Friday, February 14, 2014

Beluga Whales

Beluga Whales A. Swimming. 1. In general, beluga whales argon shadowy swimmingmingmers. They commonly swim roughly 3 to 9 kilometres per hour (1.9-5.6 mph). They are, however, fitting of sustaining a supreme speed of 22 kilometers per hour (13.6 mph) for as yearn as 15 minutes (Nowak, 1991; Ridgway and Harrison, 1981). 2. Belugas drop swim forward and reversive (Nowak, 1991). 3. Beluga whales often swim at depths barely natural covering their bodies (Ridgway and Harrison, 1981). B. Diving. 1. Beluga whales typically dont dunk very(prenominal) deep, usually to about 20 m (66 ft.). Belugas are non for the most part thought of as deep-diving devil dog mammals, exclusively they are capable of diving to extreme depths. at a lower place experimental conditions a skilled beluga whale repeatedly dove to cd m (1,312 ft.) with ease, and even dove to a depth of 647 m (2,123 ft.) (Nowak, 1991; Ridgway et. al., 1984). 2. A typical div e usually lasts three to v minutes, but belugas can stay submersed for as long as 15 minutes (Nowak, 1991; Ridgway and Harrison, 198...If you penury to get a honest essay, order it on our website:

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