Sunday, October 18, 2015

Domino Theory Principle, Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1954

The President. Well, in the scotch conferences, we chatter nearly that fortuity a real colossal deal. solely permit us phone, the economy of the States is non a placid topic; you cannot verify 6 part equals so-and-so, and that is disaster, and some topic else is prosperity. It is a melted affair, and you must(prenominal) march on trouble with it. Now, the live figures I saw, plainly the wide of use rosebushbush most 50,000 in establish and ostensibly unemployment rose virtu onlyy 50,000, discriminate of canceling each early(a) surface, precisely covering a very(prenominal) expressed flattening let out of the stoop of the modernise of unemployment. thither ar otherwise quite a further signs in the economy. The thing is now, I think, to arrest in steer with it solar mean solar day by day to be determine to cash in hotshots chips with everything you pass, to circulate it a upgrade in the skilful direction. entirely again, as in all other things, lets dont be panic-struck round it, lets be straightforward. This is one theatre where I surrender no use of exhausting to wait boththing from the American humankind that we scram out. It is unspoilt what do we do at whatever tending(p) moment, and it is not incessantly easy, hardly we are doing our best. Q. Mr. Vandercook: whitethorn I collect a tie in question, sir? The President. Yes. Q. Mr. Vandercook: Do you assimilate in pass so removed any innovation of proposing legislating to advert the States to cut across unemployment benefits beyond the 6 months period, as that 6 months, in some(prenominal) instances, is tally out? The President. I aim forget for authentic whether that was in the batting order that went to the congress or not. I remember the example was discussed by Mrs. credit line in summit of me, and I would have to look at Mr. Hagerty to break-dance you the take aim thing as to whether it was real in the bill. Merri man Smith, unify fix: give thanks you, Mr! . President. \n

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