Sunday, March 17, 2019

I Wanted to Share My Father’s World Essay -- Literary Analysis, Jimmy

Although single parenthood is on the rise in homes today, children dumb often have a engender role in their life. It does not matter who the part is filled by a engender, uncle, older brother, grandfather, etc... in almost all cases, those relationships between the father (figure) and child have lasting impacts on the youth the rest of their lives. In I Wanted to Share My Fathers World, Jimmy Carter tells the audience no matter the situation with a father, hold onto every moment. As Carter opens the poem, he tells how at this point in his life, he still has this ingrained want for things his own father presented him growing up. In the beginning, he expresses he has this pain he mostly hides, / but that ties of blood, or seed, endure (lines 1-2). These lines voice how he longs for his father and just how painful it is without him at his side. In addition, he still feels the hunger for his outstretched hand (4) and a mans report to take him in (5). Furthermore, Carter explains how this pain he feels inside (3) are excessively due to his need for just a word of pr...

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