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References to the Moon in Paul Austers Moon Palace

References to the slug in Paul Austers idle castling * Frequently dealing with the moon around * Already at the beginning the moon is handstioned with the world-class Landing on the moon * paginate 7 key out 1 * It was the summer that men first walked on the moon. Introduction of the leitmotif out runs the time in which the twaddle approximately takes place * page 18/ 19 * Moonlight Moods. Moon Men * page 38 lineage 21- 25 * Radiant Diana, I thought Diana is the Roman god of the moon. The male counterpart is Sol(? -omon) who is the god of the sun. * page 39 line 51- 52 Perhaps the word moon had changed for me after I saw men wandering about its draw close. Marco learns that the moon is accessible and so is also his aim (to find his identity). * page 77 line 50 53 * they (Kittys visits) were natural events, and they carried the same force and inevitability as the weather, the motions of the planets, or the light that came filtering through the window at deuce-ace oc lock e very(prenominal) afternoon This means that Kittys visits are regularly because the circulation of the planets always happens in the same succession. page 85 line 48 50 * the point was to accept things as they were, to drop along with the flow of the universe This passage is linked to Marcos vivification in the parc when he didnt make any effort to allude something. He only wanted to keep on living exclusively as the planets are rotating without being influenced by any other lawsuit than disposition. * page 86 line 29 31 * within the attached ten days or so, I believe I put in on eighteen or twenty pounds, and by the end of the month I was beginning to resemble the person I had once been Marcos siuation is compared with the moon After a certain time of change the moon turns into his initial condition. * page 100 line 32- 33 * The sun is the past, the country is the present, the moon is the future. This is a link to Marcos future. After 9 months when he re ads Nicola Teslas autobiography he finds the same sentence. * page 139 line 50- 54 * Marco is looking at a picture showing the moon exclusively he isnt able to recognize the real meaning of the video immediately. Marcos life is compared with this. * page 155 line 58- 60 The moon is a sign giving druthers towards Marcos life. * page 252 line 30- 32 * Sol puts the origins of the Indians having saved John Kepler from death to the moon. * page 255 line 56- 57 * The moon is a symbol of darkness and lunacy nevertheless it also reflects a new beginning. The earth around Utah resembles the surface of the moon. * page 302 line 11- 14 * Marcos real life starts when he is looking at the moon. Now, he has succeeded his quest for identity so he can re- enact how important it is to have a point of orientation in your life. Once Thomas Effing has tried to teach Marco this. Moon Palace * He lives as homeless person in the central putting surface his rescue through meeting Kitty Wu Moon as a sy mbol for hope and change * Restaurant Moon Palace a Chinese restaurant Moon palace as the embodiment of the misconception that capital of Ohio thought America was China * There are three stories in the book and each one is finally the same each coevals repeats the same mistakes of the previous generation * Moon Landing at the very beginning * Marco doesnt share the enthusiasm of the most American multitude including the president p5/1 * Apollo project.Marco is critical of the M. L. because it stands for mans Hybris to break into Gods compass * Marco talks about Moon Landings in Literature when he first meets Kitty p50/16 * Moon * Goddess of love and lunacy p43/5 * downcast image * But also a kind of new border (Columbus-the West-the moon) * Landscape of the moon is similar to the one of the American West p45/1 * moon is a lifeless stone * loneliness just kindred in the west * Moon Palace * Esp. The neon sign of a Chinese Restaurant Marco sees from his apartment (once really ex isted) p. 5/11 * A painting called Moonlight by Ralph Blakelock p162/20 * The moon is above a peaceful scene (Indians/Nature/Frontier) * Associated with harmony between man and nature * Moon stands for constant change which determines Marcos life and future * (see the end of the novel, when Marco stares at the moon * compare Effings view (p182) the moon offers you a direction in Life/Orientation * Solomon Barber & the moon * In Keplers line of descent the people there were born on the moon * Barbers bald top/his face reminds at the moon

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