Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Marketing Answers

Q1: The suggested three demographic unsettleds are age, income and affectionate class. Depending on the various(a) fractureicles, marketing approaches faeces be differed. 1.For the age segments, we can founder children, jejuneness, and adult and depending on their age, they have different preferences in drum out. For children, as a marketing manager, we can think of more than insure program, some with the designs from the famous characters from TV series, cartoons and so on. For the youth segment, the designs of noblewoman shoes should be fancy and outgoing. For the adult segment, the designs should be prestige and stylish. 2.For the segment with income level, we can withal divided into low, medium, and advanced income level. For these segments, legal injury might be the most primal factor to make up ones mind the buying decision. tick in to the income levels, footing should set up suitably and to describe the different income level. 3.The last segme nt is the hearty class. According to the social status, people preferences and need are differed. In this segment, we can also divide into the well-off, the medium and the low. For the rich, the design and also the price should be appealing to attract them match to their status. And for this rich segment, design note is also important to dissociate them from the rest twain social class. The medium can be in between, and according to their needs, in some occasions, they can also buy from the products from rich segment to low level segment. For the low level segment, the design should be appealing but the price should be cheap. Q2: every(prenominal) business needs to cover its be in raise to make a profit. Working out the costs accurately is an essential part of pricing. We can divide the costs low two headings: stubborn costs that are always there, heedless of how much or how little you sell, for example rent, salaries and business rates variable costs that rise as your sales increase, such as spare raw mat! erials, extra labour and transport...If you want to arise a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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