppressive situations. They argon forced to leave, face death or mayhap something worse. They may befall these horrors anyway, but they will risk that unknown for a chance at a different life. The first stop on this arduous journey is often a refugee camp. Here, if they are lucky, they are provided with staple fiber needs such as food and shelter. During a presentation by the International Rescue Committee, a group that helps refugees, my fear was confirmed, that the needs of women are not being met. The I.R.C. spokesman said, Women are sometimes given information on birth sustain, AIDS prevention and family planning, but it depends on th e country. I find it difficult to imagine that something as obvious as birth control is hardly considered or ...

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