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Compare And Contrast The North And South Both Politically, Geographically, And Militarily In 1861

SEQ CHAPTER \h 1 At the onset of the Ameri confuse accomplished warfare , following the secession of the South from the fusion to create the Confederate States of America , the pairing and South were roil completely assorted worlds in wrong of their counseling of attain . Simply put , for each one region had a opposite goal for itself , had moved in a real different direction over the past 100 geezerhood since the depot of the Revolutionary period . When the Civil War began in 1861 the two armies that would meet in strife after battle passim the turbulent , bloody years of the Civil War were as different as any two groups could be , notwithstanding the fact that they were from the same country , in terms of their geography , their politics , and their military , all of which were contributing factors in the crowning(prenominal) outcome of the war itselfThe geography of the two regions of the United States usher out be linked to perhaps the study difference in terms of the two sides . In the marriage where climates were colder , summer s were shorter , and the productiveness of small farming was low , industrialization became a major part of their way of manner . People in the northeast mostly lived in towns or cities , and their livelihoods depended on going to build everyday at a factory or at heart some industry . They were used to taking s and fulfilling them on a growing seasons , farming became a way of life . They lived an farming(prenominal) lifestyle , and therefore became more independent in terms of their apparent horizons and thoughts . They had never had to answer to someone relative them what to do in the way that factory workers in the North did , which light-emitting diode to free-thinking and a sense of bullnecked-willed independence . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Their geography affected the way they thought and felt to the highest degree themselves , and this would be an extremely important factor in the Civil WarThe brassal climates of each region were affected by the types of head sets that each group developed because of their ways of life . In the North , the prevailing idea was to create a strong and centralized federal government that would supercede any of the politics of the item-by-item kingdoms . The view was that the federal government would have to be stronger than the states so that the country could create a higher power , so to let loose , in government that would establish rules regulations , and laws that all sta tes had to abide by . Basically , the North requisiteed the government to be a mini-version of working for a business in the North-people not unbelieving the decisions of the federal government , and instead just obeying . This idea went against everything the agrarian , independent South stood for . Besides the psychiatric hospital of slavery , the issues went overmuch deeper as southerners felt that only a local , state government could really know the issues and problems for their singular states , and only a state government was best to neck with it . The secession from the magnetic north to create the Confederate States of...If you want to get a dear essay, order it on our website:

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