Monday, February 4, 2019

Nothing in Common :: Personal Narrative Essays

Nothing in Common aft(prenominal) 19 old age of marriage I decided it was time to search living on my own. It took another year and a half for me to in truth do it. I had married my husband when I was barely away of high school and promptly gave birth to three sons in rapid succession. I wont go into the details of those 19 years. My husband was a unattackable husband and an okay father. afterwards about 10 years I realized that we were two completely different people with absolutely nada in common chuck out for our sons. Moving out was the most crushing and liberating thing that I ever did. I first set myself up in a small above-garage apartment. I had no furniture except my bed and my computer. My first night there I sat in the empty living room listening to the sirens in downtown Lake Worth, a far cry from the peaceful cocks crowing in Jupiter Farms. The emotions running through with(predicate) me were a strange and horrible mix of elation, sorrow, and fe ar. What had I done? After a few weeks I began to settle in. I had a regular job with FPL, I saw my sons often, and I discovered the joy of loneliness - something I hadnt known in a very long piece of music with three boys and their friends always under foot. In the mornings I would have a cup of coffee on my balcony and then take a whirl to the Intercoastal, which was only two blocks from my apartment. My chaotic soul started to slow uply heal and slow down to a peaceful pace. In the silence of that apartment I had plenty of opportunity to look hard at myself. I took good of the silence and finished writing the two books on healthcare and childcare in the late 1800s that I had barely begun a few years before. Those two books were published a year later. I renewed my love life of poetry and spent hours reading the works of Pound, Rich, Atwood, and others. I decided to move over to college. I spent four months in my sanctuary over the garage. then(prenominal ) I went home. Everyone thought I would be the same, that life would be the same.

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