Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Children and Adult Incarceration

Cradle to Prison Pipeline: Children bumped up to Adult captivity A few days ago, a news blow debuted on television about two 14 course of study disused boys that were incarcerated. In the wonder, one of the teenagers was asked what he did to warrant existence incarcerated. The interview took place in a maximum credentials prison. integrity of the boys replied that he was spotted driving a stolen car. A 20-minute tool turned into a high speed trail with police officers and a crash into a highway lane block. When asked did the boys tincture sorry for the incident because it resulted with a prison sentence. unrivaled of the juveniles replied that he would do it again because it was like an episode of Cops or a chase scene straight out of a movie. several(prenominal) people would be puzzled by the chelas answer. For most of club, it may be viewed as pathetic. However, a chela does not feel remorse for their actions when they dont accord the maturity level to feel re gret for the trouble they slant caused. There are m whatsoever to a greater extent stories that put across every(prenominal) day similar to this tragedy. The reality of the situation is that children are mentally immature. Definition of Juvenile Behavior To obtain a more exact understanding of the situation, one must analyze impertinent issues from different perspectives. A juvenile for the purpose of this topic and explore is any person younger than the legal age of 18 age old. Juvenile willful neglect refers to the anti affable or deviant appearance demonstrated by children or adolescents. Deviant behavior by definition relates to behavior that does not conform in societys view of the current norms. Contemporary explanations of juvenile delinquency begin from social interruptions in a childs environment. Some criminologists and sociologists believe that wickedness is a form of social deviance. Social deviance derives predominately from familial problems in a childs life (Steiner, 2009). Studies acquit shown! that children faced with difficult nucleotide situations grow up prodigal and...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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