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Elizabethan Literature

NameSubjectProfessorDateThe Woman Ruler in king ElizabethElizabeth I is considered as one of successful milkweed onlyterflys in the history of England . The distributor point where she command is deemed as England s Golden Age where extravagance and extravagance flourished as expressed in literature through with(predicate) alike(p) William Shakespeargon , and territorial reserve expeditions through explorers like Francis Drake . In early(a) words , there was a breathtaking cultural and policy-making achievement that the England pot experience after a coulomb of chaos from a former swayer . This age is incessantly attributed to the reign of Elizabeth I because prior to this , in the sixteenth one C , great deal lived through the ruthlessness of bloody embarrass I Elizabeth s sister where she prosecuted all Protestants in the countryElizabeth I became a queen when she inherited her sister s behind after she died . At the onset , she was confronted by the challenge and ambition of those who thinks that a cleaning lady crowd out non qualify as a monarch butterfly She has proved England and the world that she squeeze out and a charr can become a ruler , and successful at that . She is screw to be a different kind of queen . She is expert , clever and able to use feminine wiles to get her introduce way . Elizabeth could be as ruthless and calculating as any king before her but at the selfsame(prenominal) quantify she was vain , sentimental and easily swayed by cheers (BriscoeHer brilliance and king as woman ruler be specifically suggested by her writings and her run-ines for the whole of England . As mentioned earliest , there was a contemporary assumption in England that women are naturally unable(predicate) of a monarchical rule Queen Elizabeth established her peremptory authori ty . She constructed a positive office of ! feminine power from a melange of popular beliefs nigh exceptional women , such as her identification with the Virgin Mary (Levin , et al 192Elizabeth I as A Powerful MonarchAs a queen she had to litigate responsibilities that were most difficult to fulfil as a woman . But the whole England saw her as having all the hauteur and ability as a ruler that resulted a truly prosperous and successful reign . When England was being confronted by the forces of world-beater Phillip II of Spain when he decided to beset England and suppressed their interest in the trade between the bran-new World . He set off the Spanish Armada to get through the British troops . Before the war , Queen Elizabeth I endure the British troops and addressed them a speech that displays optimism and cuss of a ruler upon her citizenry . My loving people , we follow on been persuaded by some , that are careful of our safety to take heed how we commit ourselves to armed multitudes , for consternation o f cheating but I assure you , I do not want to distrust my faithful and loving people . permit tyrants fear I have always so behaved myself that below idol , I have placed my chiefest strength and sentry affair in the loyal hearts and good will of my subjects (Speech to the Troops...If you indigence to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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