Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Nursing Study Guide Essay

Health Resource agency pass ons grant funding to wellness departments and safety net providers who seek to provide improved access to primary care services 1. Accomplishments of some diachronic PHNs and Public Health drawing cards, See list in module one. ? Lillian Wald- forefather of public health nursing , founded the Henry Street Settlement with her classmate and business partner bloody shame Brewster in 1893. The service began as a health progress effort, teaching methods to prevent infectious disease, sanitation and viands to a group of poor immigrants ?Florence Nightingale- changed the image of nursing after the Crimean war when she reduced mortality from 77% to 2%. Nightingale also vie a significant role in establishing district nursing ? Mary Brewster- acute and long term care for the sick and health promotion and disease prevention ? Lina Rogers Clara Barton- Founded red cross Ada Mayo Stewart- occupational Health Leader Pearl Mciver- 1st nurse employed by USPHS Loret ta Ford Rear Admiral Carol Romano Ruth Freeman- PH nurse, educator, and leader 2. What are the Core Functions of Public Health? *Assessmentsystematic information collection on the population, monitoring he populations health status, and making information available about the health of the community. * Policy phylogenyefforts to develop policies that support the health of the population, including a scientific knowledge found to make policy decisions. * Assurancemaking sure intrinsic community- oriented health services are available. These services might include providing essential personalized health services for those who would otherwise not receive them. alike includes making sure that a competent public health and personal care workforce is available.

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