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Compare the ways in which the authors of The Red Room, The Black Essay

Compare the ways in which the authors of The Red Room, The inkiness Cottage and The Signalman create fear, suspense and tension. GCSE PROSE STUDY COURSEWORK Compare the ways in which the authors ofThe Red Room, The Black Cottage and The Signalman create fear,suspense and tension.In this essay i will be analysing the way three well-manne release authorscreate an atmosphere of tension, fear and suspense in their three perfectly stories. Once i had read their stories i instantly noticed how alike(p) the stories were. They write about fear and suspense inways totally you butt joint comprehend if you have experienced it yourself. Thestories seem to be alter with the authors own experience of fear,suspense and tension, they incorporate this into their story and givethe ref the exact feeling of what they somebodyally felt themselves.They make sure that the referee knows how the characters feel and makesthe ref become fond of the characters.The reader can actually empathize with the writers, because they writein a first person narrative. The stories sustain vivid descriptionseen through the eyeball of the bank clerks. The stories were written in square-toed times and have a certain gothic style to them. Thevictorians believed it was libertine to isolate yourself from hummanityand cut yourself off from compassion - there is evidence of this inall three stories.In The Signalman(Charles Dickens) the signalman isolates himselffrom the rest of the world, therefore making the reader feel alone andthis plays tricks on his own mind Did it ring your bell yestersay evening when i was here, and youwent to the door? Twice. Why see, said i, how your imagination misleads you. My eyes wereon t... ...that the maid could well be alotsmarter than the attackers and could escape from the terrorfyingsituation she is in.The Signalman, Alot of culmination and suspense becomes apparant in thisstory because the character tries to find out whether the transmundanethat haunts hi m is realWill you come to the door with me and look for it now? He bit hisunder lip as though he were some unwilling, but arose. Dickensshows here, that the once arrogant and self admired narrator isfrightened of what might be on the other side of the red rooms door.This then creates an understanding for the reader that even the mostarrogant person will be afraid, once in the presence of the red room.With these examples you can see how the writer creates fear, suspenseand tension, and why these stories are so bright appraised asexcellent pieces of writing.

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