Sunday, March 10, 2019

Essay 2

The Changes of Life Love, relationship, and sacrifice argon very common in a relationship betwixt devil people. In the short stories of Tommy by Kelly Ruth Winter and The Night of Oranges by Flavius Stan shows these themes that the characters go through. However, there ar also differences between the two stories and how they interact with their bonkd ones. For instances, Winter continued in love with Tommy throughout her life story and Stan shows his love for his pal by buying a gift for him on Christmas.It shows their sacrifice they made to prove their love for them. Winter and Stan both expresses their love and sacrifice yet they displayed it in a unalike way. The stories Tommy and The Night of Oranges are about love and relationships. However, in both stories the characters have a different relationship. In Tommy the relationship between the characters are a boy and a girl love. When Tommy was eight years old, he expresses his feelings toward Winter by tapping his lieu to make the sound I love you (Winter 27).In The Night of Oranges the relationship between the characters are fraternal. Stan shows his love for his brother by buying oranges for him as a gift for Christmas. When Stan hears that there were oranges that are selling at the market he thought he wanted to do something important and give his brother a big surprise (Stan 31). The characters in both stories are very loving towards their loved ones and would do anything to make them happy.

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